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December 31, 2010 (A 2010 Favorite):   "No Wasn't Full" by C. J. Sage   "No wasn't full..."
December 30, 2010 (A 2010 Favorite):   "San Clemente" by Carol Muske-Dukes   "Shame & shame: sound of neap tide..."
December 29, 2010 (A 2010 Favorite):   "Timbered" by Emily Rosko   "Round and round they go..."
December 28, 2010 (A 2010 Favorite)::   "Asphodel" by Angela Vogel   "Hi, I’m Asphodel, the flower of hell..."
December 27, 2010 (A 2010 Favorite)::   "Tulip is the bravest flower, I mean bird." by y madrone   "Pigeon is an everywhere..."
December 26, 2010:   "Hurricane" by Yona Harvey   "Four tickets left, I let her go..."
December 25, 2010:   "The Priest Stops in the Churchyard" by Joanna Solfrian   "It is not quite peace, this breathing rain..."
December 24, 2010:   "A Segment of Irradiated Mangosteen" by Jack Boettcher   "If I posit magic fruit..."
December 23, 2010:   "Tulip is the bravest flower, I mean bird." by y madrone   "Pigeon is an everywhere..."
December 22, 2010:   "The Hour" by Norman Dubie   "The linden tree lifts..."
December 21, 2010:   "The God Who" by James Richardson   "It was the small gods we talked to..."
December 20, 2010:   "'Generous I may have been, amnesiac" by Carol Frost   "I became. Autumn fattened and thinned..."
December 19, 2010:   "By the Water-cooler" by Matthew Caley   "Apparently, we gather by the water-cooler..."
December 18, 2010:   "Lost" by Christina Olson   "Admit it: more interesting..."
December 17, 2010:   "The Tortoise" by Bertha Rogers   "A recluse who..."
December 16, 2010:   "Seasonal" by Star Black   "Behind the deep-brown evening gowns..."
December 15, 2010:   "Ex Libris" by Holly Iglesias   "Unlike the sock who mistook static for love..."
December 14, 2010:   "Invisible Eye" by Fiona Sze-Lorrain   "Fog / chalks the skeletons..."
December 13, 2010:   "Gravity in Our Hands" by Noël Hanlon   "We forget about the universe..."
December 12, 2010:   "This is what was bequeathed us" by Gregory Orr   "This is what was bequeathed us..."
December 11, 2010:   "Spoke" by Shira Dentz   "in the whirr of the tire..."
December 10, 2010:   "Going" by Michael Chitwood   "To seep..."
December 9, 2010:   "Elope" by Chad Sweeney   "Sky's upper limit is mind..."
December 8, 2010:   "Sea to Sea, Shining" by Kristin Kelly   "They are giving birth control to squirrels in Santa Monica..."
December 7, 2010:   "After Adam" by Eric Weinstein   "A stillness over the face..."
December 6, 2010:   "One Twenty-One A.M." by Patty Seyburn   "Full moon through clerestory slats...."
December 5, 2010:   "Equinox" by David Rigsbee   "A slow burn. And then, even the cells..."
December 4, 2010:   "The Mandolin" by Rick Bursky   "This was the night police chased the musicians from the roof...."
December 3, 2010:   "Aubade with a Broken Neck" by Traci Brimhall   "The first night you don't come home..."
December 2, 2010:   "Columbia River" by David Dodd Lee   "the smell of the body..."
December 1, 2010:   "The Listener, The Land" by Trey Moody   "I ask your name to understand..."
November 30, 2010:   "Reconcile" by Sarah Vap   "The earliest light we know..."
November 29, 2010:   "Thirst" by Jennie Wrisley   "Weeks of over one hundred degrees...."
November 28, 2010:   "Letter Home No. 3" by Kyle Dargan   "Is apple butter as simple..."
November 27, 2010:   "On Not Making Arrangements" by Margot Schilpp   "Organization is overrated: rivers..."
November 26, 2010:   "Lobster" by Matthew Minicucci   "Quiet sun, white dwarf..."
November 25, 2010:   "The House on Laurel Hill Lane" by Megan Snyder-Camp   "Between the neighbor's cherry trees..."
November 24, 2010:   "The Earth-Tone Madonna" by David Dodd Lee   "What were you..."
November 23, 2010:   "Portrait" by Daniel Groves   "That old scene — monkey see and monkey do —..."
November 22, 2010:   "Self-Portrait in the Town Where I Was Born" by Jake Adam York   "The smell of the ocean..."
November 21, 2010:   "Volta" by Christina Pugh   "It won't take much for me to glide mad..."
November 20, 2010:   "the fidelity of disagreement" by Marty McConnell   "because there are seven kinds of loneliness..."
November 19, 2010:   "Tulips" by Mario Petrucci   "That / tulip set..."
November 18, 2010:   "Talking about Autumn Rain" by Nate Pritts   "I hereby submit this yellow leaf as a charter..."
November 17, 2010:   "Scheherazade" by Jayne Pupek   "Tell me again how the skies opened for winter..."
November 16, 2010:   "Halo" by Melissa Stein   "A swirl of it: a stain, like cinnamon..."
November 15, 2010:   "Body of the Hour" by Beckian Fritz Goldberg   "To say, the soul..."
November 14, 2010:   Two poems by Ellen Doré Watson   "You are like a leaky row boat pretending..."
November 13, 2010:   "The Former Pirate on His Way Back to Lisbon" by Weston Cutter   " I'm over..."
November 12, 2010:   "This Is Not My Story" by Shin Yu Pai   "cereal boxes in the kitchen..."
November 11, 2010:   "Ovaries" by Gary L. McDowell   "The body of water that cries..."
November 10, 2010:   "From The Handbook for Emergency Situations" by Kelli Russell Agodon   "When we were in love..."
November 9, 2010:   "Egret" by John Thomas York   "Against the black pines..."
November 8, 2010:   "Wish" by Helen Ivory   "Talk soft to me..."
November 7, 2010:   "Arachne in Detention" by Saara Myrene Raappana   "So this is the ripe crop of hubris..."
November 6, 2010:   "View from the High Road" by Lisa Fay Coutley   "It is as you'd expect, beyond the rusting guardrails..."
November 5, 2010:   "Birdhouse" by Diane Lockward   "In the garden a single rose..."
November 4, 2010:   "Below the Lifeboat" by Nancy White   "If you wake up under your life, you see..."
November 3, 2010:   "Before the Tide" by Berwyn Moore   "An eastern beach—the sun spreads..."
November 2, 2010:   "Rinsing East" by Janée J. Baugher   "Over the Atlantic now, between..."
November 1, 2010:   "All We Can Do" by Morton Marcus   "All we can do on this earth is step into the future..."
October 31, 2010:   "When Big Falls" by Annie Appleton   "I dip my hand..."
October 30, 2010:   "Man Vs. Nature" by Michael Derrick Hudson   "The half-moon tips my..."
October 29, 2010:   "End of Myth" by Holly Karapetkova   "Hotels are sprouting, white as scars..."
October 28, 2010:   "Perennial" by Rebecca Foust   "When you've gone, it won't matter to the musk rose..."
October 27, 2010:   "Time's End, Will Restore" by W. Perry Epes   "Bought this house, woke up..."
October 26, 2010:   "Late" by Marc Rahe   "The cold night is starry...."
October 25, 2010:   "Reflexive" by John Taggart   "Consider whether you can be solitary and alone..."
October 24, 2010:   "Root" by Karen Lepri   "Antithesis of stuck, stable, mud posse..."
October 23, 2010:   "Drinking" by January Gill O'Neil   "A coworker says..."
October 22, 2010:   "If a Person Visits Someone in a Dream, in Some Cultures the Dreamer Thanks Them" by Jean Valentine   "Dear Reginald..."
October 21, 2010:   "Pioneers" by Carl Dennis   "If time were in fact like money..."
October 20, 2010:   "If You Have Ghosts" by John Pursley III   "The dark is enough: the smallness of morning..."
October 19, 2010:   "Be Here First" by Ellen Doré Watson   "I don't know my trees but I know my trees...."
October 18, 2010:   "Penny Pincher Leaves Millions" by Mark Bibbins   "A child was entrusted to me..."
October 17, 2010:   "That Kind of Party" by Patrick Swaney   "I go to the party wearing a strand of lights around my neck..."
October 16, 2010:   "I'll Say It Again" by Amanda Nadelberg   "Shame gets out of bed for..."
October 15, 2010:   "Ode to Autumn" by Susan Browne   "Thoughts are mist. I'm restless..."
October 14, 2010:   "Ergot Theory" by Rebecca Dunham   "It is a holy fire, this budding..."
October 13, 2010:   "Day of My Dead" by Mark Conway   "so the cicadas drone louder..."
October 12, 2010:   "What You Work For" by Rebecca Foust   "Heft and hank of rope, halyard..."
October 11, 2010:   "Duff" by Robert Wrigley   "Under the deep needle thatch..."
October 10, 2010:   "Marvel the Magician's Last Will and Testament" by Myrna Stone   "To you, Tallulah, I leave my satin top hat..."
October 9, 2010:   "Witch Dance" by Glenna Luschei   "Winter presses our hands..."
October 8, 2010:   "The Dusty Smell of Hay" by Vern Rutsala   "Locking the barn door..."
October 7, 2010:   "The Transformation" by Lisa Lewis   "It had been afternoon as long as I could bear...."
October 6, 2010:   "2-Step" by Elizabeth J. Colen   "You thought a little dancing would do it. Knowing my weakness for..."
October 5, 2010:   "Bombing the City" by Wayne Miller   "Some nights it was leaflets..."
October 4, 2010:   "To Whom It May Concern:" by Erika Meitner   "Please excuse me from the meeting...."
October 3, 2010:   "Like" by Amy Holman   "The clearest bell ringing..."
October 2, 2010:   "Identities " by James Brasfield   "Another night, another packed trolley..."
October 1, 2010:   "The New Intelligence" by Timothy Donnelly   "After knowledge extinguished the last of the beautiful..."
September 30, 2010:   "Gorgeous Light" by Doug Ramspeck   "We lived by a bay..."
September 29, 2010:   "Say the Unseen" by Michele Glazer   "Say, the unseen needs a body in the world...."
September 28, 2010:   "Mavka #38." by Padma Thornlyre   "Indestructible life!—the Sun a yolk that breaks..."
September 27, 2010:   "Timbered" by Emily Rosko   "Round and round they go..."
September 26, 2010:   "Cell Phone God" by Henry Hart   "After hiking the Presidentials, I stop in churches..."
September 25, 2010:   "the inciting incident" by T. J. Beitelman   "Scene: Arc d' Triumph. Jude Law meets Gabriel..."
September 24, 2010:   "Not Something To Be Captured, Did You See the Signs?" by Lucy Anderton   "As if I know what..."
September 22, 2010:   "May the World to Come Be Neon, Be Water" by Erika Meitner   "because my shoes are too tight...."
September 21, 2010:   "Accordion" by Elizabeth Spires   "Hurtling through dark tunnels on a lightless day..."
September 20, 2010:   "Etymology" by Stephen Massimilla   "Out of yellow brain, out..."
September 19, 2010:   "What the Water Gave Me (VI)" by Pascale Petit   "This is how it is at the end..."
September 18, 2010:   "Pluto" by Maggie Dietz   "Don't feel small. We have all..."
September 17, 2010:   "Mystes" by Lisa Lewis   "A calm arrested the vibrato of tunnels...."
September 16, 2010:   "The Future" by Charles Simic   "It must have a reason for concealing..."
September 15, 2010:   "(Save)" by Alison Doernberg   "The throaty jangle of pennies against..."
September 14, 2010:   "Omnivore" by Allan Peterson   "Perhaps I could even eat candles and survive..."
September 13, 2010:   "Pima Road Notebook" by Keith Ekiss   "No one ever told me I belong to the earth...."
September 12, 2010:   "Teleology" by Rebecca Foust   "In the seed lies all that it can ever be..."
September 11, 2010:   "Letter to the End of the Year" by Susan Rich   "Lately, I am capable of small things...."
September 10, 2010:   "Metaphysical Bailout" by James Cihlar   "My endeavor is an assemblage of tissue, bone, and nerve..."
September 9, 2010:   "Empire of Light" by Bruce Bond   "It's the lantern that we look to most..."
September 8, 2010:   "Converted Church" by Medbh McGuckian   "I couldn't cultivate myself..."
September 7, 2010:   "City You Won't Come Back To" by Anne Shaw   "White light strafes the railyard as freight trains churn and click..."
September 6, 2010:   "Flesh" by C. McAllister Williams   "I apologize to anyone. Ask me to buckle & I will..."
September 5, 2010:   "Sunday" by Jordan Stempleman   "I picked a really yellow raincoat, asked how many times..."
September 4, 2010:   "[without action]" by Maxine Chernoff   "on the Grecian urn..."
September 3, 2010:   "The Bee Hummingbird" by Candace Pearson   "No bigger than two pennies side-by-side..."
September 2, 2010:   "His Theogony" by Timothy Donnelly   "In the bathtub I envision..."
September 1, 2010:   "Speculatrix at the Mountaintop Observatory" by Cecily Parks   "I rehearse my rangy faith..."
August 31, 2010:   "All the Ape-Gone Songs" by John Bradley   "Where are all the ape-gone songs?..."
August 30, 2010:   "The Incredible Shrinking Fool" by William Trowbridge   "Mountain lion! thinks Fool, just before he sees..."
August 29, 2010:   "Too Darn Hot" by Sarah Perrier   "Why sort the doubletalk from the innuendo..."
August 28, 2010:   "Anecdote of a Goat" by Abayomi Animashaun   "There, is one with slackened tie...."
August 27, 2010:   "Love in Wartime (III)" by Elyse Fenton   "The teacher wanted a clearer starting place...."
August 26, 2010:   "Worse Than The Bite" by Rebecca Givens Rolland   "Memories, won't you please just follow orders..."
August 25, 2010:   "Lines of Refusal" by Julie Carr   "Nothing here, just the sound of the heat, the sound of the cars..."
August 24, 2010:   "Between Seasons" by Rob Schlegel   "Walking the neighborhood streets I glanced..."
August 23, 2010:   "The Claw" by Angela Vogel   "Swinger, come hither...."
August 22, 2010:   "In Extremis" by Neil de la Flor   "By a rock the Egg lights up out of that sound..."
August 21, 2010:   "Conditionals" by Ryan Flaherty   "All worlds begin with asking. Instinctively..."
August 20, 2010:   "Intersection" by Wendy Videlock   "There tedium and suddenness..."
August 19, 2010:   "Somewhere with Your Name" by Michael Rattee   "Somewhere there's a dog..."
August 18, 2010:   "Lecture on Kickball at Sundown" by Steve Healey   "I was the keynote speaker, not the red ball kicker...."
August 17, 2010:   "Summer Meadow in Gotland" by Joan Colby   "The flowers in this painting..."
August 16, 2010:   "The Naturalist's Last Love Poem" by Ashley Anna McHugh   "Nothing on earth..."
August 15, 2010:   "Cabbage, a Love Song" by Marcela Sulak   "I dislike you, cabbage. Your tight-fisted order..."
August 14, 2010:   "Seconds Before the Floorboards Fail" by Julie Doxsee   "When I hear your wish, gates..."
August 13, 2010:   "One Bee Escapes the Ether and Grubs What's Left of Air" by Regan Good   "Across the darkling yard, the black bell sounds...."
August 12, 2010:   "The Birth and Death of an Island in a River" by David Wagoner   "In a season of low water..."
August 11, 2010:   "Stone Seeking Warmth" by Stephen Dunn   "Look, it's usually not a good idea..."
August 10, 2010:   "Scrim" by Kevin Clark   "Book to chest, lost in the rogue, silk-white threads of hair, the scented labyrinth..."
August 9, 2010:   "Puffer Fish" by Charles Harper Webb   "When I snatch a fly out of the deepening dusk..."
August 8, 2010:   "Snake Handlers" by Mike Carson   "I have to admire at least one thing..."
August 7, 2010:   "The Little Songs" by Paul Lisicky   "Three notes into the song, and I'm cooked. And I know myself..."
August 6, 2010:   "The Other Son" by Elisabeth Murawski   "My father welcomes the prodigal...."
August 5, 2010:   "The End" by Dora Malech   "Then they faced each other..."
August 4, 2010:   "attributed" by y. madrone   "opportunistic, swoop and snatch at everything soaking...."
August 3, 2010:   "Hurricane Season" by Alexandra Teague   "When I become accustomed at last to lying in bed alone..."
August 2, 2010:   "Dear Empire," by Oliver de la Paz   "These are your dead...."
July 31, 2010:   "Tara" by Catherine Sasanov   "No movies filmed inside of shattered ruins...."
July 30, 2010:   "Imaginary Garden: An Afterlife" by Henry Israeli   "The day is jade, but smells a little yellow..."
July 29, 2010:   "Unusable Elegy" by Zachary Harris   "Sometimes the living make us very sad. This is not an unusual condition...."
July 28, 2010:   "Youths" by Michael Rutherglen   "Then barb arced..."
July 27, 2010:   "Portrait of an Iris" by J. Michael Martinez   "You are porcelain pretty one..."
July 26, 2010:   "Love Note" by Leslie Adrienne Miller   "This little message slipped under the ear's..."
July 25, 2010:   "The Mockingbird in May" by Madeline Tiger   "A mockingbird sings near my son's grave..."
July 24, 2010:   "Queen of Spades" by Theresa D. Smith   "Until I cut the card in half, the Queen..."
July 23, 2010:   "Wasp in a Trap" by Lindsay Wilson   "What trick is this thing with no escape..."
July 22, 2010:   "I Was Using Your Mail Order Drugs" by Karyna McGlynn   "I was using your mail order drugs...."
July 21, 2010:   "Without Warning" by Bernadette Geyer   "No one ever warns how low..."
July 20, 2010:   "Zorada Reads the Clown" by Erin Keane   "Your hand speaks for you. No luck. No love..."
July 19, 2010:   "At Night My Armless Brother's Heart Sounds Like This: Systole & Diastole" by Ander Monson   "like salt..."
July 18, 2010:   "Lament of Shovel and Bell (noon)" by Sharon Dolin   "Closest to sun-strength..."
July 17, 2010:   "Sleeping Our Way to the Middle" by Jeni Olin   "Since I unwittingly advertise shame..."
July 16, 2010:   "3/15" by Susan Stewart   "Wake up sprung..."
July 15, 2010:   "Recess" by Jehanne Dubrow   "The children are playing at murder again...."
July 14, 2010:   "Just Like Thumbelina's Blues" by Sarah Kathryn Moore   "I was so little I got lost in kimono...."
July 13, 2010:   "Confluence" by Mary Biddinger   "In place of everything that came..."
July 12, 2010:   "Ruin" by Donora Hillard   "I am given articles written..."
July 11, 2010:   "Valve Job" by Ron Egatz   "The scalpel slides across his shaved chest..."
July 10, 2010:   "What You Believe" by Cristina Garcia   "That you can speak to dogs...."
July 9, 2010:   "To Sleep Beside a Stream" by Geoffrey Nutter   "Father Thoughtful and Father of Waters..."
July 8, 2010:   "Echoing Canto of Fixedness" by John Kinsella   "The effort made by stars..."
July 7, 2010:   "Sunday Morning" by Camille T. Dungy   "Desire swung like that: like her..."
July 6, 2010:   "I Don't Remember the Talk of Men" by Dorothea Lasky   "I don't remember the words of men that talk..."
July 5, 2010:   "Demimonde" by Diane Kirsten Martin   "She writes with lavender ink on cream vellum. A crow..."
July 4, 2010:   "Smoke" by Moira Egan   "'If you were smoke,' he said, 'you'd be the smoke..."
July 3, 2010:   "Anatomy of the Grotesque" by Susan Slaviero   "One cannot separate flesh from burn—..."
July 2, 2010:   "Artifacts" by Marisa Crawford   "The creak in the door got stuck in my spinal cord...."
July 1, 2010:   "Ghost Lights" by Keith Montesano   "What about the part where the story ends? It ends..."
June 30, 2010:   "Almanac Magic" by Allen Braden   "Believe in the bounty of drought..."
June 29, 2010:   "Compendium of Lost Objects" by Nicole Cooley   "Not the butterfly wing, the semiprecious stones..."
June 28, 2010:   "Midnight Sun" by Cynthia Hogue   "Light fends the sky's teal..."
June 27, 2010:   "Mistakes About Heaven" by Wesley McNair   "Contrary to what is said..."
June 26, 2010:   "Folksong" by Mike Smith   "Everything is in order..."
June 25, 2010:   "Poem in the Manner of a Refrigerator" by Michael Cirelli   "My song goes..."
June 24, 2010:   "How I Learned Quiet" by Oliver de la Paz   "Begin with slowness—the drag of a candle's flame..."
June 23, 2010:   "The Never" by Judith Skillman   "They lie in separate rooms while the moon..."
June 22, 2010:   "Stabat Mater (Marie Curie's Pitchblende)" by Colin Cheney   "Like flashbulb, maybe a firefly..."
June 21, 2010:   "Chain Letter" by Martha Zweig   "Send me a modest money & copy..."
June 20, 2010:   "What's There" by Dan Rosenberg   "There's seeing the girl and there's seeing her..."
June 19, 2010:   "Waiting" by April Lindner   "Someone's carried off the aquarium..."
June 18, 2010:   "Ice Plant" by Rae Gouirand   "All the transparence of the old..."
June 17, 2010:   "There Was One Tongue and It Was Forgotten" by Kyle McCord   "I live in a house. My closet..."
June 16, 2010:   two poems from Bird Signs by Mary Molinary   "Either 2 birds crossed..."
June 15, 2010:   "Hokkaido" by Lucia Perillo   "War Emblem, the famous stallion..."
June 14, 2010:   "a classical education can’t save you from the radio" by Sarah Barber   "I looked up sky. I blued, obscured....."
June 13, 2010:   "Ecclesiastes" by Khaled Mattawa   "The trick is that you're willing to help them...."
June 12, 2010:   "Ode to a Wire Brush" by Dave Bonta   "Never was walking..."
June 11, 2010:   "Monster-Life" by Nathan Anderson   "You might as well learn..."
June 10, 2010:   "A Brief Informal History" by J.P. Dancing Bear   "For us, there was never a Harry Houdini..."
June 9, 2010:   "Starlings" by Roddy Lumsden   "Hours, minutes. The smiles which women..."
June 8, 2010:   "Birthday" by Jay Griswold   "The clock keeps perfect time...."
June 7, 2010:   "Syntax" by D. Nurkse   "When we were apes..."
June 6, 2010:   "Color Theory" by Eric Leigh   "'I envy your yard,' an old woman once said..."
June 5, 2010:   "Zoological Garden" by Suzanne Frischkorn   "cement frogs with faulty faucets did me in..."
June 4, 2010:   "Two Love Poems" by Eric Gudas   "We first kissed a year ago, in the concrete alley..."
June 3, 2010:   "Landscapes with Elephant Seals and Umbrellas" by C.J. Sage   "In the water solitary creatures..."
June 2, 2010:   "The Heart is a Lonely Shopper" by Melanie Dusseau   "Forever bypassing the discount bin..."
June 1, 2010:   "Sarah Winchester Speaks" by Carrie Shipers   "No one knew what haunted me..."
May 31, 2010:   "A Rainy Night in a Crowded City" by Eleanor Lerman   "Once, I knew a man who liked to talk to me..."
May 30, 2010:   "The White Visitation" by David Brennan   "is "The Swan of Mantua" in reverse negative: the..."
May 29, 2010:   "Why We Love Our Dogs" by Amy M. Clark   "Once, while walking, I happened..."
May 28, 2010:   "Trial of the Oblique Triangle: Building Permit #78" by Dorine Jennette   "No mail-order kit—from fig leaves and wire..."
May 27, 2010:   "Dead Telegram to a Dead Poet" by Bruce Cohen   "Dear Spot. Stop. An off-the-cuff off-duty reality check: you're not sleeping it off now..."
May 26, 2010:   "Stunned Again" by Matt Anserello   "I'm full of bad ideas & nights of nothingness. The striking..."
May 25, 2010:   "I Want You" by Weston Cutter   "The smallest draft + the door slams, our lives..."
May 24, 2010:   "Popular Songs About Feeling Bad" by Zach Savich   "That was the year I ended marriages. I don't know why..."
May 23, 2010:   "Poem" by Herbert Scott   "Isn't it here..."
May 22, 2010:   "El Dorado (Goodbye, Utah)" by Rane Arroyo   "Mi amor, I'm surrounded by mountains...."
May 21, 2010:   "Threading" by Andrew Demcak   "Your cancer was trimmed with blue scissors...."
May 20, 2010:   "Awake" by Rachel Contreni Flynn   "Of course it turns out..."
May 19, 2010:   [A cave of. Crumbling] by Heather Cousins   "A cave of. Crumbling..."
May 18, 2010:   "She of Tioga Creek" by Jonathan Johnson   "Marsh went mostly unnoticed then..."
May 17, 2010:   from "Its Plastic Light" by Julia Story   "I make the travel plans. When two ghosts..."
May 16, 2010:   "Eat" by Arra Lynn Ross   "Take an egg from under a hen...."
May 15, 2010:   "For a Friend, Who Fell Asleep While Smoking" by Jean LeBlanc   "That huge black dog you owned for a few weeks..."
May 14, 2010:   "Postcard Home" by Heather Hartley   "The hotel room's an absolute disaster. Your feet under your head, etc...."
May 13, 2010:   "Grunge" by Yusef Komunyakaa   "No, sweetheart, I said courtly love...."
May 12, 2010:   "Possum" by David Wagoner   "You're crouching on the thin top of a fence..."
May 11, 2010:   "The Elegist" by Raymond Luczak   "When someone dies, he is asked...."
May 10, 2010:   "The Black Forest" by Christopher DeWeese   "A boorish silence fills the forest..."
May 9, 2010:   "Drift" by Gregory Mahrer   "I am a guest among small swarms of winged insects..."
May 8, 2010:   "Definition:" by MRB Chelko   "to hold a thing accountable for being itself..."
May 7, 2010:   "Prayer for Teeth" by James Hoch   "When I smile the wise can tell..."
May 6, 2010:   "Arise, Therefore" by Elaine Bleakney   "What I didn't know was where the balloonists met. Long streams..."
May 5, 2010:   "Earth-Eater! Earth-Eater!" by Byron A. Kanoti   "Please take and holster these offered meats..."
May 4, 2010:   "Good Night, Ladies" by Jennifer Chang   "The hens won't do what I want them to..."
May 3, 2010:   "San Clemente" by Carol Muske-Dukes   "Shame & shame: sound of neap tide..."
May 2, 2010:   "The Exquisite Foreplay of the Tortoise" by Nicky Beer   "Every movement of my body..."
May 1, 2010:   "Grunion" by Dore Kiesselbach   "the moon has cut the bulging..."
April 30, 2010:   "More Precisely" by Ander Monson   "What I meant was stars: lots of them...."
April 29, 2010:   "Tips for Domestic Travel" by Hayden Saunier   "If you walk up, weeping, to an airline counter..."
April 28, 2010:   "Ardentia Vera" by Dawn Lonsinger   "the ocean laps toward shore, but land puts nearly its whole..."
April 26, 2010:   "None of Them Would Stop" by Daniel Coudriet   "Laughing, the sudden taxidermies..."
April 25, 2010:   "Bee Prophecy" by Jay Udall   "Walking through summer fir and aspen..."
April 24, 2010:   "Landscape" by Judy Halebsky   "Hang me, your honor, up with the furniture..."
April 23, 2010:   "Letters" by Frieda Hughes   "There's no justice I can do..."
April 22, 2010:   "Just Past this Road Lives a Figure Imprisoned in a Tower" by Malinda Markham   "Each moment starts again, each blade of grass..."
April 21, 2010:   "Lawns" by Pamela Gemin   "All over my city, on streets named for trees..."
April 20, 2010:   "Postcard" by Margaret Ronda   "Travelled inside the sea wall, gauzy net, hole..."
April 19, 2010:   "Wind" by Michael Walsh   "If you sprint fast enough..."
April 18, 2010:   "All Souls' Day" by Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons   "Lost on roads not known..."
April 17, 2010:   "In Snow Fog" by Lex Runciman   "Cedars lust for definition...."
April 16, 2010:   "Long Before We Got Here, Long After We're Gone" by Peggy Shumaker   "In the season blue-white sun..."
April 15, 2010:   "private pantheon" by Greg Hewett   "past the last cul-de-sac..."
April 14, 2010:   "The Faith of Falling" by Mark McMorris   "An interior space opens on a sudden whisper..."
April 13, 2010:   "Complaint" by Mary Leader   "I am tired of being accused of lack of seriousness when I feel..."
April 12, 2010:   "Melanoma" by L. S. Asekoff   "After the freezing, the incision, the five stitches..."
April 11, 2010:   "Reckless sleeper" by Ron Houchin   "Letting go of the world..."
April 10, 2010:   "Slow Dance Music" by Tom C. Hunley   "I can't explain the rain's attraction to my head..."
April 9, 2010:   "The Anonymous Mermaid" and "Stapler" by Maura Stanton   "I live in a big clamshell down here under the coral reef, and I don't go..."
April 8, 2010:   "No Wasn't Full" by C. J. Sage   "No wasn't full..."
April 7, 2010:   "lone wolf" by Aaron Belz   "Goodnight, moon. Or rather, goodbye...."
April 6, 2010:   "The Incomplete is Unforgiving" by A.E. Stringer   "Split a rock right. To a sharp..."
April 5, 2010:   "Tributary" by Joan Kane   "Just beyond a bend in the river..."
April 3, 2010:   "Monet's Garden" by Burt Kimmelman   "The lily's charm is not..."
April 2, 2010:   "The Children's Museum" by Ange Mlinko   "It's hard to know whether today or yesterday was the full moon..."
April 1, 2010:   "Young Helen" by Lightsey Darst   "impossible to remove & therefore remaining forever..."
March 31, 2010:   "Divine Wow:" by Bruce Cohen   "Select one isolated cloud...."
March 30, 2010:   "Fallacy of Accident" by T. R. Hummer   "Phallus, fallacy, and fool sound vaguely alike..."
March 28, 2010:   "Confession" by Mary Rose O'Reilley   "Last night, I ate a soup bowl of ice cream..."
March 27, 2010:   "Obituary" by Todd Davis   "Third week of March and sugaring is nearly finished...."
March 26, 2010:   "Just the Ones" by Dan Kaplan   "From deep in a hole of tequila..."
March 25, 2010:   "How to Say I Love You" by Gary L. McDowell   "On evenings when my dogs and I circle the block..."
March 24, 2010:   "Dear B—" by Alexandra van de Kamp   "Dear Babaushka, dear..."
March 23, 2010:   "A Captivating Corset" by Simone Muench   "We look for refuge but drift to damage..."
March 22, 2010:   "Afro" by Kiki Petrosino   "Whereas these strands, well-oiled & diligent in their parts, & appearing..."
March 21, 2010:   "Ghost Images" by Deborah Bogen   "The mind's a mad cupboard, blackened silver, cups and thimbles...."
March 20, 2010:   "nathaniel mackey" by Fred Moten   "come from some of everywhere, somewhere so deep that some of..."
March 19, 2010:   "Ilona's Eyelids" by Eileen G’Sell   "A fondness for the concept of holy water...."
March 18, 2010:   "Asphodel" by Angela Vogel   "Hi, I’m Asphodel, the flower of hell..."
March 17, 2010:   "Skandha" by Michael Meyerhofer   "You nurse the origami of your theory..."
March 16, 2010:   "Southhampton turned Suffer into Suffolk" by y madrone   "how that man Nat took a legacy...."
March 15, 2010:   "Key" by Miles Waggener   "Consider from the door..."
March 14, 2010:   "The Leisure Class" by Robert Avery   "There's nothing demands we hoe..."
March 13, 2010:   "Woodpecker" by Harry Bauld   "To dig an inch he bangs..."
March 12, 2010:   "Not Yet" by Ben Howard   "Give me, if you will, a little time..."
March 11, 2010:   "Rites to Allay the Dead" by Amit Majmudar   "It is never enough to close their door...."
March 10, 2010:   "Let Me Explain" by Dora Malech   "Spring, and the tulips urged me..."
March 9, 2010:   "Love Letter Written While Speeding Past the City Limit Sign" by Carrie Jerrell   "Four summer months of third-shift factory eyes..."
March 8, 2010:   "Still and All" by James Galvin   "A moist spring evening lowers itself..."
March 7, 2010:   "Last Will" by Hayden Saunier   "When I am ash, as is my wish..."
March 6, 2010:   "Seeds and Seeding" by Nathaniel Perry   "We're shaking seeds into their furrows..."
March 4, 2010:   "Outside Consultant" by Cathryn Essinger   "He walks in, sits down, tucks his tail fin..."
March 3, 2010:   "Aviary" by Michael Leong   "The box's safe: the cockatoo must be singing...."
March 2, 2010:   "Teaching 'The Red Wheelbarrow' the Thirtieth Time" by Wendy Barker   "I know I've explained how..."
March 1, 2010:   "White Live Doves for Funerals" by Sarah Barber   "According to Birds of North America..."
February 28, 2010:   "A Whipsaw Takes Two Men" by Patricia Lockwood   "Two men are as one, or they are a single..."
February 27, 2010:   "Zero" by George Bilgere   "First it was five above, then two..."
February 26, 2010:   "(it was so hot...)" by Matthew Guenette   "It was so hot..."
February 25, 2010:   "Blót" by A. E. Watkins   "The boulders like god-fists littering stubble-fields in March...."
February 24, 2010:   "Comfort, Cape Henlopen" by JoAnn Balingit   "As the moon set I saw a big toad smashed in the road, entrails popped from its side...."
February 23, 2010:   "Natural History" by Michael Dumanis   "I'm fully posable, a leather and clay creature..."
February 22, 2010:   "A Tenderness Like Knives" by Lance Larsen   "Beside the cottage, a forest she no longer wanders...."
February 21, 2010:   "The Disciples of Winter" by Stephanie McKenzie   "Grace must wander even with the lonely sight of crows..."
February 20, 2010:   "Contrast" by Jericho Brown   "I want to relax, but it's April...."
February 19, 2010:   "Pulling off the Highway on the Way to a Deathbed to Visit a Workhorse at Rest" by Frannie Lindsay   "We are no more..."
February 18, 2010:   "Woodpecker" by Christine Rhein   "Again he startles me..."
February 17, 2010:   "The Rooster" by Shane Seely   "His frowning beak, his fleck-of-granite eye...."
February 16, 2010:   "No Narrative" by A. E. Watkins   "A paradise forecloses once an aperture—no narrative but trees..."
February 15, 2010:   "Splitting the Distance, an advanced application of Goldbach's Conjecture:" by Michele Battiste   "every number greater..."
February 14, 2010:   "Empty Spaces" by Brenda Cárdenas   "She is a switchblade afraid of the hint in a two-second glint that..."
February 13, 2010:   "Musing the Obscure" by Charles Simic   "What do these mutts barking in unison..."
February 12, 2010:   "Grace" by Jason Tandon   "Beneath a sapling cypress, Buddha floats..."
February 11, 2010:   "News" by Austin Straus   "Red/yellow/purple petals..."
February 10, 2010:   "A Mid-Wife's Late Sabbatical" by Peter Richardson   "Say tilted fields run up shadowed valleys..."
February 9, 2010:   "Choke" by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz   "Winter overstayed its dumb welcome...."
February 8, 2010:   "Praise Nothing" by Joshua Robbins   "April's cold snap..."
February 7, 2010:   "Sacrament of the Moths" by Penelope Scambly Schott   "Dust from a moth's wing is lint from a prayer...."
February 6, 2010:   "Aubade" by H. Palmer Hall   "Listen, I've never really understood..."
February 5, 2010:   "Little Wing" by Kelle Groom   "Charles decorated Nagasaki with cut petals, thousands..."
February 4, 2010:   "Because the Body is Made of Water" by Ephraim Scott Sommers   "A thimble full of moonlight..."
February 3, 2010:   "Waking Up at the Wheel" by Christopher Kennedy   "I woke up behind the wheel and told my wife I had been talking to Good..."
February 2, 2010:   "Maimonides on What Is Meant by 'Vision'" by Benjamin Paloff   "Nothing ever comes true. Not the future of the American kitchenette..."
February 1, 2010:   "Read 'The World'" by Genine Lentine   "For [you], I cast [the world]..."
January 31, 2010:   "The Short Walk" by Rich Levy   "As you lug your groceries and books..."
January 30, 2010:   "Indian Summer" by Judith Skillman   "The sun rests on its stem..."
January 29, 2010:   "Foreshadow From Buffalo" by Dana Elkun   "This beast begins with abundance..."
January 28, 2010:   "Before the Ship Arrives" by Adrianne Kalfopoulou   "Night and the wait is long...."
January 27, 2010:   "Tails" by Maxine Kumin   "Weekly we tried a different remedy..."
January 26, 2010:   "Ice Out" by Connie Wanek   "The south wind discovers a loose thread..."
January 25, 2010:   "String Theory" by Ronald Wallace   "I have to believe a Beethoven..."
January 24, 2010:   "Labor Day Weekend" by Emily Elizabeth Schulten   "I sat in the stern, so you..."
January 23, 2010:   "Hunger Artist" by Rita Signorelli-Pappas   "I believe I could have saved him...."
January 22, 2010:   "Green-Striped Melons" and "Bamboo" by Jane Hirshfield   "They lie..."
January 21, 2010:   "Aubade with whales" by Bob Hicok   "Kyle spiffed stiffs..."
January 20, 2010:   "Teleidoscope" by Sarah O'Brien   "Say sun, say feather, say here. The whole..."
January 19, 2010:   "Target" by Jason Koo   "Today I'm thinking of all the people not in love: I'm with you!..."
January 18, 2010:   "Earth and Sky" by Read Blinn   "Of all things contained here..."
January 17, 2010:   "Alfoxden: Dorothy Wordsworth, 1798" by Rebecca Dunham   "Always we walk to, a great part of the way...."
January 16, 2010:   "Before Her Death" by Maurya Simon   "Yearly, the slug crisscrosses his own tearstains..."
January 15, 2010:   "His Other Car Was a Train" by Nance Van Winckel   "My tapping for him..."
January 14, 2010:   "Diagnosis" by Brent Armendinger   "What a hidden memory is electricity..."
January 13, 2010:   "Monkey Heart" by Ben Mirov   "Pick, it up...."
January 12, 2010:   "Chinook" by Geraldine Connolly   "Come January, let winter unweave..."
January 11, 2010:   "With the Herd" by James Najarian   "Late in the afternoon, the goats ascend..."
January 10, 2010:   "First Blood" by Jean Hollander   "After the fall when snake..."
January 9, 2010:   "Elegy as Spot's Lift-the-Flap Book" by Victoria Chang   "Spot is under the flap. Tom is..."
January 8, 2010:   "An Algebra of Fifty" by Catherine Abbey Hodges   "Out back between the marvelous..."
January 7, 2010:   "Paul Celan's Ashes" by Ray Gonzalez   "Here is the hand in its shade of absolute..."
January 6, 2010:   "Kissing the Throat of True Love" by Alan Britt   "The funny thing about true love..."
January 5, 2010:   "Burial" by Matt Jasper   "She whispers—The ocean..."
January 4, 2010:   "Love Poem with Exiles" by Octavio Quintanilla   "The dogs are mute and wait for daybreak...."
January 3, 2010 (A 2009 Favorite):   "Animal Lover" by Terese Svoboda   "A horse rises in a balloon..."
January 2, 2010 (A 2009 Favorite):   "Ebb" by Martha Zweig   "In my good night's..."
January 1, 2010 (A 2009 Favorite):   "The Widdershins Garden" by Olivia Clare   "Blink, the sunglint flies..."
December 31, 2009 (A 2009 Favorite):   "Jellyfish" by George David Clark   "The dark sea dreams them...."
December 30, 2009 (A 2009 Favorite):   "Nest" by Katy Didden   "Yellow bill, deft needle..."
December 29, 2009 (A 2009 Favorite):   "[The night was animal]" by Claire Hero   "The night was animal, was owlmaw..."
December 28, 2009 (A 2009 Favorite):   "Still as in a Still after Still" by Mary Jo Bang   "How-then-why is charted like a map is a chart..."
December 27, 2009:   "Caisson" by Carol Quinn   "That we might be rootless, ruthless, industrious, dust..."
December 26, 2009:   "Coos Bay" by Sid Miller   "The paint in the back alley spells out..."
December 25, 2009:   "To Mindless Forces" by K.A. Hays   "who tumble..."
December 24, 2009:   "Untitled" by Andrew Zawacki   "Or the dance we do is..."
December 23, 2009:   "Untitled" by Hans Carl Artmann (translated by Rosmarie Waldrop)   "hocus pocus..."
December 22, 2009:   "Beginning with Two Lines from Kenneth Rexroth" by Ray Gonzalez   "I see the unwritten books, the unrecorded experiments, the unpainted..."
December 21, 2009:   "Fall Grapes" by Adrianne Kalfopoulou   "We didn't know the acrid scent of trodden grapes..."
December 20, 2009:   "State of a Nation" by Amy King   "The actor is a second life..."
December 19, 2009:   "Mr. Nobody Speaks to His Voice" by Emmanuel Moses (translated by Marilyn Hacker)   "Voice, you sprouted like a shrub..."
December 18, 2009:   "Sparrows: For Gerald Stern" by Campbell McGrath   "Mexican sparrows picking at seeds..."
December 17, 2009:   "Illustrating" by Joshua Poteat   "I see fireflies as perforations, the meadow..."
December 16, 2009:   "Ode to the Chameleon" by Yusef Komunyakaa   "Little shape shifter, lingering..."
December 15, 2009:   "The Opening" by Philip Schultz   "Everyone arrives later than everyone else..."
December 14, 2009:   "The Bird of God" by Robin Ekiss   "Tutankhamen's ebony bed..."
December 13, 2009:   "The Underworld" by Sharon Bryan   "When I lived in the foothills..."
December 12, 2009:   [Emerson said, "Every word was once an animal." Re: bunny.] by Ron Koertge   "Emerson said, "Every word was once an animal." Re: bunny...."
December 11, 2009:   "Crows" by Jeff Friedman   "You came with your dark hats..."
December 10, 2009:   "Antietam" by Sandra Beasley   "We all went in a yellow school bus..."
December 9, 2009:   "Pitbull" by Kimberly Johnson   "what can you suppose I want from you?..."
December 8, 2009:   "Bioluminescence" by Lee Ann Roripaugh   "The eggs burn softly..."
December 7, 2009:   "Julbilate" by William Notter   "Now I will consider my purple Plymouth Duster...."
December 6, 2009:   "Gnosticism as a Modern Construct" by Marc J. Sheehan   "Late one afternoon, we watched the dragonflies..."
December 5, 2009:   "Night Garden" by T. J. Anderson III   "In the garden there is a row of dahlias..."
December 4, 2009:   "Creation Myth" by Mathias Svalina   "In the beginning everyone looked like Larry Bird..."
December 3, 2009:   "from 1977-2050" by Zachary Schomburg   "All the space around me..."
December 2, 2009:   "Trembling on the Brink of a Mesquite Tree" by Brynn Saito   "And the Lord said Surprise me, so I moved to LA...."
December 1, 2009:   "Former Automotive Plant" by Allison Titus   "What poor moon deserves this night..."
November 30, 2009:   "Supplicant" by CE Perry   "Give the doe that extra..."
November 29, 2009:   "[my mind grew quiet]" by Jehanne Dubrow   "My mind grew quiet..."
November 28, 2009:   "Winter's Tale" by Pamela Harrison   "Until today, I never got the logic..."
November 27, 2009:   "Paradiso I 54-63" by Dante Alighieri, translated by Robert Pinsky   "I fixed my eyes on the sun-beyond our ways..."
November 26, 2009:   "I Never Intend To, How 'Bout You?" by Christopher Citro   "It's eight o'clock. Time to plug the ladder in. I love our new..."
November 25, 2009:   "Fragile" by Jenny Hanning   "At the Children's Museum they collect pennies in a penny pit. It..."
November 24, 2009:   "Structure of Houses" by Allen Strous   "Something stared at..."
November 23, 2009:   "My Sister Was a Chair" by Jorn Ake   "I was the monkey in pieces..."
November 22, 2009:   "Journey" by Linda Annas Ferguson   "I see the world from behind two blades..."
November 21, 2009:   "Leaves/Tongues" by Molly Bendall & Gail Wronsky   "Let    me    be                      "straight"..."
November 20, 2009:   "Secret Sonnet For The Cockroach" by Alex Grant   "They live without their bodies for a week..."
November 19, 2009:   "Point of View" by Richard Jackson   "While his memories pace back and forth like expectant..."
November 18, 2009:   "An Interruption" by Karen Kevorkian   "A black cat appeared against a smooth adobe wall in a break..."
November 17, 2009:   "Postscript: Autobiographical" by Ed Skoog   "I rode my bike across the Argentine...."
November 16, 2009:   "I Show Up Twelve Years Late For Curfew" by Karyna McGlynn   "I appear cold, muddy, unstable in the foyer...."
November 15, 2009:   "Hope" by Daniel Donaghy   "I'm thinking again of Pandora..."
November 14, 2009:   "Epigenesis" by Joseph Bathanti   "The moon leavens...."
November 13, 2009:   "County Fair" by Terri Kirby Erickson   "Pulled like rotten teeth from the open mouths..."
November 12, 2009:   "Hedgerow after Roadwork" by Eamon Grennan   "What was the ragged hedgerow of sally trees..." November 11, 2009:   "Wedding Piñata" by James Hoch   "In the rented performance space..."
November 10, 2009:   "Stray Paragraphs, February, Year of the Rat" by John Estes   "Why we resist coming after, coming second, coming late..."
November 9, 2009:   "Days Like This Are Necessary" by Walter Bargen   "Fifteen men, the beginning of a pirate's song..."
November 8, 2009:   "Evasion of Privacy" by Jordan Davis   "When they ask me can they just be honest..." November 7, 2009:   "The Religion of Birds" by Megan O'Reilly Green   "Everywhere people are mad for miracles...."
November 6, 2009:   "The Interior Weather of Tree-Clinging Birds" by Sandy Longhorn   "My oracles of icicles and snow..."
November 5, 2009:   "Still Life, with Drawing" by G. C. Waldrep   "The drawing of a bird draws..."
November 4, 2009:   "An Underworldliness" by Heather McHugh   "Maybe a maker makes..."
November 3, 2009:   "In a Dark Time Together" by Mary Ann Samyn   "All day I say every blessings I can think of...."
November 2, 2009:   "City Beach" by Dora Malech   "Your mouth said so long from so long said high..."
November 1, 2009:   "Love is When a Boat is Built From All the Eyelashes in the Ocean" by Zachary Schomburg   "When the bats..."
October 31, 2009:   "The Tortoise Survives the Fire" by Lisa Allen Ortiz   "He's at my friend's house now...."
October 30, 2009:   "The Clock of the Long Now" by Marion Boyer   "No wonder Einstein was mad for light...."
October 29, 2009:   "Wonder" by Kascha Semonovitch   "Let me speak to you of the strange...."
October 28, 2009:   "Sweetlips and Spangled Emperors" by Mark Bibbins   "We lost the change that looking..."
October 27, 2009:   "Folding the Fitted Sheet" by A.V. Christie   "There is a way to do this...."
October 26, 2009:   "In England Again after Years Away" by Lois Williams   "Because tonight is warm..."
October 25, 2009:   "Confession of the Oak Tree" by Alice Pettway   "I would shed my leaves in an instant..."
October 24, 2009:   "The Open-Air Recital Survived a Shaky Start" by Charles Harper Webb   "when, in the first movement of the Emperor Concerto..."
October 23, 2009:   "To Leuconoë" by Erica McAlpine   "You should not ask..."
October 22, 2009:   "After Baby After Baby" by Rachel Zucker   "When we made love you had..."
October 21, 2009:   "Beat the Ranger" by Christopher DeWeese   "I am from extremely real streets...."
October 20, 2009:   "When We Decided to Build the Wall" by A.K. Scipioni   "I want an olive tree...."
October 19, 2009:   "Don't Say My Name" by Dara Wier   "Skull, axis, kernel of focus..."
October 18, 2009:   "The Multiple States of Matter" by Jenny Browne   "If four legs make a desk, a friendship, a donkey..."
October 17, 2009:   "Some Things Along Strada C.A. Rosetti" by Christopher Bakken   "Far too quiet last night out on the street...."
October 16, 2009:   "Suitor Underwater" by Molly McQuade   "The giant prawn..."
October 15, 2009:   "From As Complete As a Thought Can Be" by Adam Clay   "Seven years into the longest..."
October 14, 2009:   "Bluet" by Dan Chiasson   "Flowers have faces. They are happy or sad...."
October 13, 2009:   "The Ark in the Window" by Debora Greger   "Forty days and forty nights, it rained...."
October 12, 2009:   "A Cast of a Smokestack" by Adam Atkinson   "It's the future, and there are future men..."
October 11, 2009:   "Veni Vidi" by Chana Bloch   "The world / is about to be created...."
October 10, 2009:   "Little Fugue of Love and Death" by Richard Newman   "The sky is gray. My joints are old...."
October 9, 2009:   "Disappearing Act" by Jason Whitmarsh   "As the milkmaids do it, with aplomb—no ersatz..."
October 8, 2009:   "The Field Behind the Dying Father's House" by Linda Nemec Foster   "I'm the thin yellow..."
October 7, 2009:   "Around Killingsworth and Albina" by Sid Miller   "Behind a dumpster in an alley lies an old copy..."
October 6, 2009:   "Little Elegy (1977-1991)" by Claudia Keelan   "The world was strong..."
October 5, 2009:   "Mystery Beneath a Handprint of Light" by Beth Bachmann   "In another rendering, the repetition might add up ..."
October 4, 2009:   "Particular Flight" by John Deming   "The woman sweeping..."
October 3, 2009:   "Animal Lover" by Terese Svoboda   "A horse rises in a balloon..."
October 2, 2009:   "Acknowledgment, 1964" by Gabrielle Calvocoressi   "Could have gone west. Could have packed your things..."
October 1, 2009:   "The Streets of My Heart" by Rhett Iseman Trull   "What a display. The light chromed off the ornate lamps and signs..."
September 30, 2009:   "Sleepwalking" by Frances Justine Post   "It is a sudden revelation, a tinge like a blush..."
September 29, 2009:   "Bear" by Chad Sweeney   "Monday on the way to work..."
September 28, 2009:   "Doors without Locks and Other Entrances" by Timothy Henry   "All seasons have a coda..."
September 27, 2009:   "Moving into Night" by Mark Thalman   "I walk down to the dock...."
September 26, 2009:   "Homo Erectus Recalls the Better Days of Man" by Lynn Levin   "I cast my gaze over the coarse grass...."
September 25, 2009:   "Lilac Tree" by Andrew Sage   "Everyone has a yellow swing..."
September 24, 2009:   "The Human Experience" by Nick Courtright   "But what is its rationale? See, earth has nothing to do..."
September 23, 2009:   "Improveras, I Heart Abandonment" by Dannyka Taylor   "I fond too late if the mother..."
September 22, 2009:   "The Fear Was in the Northeast" by G. C. Waldrep   "The fear was in the northeast...."
September 21, 2009:   "My Fortune 500 Love Poem" by Rachel Contreni Flynn   "Amid all the typical bullshit, the fake laughter, the trumped-up urgency..."
September 20, 2009:   "Kentucky Derby Poem (2008)" by Liz Robbins   "Eight Belles, the filly who snapped..."
September 19, 2009:   "Ladder to the Moon" by X. J. Kennedy   "If I had a ladder that reached to the moon..."
September 18, 2009:   "Elmer Rice's 'The Adding Machine'" by Marvin Bell   "The staging of clerks in green visors..."
September 17, 2009:   "Girl in a Purple Dress" by Dorianne Laux   "Riding her bike down Water Street..."
September 16, 2009:   "Horizons" by Judy Little   "let anywhere as all..."
September 15, 2009:   "Hay Day" by Robert Wrigley   "Beautiful, the fourteen-hundred-pound round..."
September 14, 2009:   "13 Arkansas" by Stacy Kidd   "Delta: the days don't bring you quicker. No..."
September 13, 2009:   "While Refuged at Sophie's Cottage as Bombs Fall on London, Nina Hamnett Pens a Postcard to Wyndham Lewis" by Tom Holmes   "Sophie collects new moons..."
September 12, 2009:   "I Was Thinking of Beauty" by Sydney Lea   "I surrender myself to Charles Mingus. I'm spinning Tijuana Moods..."
September 11, 2009:   "Cosmonauts" by Rhett Iseman Trull   "Cosmonauts have nine lives, too. That is why we launch ourselves..."
September 10, 2009:   "Destinations, VI." by Nick Courtright   "Even after I died, I could not close my eyes..."
September 9, 2009:   "Valle Vidal" by John Poch   "Like a cutthroat..."
September 8, 2009:   "I Trade My Family for Junk" by Travis Wayne Denton   "The older I get, the more of my family..."
September 7, 2009:   "Notes from a Marine Biologist's Daughter" by Anne McCrary Sullivan   "My mother loves the salty mud of estuaries..."
September 6, 2009:   "Vase with Autumn Asters" by Carol Dine   "A shadow settles behind the vase..."
September 5, 2009:   "Do the Right Thing" by Adrian Matejka   "Spike Lee is so small I didn't even..."
September 4, 2009:   "Emily, It's Better This Way" by Christopher Citro   "They landed in the morning and nothing happened...."
September 3, 2009:   "Past Bedtime" by Lesley Wheeler   "Sometimes I feel like a stream, she said...."
September 2, 2009:   "Your Leaving Vienna with the Hapsburgs" by Jason Spear   "Just as the sun fell down, you slipped out behind the slinky cat. I think..."
September 1, 2009:   "Evening at Home" by Arthur Madson   "The eye that closes at dusk..."
August 31, 2009:   "The Escape Artist in Winter" by Allison Funk   "I'm under it again, that foot of ice...."
August 30, 2009:   "Then" by Patricia Fargnoli   "Then, he held me there as if stunned, the figure who had appeared saying..."
August 29, 2009:   "Repititions" by Jennifer Moxley   "When fixed into my explanations this phrase..."
August 28, 2009:   from Catabolism by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa   "A body is not always everything we are taught..."
August 27, 2009:   "Lightweights" by Jeff Hardin   "Even in these hostile times..."
August 26, 2009:   "Dear P. XII" by Victoria Chang   "When you fall onto the floor, your cry..."
August 25, 2009:   "Certainly Uncertain: a love of tone poem" by Bob Hicok   "Here is the place I am thinking..."
August 24, 2009:   "Was to Have Been Called Whip-poor-will" by Lisa Olstein   "Dog hears it..."
August 23, 2009:   "A Letter to Serafin" by John Minczeski   "Serafin, orphaned angel..."
August 22, 2009:   "The Lovers at Eighty" by Marilyn L. Taylor   "Fluted light from the window finds her..."
August 21, 2009:   "Whippoorwill" by John Clarke   "Dead leaf or whippoorwill? In a wood..."
August 20, 2009:   "Green Heron" by Daniel Wolff   "A little green in a fine mist...."
August 19, 2009:   "Ebb" by Martha Zweig   "In my good night's..."
August 18, 2009:   "Lightweights" by Jeff Hardin   "Even in these hostile times..."
August 17, 2009:   "[receding sphinx]" by Lisa Olstein   "I'm working with a common family of flower feeders. Many..."
August 16, 2009:   "Selfish" by Lesley Wheeler   "When you are always right, it is hard to diet..."
August 15, 2009:   "Orchard" by Noel Conneely   "Between the red and the green..."
August 14, 2009:   "If Palinurus" by Timothy O'Keefe   "You put me here...."
August 13, 2009:   "Lifeguards" by William Greenway   "You either have one..."
August 12, 2009:   "Valentine" by Kiki Petrosino   "Today I got rejected from the Bible...."
August 11, 2009:   "Shark" by Heather Hamilton   "In the thick dark I nose..."
August 10, 2009:   "I Will Begin Tagging “Sad Robot Inc...." by Kate Angus   "The ficus drapes its one long vine around..."
August 9, 2009:   "Condemned" by Susanna Lang   "Above the street, above this bungalow I've lived in since before my son could walk..."
August 8, 2009:   "Astronaut" by Ulick O'Connor   "For too long we had watched them fade, the flickering lights..."
August 7, 2009:   "The Reclamation of Paradise" by Stephen Kampa   "The butterflies' abrupt communiqué..."
August 6, 2009:   "The Somnabulist" by L.S. Klatt   "When it happens, you're glad it's not you..."
August 5, 2009:   "Gifts" by Eamon Grennan   "Saphire, emerald, amethyst of..."
August 4, 2009:   "Bartonsville" by Robert Gibb   "Here in the first clear light..."
August 3, 2009:   "Bernal Heights" by Cheryl Dumesnil   "Knit cap rolled down to eyebrows, corduroys..."
August 2, 2009:   "Asleep Then, Despite Color" by Carol Willette Bachofner   "The elusiveness of grass, though we walk on it..."
August 1, 2009:   "Kelp" by Paul Farley   "A puppet forest has gone to wrack..."
July 31, 2009:   "Still as in a Still after Still" by Mary Jo Bang   "How-then-why is charted like a map is a chart..."
July 30, 2009:   "The Sumerians" by James Doyle   "built a suburb of stepped towers..."
July 29, 2009:   "The Velocity of Love" by Kate Gleason   "On the scale we're now talking..."
July 28, 2009:   "Tale" by Anna Lowe   "The book say go. Go feed..."
July 27, 2009:   "Dust" by Deborah Warren   "So what? Even if the whole thing's doomed..."
July 26, 2009:   "Dust" by Ravi Shankar   "Congregated in loops of dirt and hair..."
July 25, 2009:   "Love After Lovely Leaves" by Andrew McCarron   "The problem of pathos must be..."
July 24, 2009:   "Then From Our Green Branch" by Oni Buchanan   "then the "safety net" they held..."
July 23, 2009:   "Bottomlands Tongue" by Doug Ramspeck   "And so the burning of this sun beside the pickerelweeds..."
July 22, 2009:   "Three in a Maze and a Monster (Vertigo)" by Lesley Jenike   "Directed to take in with her eyes the whole..."
July 21, 2009:   "A Personal Matter (1987)" by Lisa Sewell   "The first suggestion comes in sleep..."
July 20, 2009:   "These Gods are Known by the Shapes of Their Teeth" by John M. Anderson   "Spade-tooth, coil and axle-tooth...."
July 19, 2009:   "Eve, Seducing the Apple" by Kathleen Winter   "You extraordinary apple, Consciousness..."
July 18, 2009:   "Power Line" by Arthur Sze   "As light runs along the length of power lines..."
July 17, 2009:   "California" by Jen Denrow   "Forget your life...."
July 16, 2009:   "Mermaid in my Fish Bowl" by Doug Ramspeck   "I would say she was no larger..."
July 15, 2009:   "Anniversary" by Janine Oshiro   "I fashioned an acre, made moderate..."
July 14, 2009:   "[The night was animal]" by Claire Hero   "The night was animal, was owlmaw..."
July 13, 2009:   "Waking" by Mia Nussbaum   "Through pool-light..."
July 12, 2009:   "Wound" by Corinne Wohlford Taff   "If I have loved, it is mostly..."
July 11, 2009:   "Unburdening" by Octavio Quintanilla   "I wait for you in a room..."
July 10, 2009:   "Love Note" by E.G. Burrow   "Clouds crash and boil up..."
July 9, 2009:   "The Fox" by Dean Young   "Remember trying to feed the fox?..."
July 8, 2009:   "Of course, I told the women," by Stacy Kidd   "the river was changeless and could not be wounded..."
July 7, 2009:   "Foot Hounds" by Claudia Burbank   "There are no bad dogs someone says..."
July 6, 2009:   "The House Rhapsody" by John Gallaher   "For the difficulty of dinner tables..."
July 4, 2009:   "Deeply Impersonal" by Bob Hicok   "This is a good way to take life in. The eyes...."
July 3, 2009:   "Millificent" by Emma Trelles   "No one has entered..."
July 2, 2009:   "How to Sleep" by Dorianne Laux   "Let your mountainous forehead..."
July 1, 2009:   "Matryoshka" by Teresa Pfeifer   "No house of self, my little Matryona..."
June 30, 2009:   "Inland Song" by Lesley Wheeler   "In some kind houses the doors..."
June 29, 2009:   "The Euphoria of Peoria" by Dean Young   "Help me please breathe..."
June 28, 2009:   "And the Cantilevered Inference Shall Hold the Day" by Michael Blumenthal   "Things are not as they seem: the innuendo of everything makes..."
June 27, 2009:   "Fracture" by Leslie Adams   "I've seen already how I could hate your thin mouth..."
June 26, 2009:   "After Whitman's 'There Was a Child Went Forth'" by Ralph Salisbury   "The chilling shade and the albino dog..."
June 25, 2009:   "Bats in the Attic" by Chelsea Rathburn   "By day, God how we hated them hanging there..."
June 24, 2009:   "Resurrection Fern" by Sara Johnson   "On ghostly days..."
June 23, 2009:   "Rip Cord" by Jamie Thomas   "If we were meant to jump from airplanes..."
June 22, 2009:   "A Dog in Hanoi" by Joseph Duemer   "Maybe Ngoc Ha is nothing...."
June 21, 2009:   "The Child and the Parent" by Ted Kooser   "A bird's cry cracks  The child has torn off the front of the parent...."
June 20, 2009:   "The Fugitive Kind" by Austin Hummell   "A bird's cry cracks  She wakes in Asia on Sunday, buses..."
June 19, 2009:   "A Great Whirring" by Bruce Snider   "A bird's cry cracks  open the day..."
June 18, 2009:   "It Is Virtually Without Thickness and Has Almost" by Angie Estes   "no weight. If rubbed between forefinger..."
June 17, 2009:   "This is Not About Pears" by Matthew Hittinger   "Cézanne was wrong, or rather correct..."
June 16, 2009:   "The Widdershins Garden" by Olivia Clare   "Blink, the sunglint flies..."
June 15, 2009:   "Diagnosing God" by Michael Meyerhofer   "I wonder what phobia made God..."
June 14, 2009:   "He Tells You About the Dress You Wore" by Debra Nystrom   "Every few years he calls from..."
June 13, 2009:   "Your Own Winnebago" by Sandra Simonds   "There's a volcano in my Alaska, a Paris..."
June 12, 2009:   "Treatment Options" by Bin Ramke   "Inside, the palm and fingers..."
June 11, 2009:   "Idiot Means Good Luck" by James Haug   "Too bad the storm cellar could fit all of us..."
June 10, 2009:   "After All This" by Richard Jackson   "After all this love, after the birds rip like scissors..."
June 9, 2009:   "'A line of hills'" by Donald Revell   "A line of hills..."
June 8, 2009:   "Surrender" by Dorianne Laux   "Supine under branches..."
June 7, 2009:   "Dancers" by Christopher Howell   "The bee drifts from the lily and the lily fronds..."
June 6, 2009:   "New World" by Jim Harrison   "This moment says no to the next...."
June 5, 2009:   "Teaching Mrs. Dalloway I'm Thinking" by Wendy Barker   "How I'd like to buy flowers, how I'd like to place a sterling..."
June 4, 2009:   "First Date with a Dozer" by Victoria Boynton   "D-8, you want me..."
June 3, 2009:   "Rain on the Roof" by Beverley Bie Brahic   "It rains on the roof of the church, fat drops..."
June 2, 2009:   "Questions about Birds" by Billy Collins   "I am going to sit down on a rock near some water..."
June 1, 2009:   "Sasquatch" by Norman Dubie   "I am not a costume..."
May 31, 2009:   "Numbers" by Katharine Coles   "They won't stick. They gleam like brilliantine...."
May 30, 2009:   "The Terrible Poem" by Dara Wier   "Love lives just sit there on the sidelines...."
May 29, 2009:   "Without Us" by Joel Friederich   "What if we'd left enduring..."
May 28, 2009:   "The Match" by Carley Moore   "At the stairs to the top of the volcano..."
May 27, 2009:   "Dig" by Elizabeth Rees   "The prospector hollered Go! and we raised our shovels..."
May 26, 2009:   "asunder" by Craig Arnold   "On the fire escape of your rented room..."
May 25, 2009:   "Moving day" by Bob Hicok   "When it's time, the hotels of Ardmore no longer interesting..."
May 24, 2009:   "What Remains" by Juleta Severson-Baker   "In an undertow of air my skin..."
May 23, 2009:   "Labrador" by Brandi Homan   "I still sleep with one arm..."
May 22, 2009:   "Imperative" by Orlando White   "Break a sentence; use letters for teeth...."
May 21, 2009:   "Apples Are No Longer American. Nor Traffic." by Jennifer Kronovet   "The gnats swarm..."
May 20, 2009:   "Elmina" by David Mills   "'Ghana’s, Gold Coast has now virtually changed ..."
May 19, 2009:   "Animal Planet" by Jim Natal   "This is the hour of hyenas...."
May 18, 2009:   "Cousins" by Debra Nystrom   "Afternoons, Grandma sent us inside..."
May 17, 2009:   "Autumn Thoughts on the East Fork" by Charles Wright   "Daytime is boredom after awhile, I've come to find, and nighttime..."
May 16, 2009:   "A Wave" by Stuart Dybek   "gathers into a towering question..."
May 15, 2009:   "Talking About the Wind" by Katie Peterson   "I hate to say the spring. It's become..."
May 14, 2009:   "Contentment" by Jane Hirshfield   "I had lived on this earth..."
May 13, 2009:   "Thanksgiving" by Andrea Hollander Budy   "Her voice has too much jewelry in it...."
May 12, 2009:   "Storm Catechism" by Kim Addonizio   "The gods are rinsing their just-boiled pasta..."
May 11, 2009:   "Little Apocalypse" by Rachel Zucker   "The most common cause of death is cars...."
May 10, 2009:   "The Loneliness of Dogs" by Tim Mayo   "About spelling the human masters..."
May 9, 2009:   "Yellow Boat" by Kathleen Driskell   "Lifted into dry dock, where the sun..."
May 8, 2009:   "Department of Telescopes" by Joshua Poteat   "It seemed like suffering, or a lesser form of anguish..."
May 7, 2009:   "Duly Noted" by John Gallaher   "Every now and then you've simply got to empty it all out..."
May 6, 2009:   "Horse in Snow" by Pamela Porter   "First, the nail-bitten fencepost..."
May 5, 2009:   "Chicken Little" by Tiffany Atkinson   "So I lift your dress..."
May 4, 2009:   "And the Crow Makes Wing to the Rooky Wood" by Elizabeth Biller Chapman   "Wings of moss, the fabric of this place where..."
May 3, 2009:   "Theory of lost things" by Keetje Kuipers   "Because loneliness and beauty are inseparable, one is often..."
May 2, 2009:   "Preparedness" by Paul Willis   "The earthquake prediction for California..."
May 1, 2009:   "The New World Deli" by Bruce Cohen   "At a cocktail party I met the actual guy who cloned sheep...."
April 30, 2009:   "Cryptozoology" by Sherman Alexie   "I saw a crow, with a row of blue feathers..."
April 29, 2009:   "How We Fail to Envision the Dead" by Phebe Davidson   "We rarely see him looking up..."
April 28, 2009:   "Retrobulbar" by Laurie Clements Lambeth   "as though the lesion somewhere behind the bulb..."
April 27, 2009:   "They Dredge Up Visions" by Jennifer Kronovet   "as if fires were always..."
April 26, 2009:   "It Never Comes Easy" by Robert Parham   "Theft never comes easy...."
April 25, 2009:   "Oppenheimer Maps His Coordinates" by Cynthia Lowen   "After so much time in the desert..."
April 24, 2009:   "Self-Portrait as Zipper" by Courtney Queeney   "I can't escape the parting..."
April 23, 2009:   "Echoing Canto of the Gleaners (Inferno)" by John Kinsella   "Galahs and corellas comb the paddocks..."
April 22, 2009:   "Y at the End of It" by Nancy Eimers   "My neighbor Lee is calling her cat home again..."
April 21, 2009:   "Free Period" by David Yezzi   "Outside study hall..."
April 20, 2009:   "Take Cover" by Angie Estes   "and couvre feu, cover the fire..."
April 19, 2009:   "Sunday Morning" by Kathryn Simmonds   "Since I've stopped praying..."
April 18, 2009:   "Isle Au Haut" by D. Nurkse   "I spent that August in your mind..."
April 17, 2009:   "Sand" by Bruce Bond   "So many grains, so many little tombs..."
April 16, 2009:   "South City" by Randall Mann   "Even the pines are industrial-park green...."
April 15, 2009:   "On Finally Blaming Myself a Little Finally" by Maggie Glover   "My porch upon the cliff, my house upon the mountain..."
April 14, 2009:   "Missed Connections" by Sherman Alexie   "Descending, in our forty-seat airplane..."
April 13, 2009:   "Inseminating the Elephant" by Lucia Perillo   "The zoologists who came from Germany..."
April 12, 2009:   "A Corpse of Vortices" by Tom Holmes   "After they kill me..."
April 11, 2009:   "There Were Horses" by Annie Lighthart   "There were horses in all our days...."
April 10, 2009:   "Elegy for My Sex Life " by Karen Kovacik   "Goodbye, closing credits and kissing..."
April 9, 2009:   "Humans" by Elizabeth Austen   "the day begins in disarray..."
April 8, 2009:   "Shell" by Joan Colby   "Broken conch whitened and drilled with tiny holes..."
April 7, 2009:   "The Crinolines" by Judith Skillman   "In cages readied beside water..."
April 6, 2009:   "The People on the Bus" by Stephen Burt   "We have had our lives...."
April 5, 2009:   "Monday" by Randall Mann   "While you wait for the J train, for work, think..."
April 4, 2009:   "A List of Possibilities in an Uncertain Order" by Jack Ridl   "Lighthouses may well still be useful...."
April 3, 2009:   "A History in Six Couplets" by Idra Novey   "Called a bird, the distant..."
April 2, 2009:   "Iridescent, One Might Say" by Mary Ann Samyn   "I was beautiful at a distance..."
April 1, 2009:   "Scales of Little Wisdom" by Roberto Juarroz (translated by Mary Crow)   "Scales of a little wisdom..."
March 31, 2009:   "Secret Sea" by Nathan Parker   "This morning a child offered me water..."
March 30, 2009:   "Hare" by Joseph Campana   "Hare says Moon but Moon..."
March 29, 2009:   "Mechanics of Early Autumn" by Helena Mesa   "Migrant workers pick late tomatoes..."
March 28, 2009:   "The Cow" by Adam Day   "There I was, snagged in barbed-wire..."
March 27, 2009:   "Idolum Naturae Magnum: A Meditation" by Sandra Meek   "In space rich—Beautiful for its worlds—the immensity..."
March 26, 2009:   "In The Woods" by James Doyle   "The house wriggled gingerbread and cinnamon...."
March 25, 2009:   "The Uses of Things" by Liz Waldner   "When the stove clock hands sprawl..."
March 24, 2009:   "confessions of a teenage drama queen " by D. A. Powell   "I was a male war bride. I was a spy..."
March 23, 2009:   "Larger Than Life" by Michelle Boisseau   "And so it came to pass that the immortal..."
March 22, 2009:   "The Ironer" by Allison Benis White   "Obscene as the taste of blood and the closeness of her tongue..."
March 21, 2009:   "Alcatraz, and Back" by Cody Walker   "All I'm saying is this guy, this showbiz..."
March 20, 2009:   "The Rescue" by Alison Stine   "He brought birds, the man from the rescue..."
March 19, 2009:   "Clouds" by Jason Bredle   "That was the day..."
March 18, 2009:   "How it Started" by Leslie Harrison   "At the point you start throwing pebbles..."
March 17, 2009:   "Threshold" by Kathryn Kirkpatrick   "The jagged trail of pee..." March 16, 2009:   "Return as Black Currant" by Anna Journey   "Because she bleeds dark jelly and French liqueur..."
March 15, 2009:   "The Bull" by Stefi Weisburd   "In the beginning, he enjoyed volume..."
March 14, 2009:   "Wintering" by Kristin Bock   "All night, hemlocks drop their cones on stone steps...."
March 12, 2009:   "Since You've Gone" by Frank Gallimore nbsp; "Let's not decorate it. Someone..."
March 11, 2009:   "Your Picture" by Jean Valentine nbsp; "Brown museum hair, brushed the way they brush it there..."
March 10, 2009:   "Deer Poem" by Dennis Hinrichsen nbsp; "So now the placement of the "I" to the edge of this field: two..."
March 9, 2009:   "Diadem" by Kathy Fagan nbsp; "When the moon assembles the stars on the blue baldachin..."
March 8, 2009:   "Morning and Night" by Richard Lyons   "It will be at least another hour before the sun comes up...."
March 7, 2009:   "Rock Me, Mama" by Erica Dawson   "I-65 has stalled. The spokes..."
March 6, 2009:   "Tornado" by Nancy Cherry   "In Oklahoma, there are windows without houses...."
March 5, 2009:   "Game Night at the Deaf Club" by Frank Gallimore   "Goodbyes flit from their hands as lights go..."
March 4, 2009:   "L’art D’aimer" by Teresa Chuc Dowell   "First are the songs— a composition of whistles..."
March 3, 2009:   "Dear Succubus" by Lee Upton   "Ornery and ancient..."
March 2, 2009:   "Jellyfish" by George David Clark   "The dark sea dreams them...."
March 1, 2009:   "Dropping Names" by Greg Delanty   "To go unnoticed is good, though mostly we forget..."
February 28, 2009:   "One Fish, Two Fish" by Erica Dawson   "Downstairs, dolphins eat minnows, schoolgirls shriek..."
February 27, 2009:   "Intelligent Design" by Richard Cecil   "Before I bought my Code-a-Phone I wondered..."
February 26, 2009:   "Legitimacy Is So Chummy" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "First thing is: everyone presses the room...."
February 25, 2009:   "Evening" by Steve Wilson   "Foolish, to need when there is sky..."
February 24, 2009:   "Self-Portrait with Taxidermy" by Oliver de la Paz   "In my anatomy studies, I expected..."
February 23, 2009:   "Dog Moon" by Dorianne Laux   "The old dog next door won’t stop barking..."
February 22, 2009:   "Personal" by Anthony Walton   "Younger than you..."
February 21, 2009:   "The Pencil" by Billy Collins   "I held the pencil so lightly today..."
February 20, 2009:   "Holidays and Sundays" by David Bottoms   "They'd settle in our living room, cross their legs—three or four uncles..."
February 19, 2009:   "The Battle-Axe" by Melissa Range   "Because not every yeoman can afford..."
February 18, 2009:   "The Natural World" by Peter B. Hyland   "One September the neighbor's terrier found a way..."
February 17, 2009:   "Eurydice & Orpheus" by Mark Irwin   "Long her darkness there, his turning head..."
February 16, 2009:   "Palsy" by Bob Hicok   "Ignoring the obvious is most of manners...."
February 15, 2009:   "Morning on the Moors" by Elizabeth Volpe   "The cow's heavy head swings over the oat grass and thistle..."
February 14, 2009:   "Advance Requiem for a Lovely Couple" by Elton Glaser   "So Beauty's gone under the knife again..."
February 13, 2009:   "Astrologia" by James Grabill   "Earth jerks around the sun, blue Ford Galaxies..."
February 12, 2009:   "Bookends" by Sandra Kohler   "Walking along the river after a month’s..."
February 11, 2009:   "Sense" by Brian Diamond   "It takes 4¢ to make a penny..."
February 10, 2009:   "Night's Song" by Inès Pujos   "The night cuts you open as you sit her..."
February 9, 2009:   "The God of the Normandy Coast" by James Doyle   "When the God of the Normandy Coast..."
February 8, 2009:   "Sunday at the Boat Building School" by C. E. Perry   "When a garden of amputees feels..."
February 7, 2009:   "Deathmatch Mode" by Steven D. Schroeder   "First Ty killed Jay, killed Jack, killed Rick...."
February 6, 2009:   "The Gulf" by Jericho Brown   "Seaweed chokes the sand..."
February 5, 2009:   "Scullery" by Sarah J. Sloat   "The mop makes a dismal instrument...."
February 4, 2009:   "A Poem for David Schubert" by Sandra Simonds   "Went to the valley and it was green went to the valley..."
February 3, 2009:   "Hopkins Palindrome" by Aaron Belz   "I caught this..."
February 2, 2009:   "Rabbit" by Ron Padgett   "It's hard to understand what..."
February 1, 2009:   "Dailiness" by Robin Chapman   "It is the birds..."
January 31, 2009:   "Pixels" by Dick Allen   "Each small thing he examines, every microdot..."
January 30, 2009:   "Canterbury Tale" by William Greenway   "The flowers she buys at the grocery..."
January 29, 2009:   "The Park in Winter " by Stacy Kidd   "Poor little pigeon parked on a park bench..."
January 28, 2009:   "Inclement Shades of Weather" by Cynthia Atkins   "As if with intention, the rain navigates..."
January 27, 2009:   "The Storm" by Jennifer Moss   "Where one mind stops..."
January 26, 2009:   "Double Down" by Kary Wayson   "I try to make a poem in order to be smart..."
January 25, 2009:   "Il pleut" by Chris Glomski   "The sentence begins the sentence began by thinking..."
January 24, 2009:   "The Blue Grotto" by Monica Ferrell   "Somewhere in this world I will understand..."
January 23, 2009:   "What We're up Against" by John Gallaher   "On the way home from the funeral..."
January 22, 2009:   "Memory is a Disease of Animals" by Marc McKee   "This is the shirt you wore..."
January 21, 2009:   "Getaway" by Clay Matthews   "I was not so keen as the others on the sing-a-long..."
January 20, 2009:   "Nest" by Katy Didden   "Yellow bill, deft needle..."
January 19, 2009:   "Altered Beast" by Lucia Perillo   "You were a man and I used to be a woman..."
January 18, 2009:   "Ovid in Exile" by John Hart   "The cat whines in the kitchen..."
January 17, 2009:   "Possum Nocturne" by Doug Ramspeck   "The boy found a possum skull..."
January 16, 2009:   "The Platypus Speaks" by Sandra Beasley   "As far as the duck-billed platypus goes..."
January 15, 2009:   "Theology" by K. A. Hays   "The sea, for now, is a blue swag..."
January 14, 2009:   "Post-op, Medical Humanities" by Sandra McPherson   "Compared to my husband's kiss..."
January 13, 2009:   "Bees" by Cathryn Essinger   "Some worship the sun..."
January 12, 2009:   "Gamophobia" by Patrick Ryan Frank   "It's just that each of us is engaged already..."
January 11, 2009:   "Lake Powell, AZ" by Ian Harris   "From the canyon rim..."
January 10, 2009:   "So Perky" by Ken Rumble   "Tendency skip rock plate techniques..."
January 9, 2009:   "Go On, Sure, Why Not" by Gail Wronsky   "My beloved black bamboo seems wrong..."
January 8, 2009:   "Psalm against a Rapture" by K. A. Hays   "The monks are on a pilgrimage, swinging uphill..."
January 7, 2009:   "In the hospital parking lot" by Marianne Boruch   "In the hospital parking lot..."
January 6, 2009:   "Ontology and the Platypus" by Kathy Fagan   "So which mammalian fuck-up list produced..."
January 5, 2009:   "Brian's Brain" by William D. Waltz   "Science insists and how..."
January 4, 2009 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Natural Enemies" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "all day the owl is dreaming of a crow, dreaming..."
January 3, 2009 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Skin" by Alex Lemon   "Because the rain did not stop humming..."
January 2, 2009 (A 2008 Favorite):   "August" by William Kloefkorn   "I am not old but old enough to believe..."
January 1, 2009 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Knowing No Better" by Nance Van Winckel   "In the course of one night..."
December 31, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Is that robin's-egg blue?, or A Poet Answers Her Critics" by Mary Ann Samyn   "—Some want a guiding principle, narrative pick-me-up...."
December 30, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Today They Will Show Me the Homunculus" by Dean Young   "I knew it was on the other side of the door..."
December 29, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Bicycling from Todtnauberg" by Suzanne Zweizig   "Minnows : silverfish : other gray skimming...."
December 28, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Psalm of Snow" by Tony Barnstone   "I had forgotten how to say yes. That's the trick of heartbreak...."
December 27, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Oh Grow Up" by Dora Malech   "First thing's first aid and off-track..."
December 26, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Goat" by C.J. Sage   "Hoofed culler of things ignored..."
December 25, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "The Sand Speaks" by Sandra Beasley   "I'm fluid and omnivorous, casual in..."
December 24, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Lifting whither" by Karen Volkman   "Lifting whither, cycle of the sift..."
December 23, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Spanish Fruit Bomb" by Mary Ruefle   "My literary inclinations..."
December 22, 2008 (A 2008 Favorite):   "Deer in the Apples" by Joan Murray   "A horde of apples lying in the cleft between the trees..."
December 21, 2008:   "Maximillian Sunflowers" by Brett DeFries   "As for us, we bend and know the pull of sun..."
December 20, 2008:   "Hear" by Joseph Massey   "The field / throb. Early..."
December 19, 2008:   "The Dead" by Fleda Brown   "The dead are disorderly. If they rot, worms..."
December 18, 2008:   "Barter" by Michael Chitwood   "We invented money..."
December 17, 2008:   "First Defense" by Megan Gannon   "Suddenly everything..."
December 16, 2008:   "Portrait of Hooper as a Drama Minor Pulling an All-nighter for the Finance Exam" by Charles Sweetman   "Return on Investment (ROI) tests management’s efficiency...."
December 15, 2008:   "Tell it Slant" by Sally Bliumis-Dunn   "Have to sail at an angle..."
December 14, 2008:   "Return" by Rachel Moritz   "Made of all the structures in my life..."
December 13, 2008:   "Nothing is Haunted" by Sandy Longhorn   "in quite the way small Midwestern farms..."
December 12, 2008:   "When Worlds Collide (1951)" by Maggie Smith   "If Dr. Bronson's calculations prove to be correct..."
December 11, 2008:   "Attack Attack" by Marc McKee   "The imperfect products of the nation-state..."
December 10, 2008:   "Metronome" by Sally Van Doren   "I hit normal, but it turns out..."
December 9, 2008:   "How We Didn't Tell Her" by Sandra M. Gilbert   "that the housekeeper said that..."
December 8, 2008:   ": Shadow : Dwelling : " by Jessica Goodfellow   "Dwelling in a foreign land. Time is the only familiar..."
December 7, 2008:   "Elegy for Robert Creeley and Pope John Paul II, Dead Three Days Apart" by Tom C. Hunley   "Something dramatic is going to happen to me soon...."
December 6, 2008:   "An Animal" by Katy Lederer   "Black, derogatory...."
December 5, 2008:   "The Tulip Thief, Mi Amor" by Suzanne Frischkorn   "At first it was an ember; its glow I nursed..."
December 4, 2008:   "Spoke" by Erin Malone   "For every language, a landscape: Park..."
December 3, 2008:   "A World of Rights and Wrongs" by Jason Tandon   "Afraid of white lies..."
December 2, 2008:   "Bathing in the Burned House" by Karen Rigby   "The house shimmers..."
December 1, 2008:   "To the Family of the Man We Ate 130 Years Ago" by Sharon Dolin   "We are sorry, but when your kinsman, the reverend..."
November 30, 2008:   "Winter Sea" by Jacqueline Marcus   "You wake up to the deepening light through the window..."
November 29, 2008:   "Earth" by Wendy Drexler   "Forgive me if I feel a little shaky...."
November 28, 2008:   "For All Anyone Knows" by Susan Meyers   "The wasps congregating on the wind chimes, late August..."
November 27, 2008:   "August" by William Kloefkorn   "I am not old but old enough to believe..."
November 26, 2008:   "Lucifer's Beginning Poetry Workshop" by Philip Memmer   "Lucifer loves the beginners...."
November 25, 2008:   "Black Crosses" by T. Zachary Cotler   "What about him, who stayed..."
November 24, 2008:   "July" by C.J. Sage   "I was wondering dollars half-hearted..."
November 23, 2008:   "The Blackmailer's Wife Reads History and Considers the Nature of Guilt" by Judy Brown   "After the Bourbons returned, people claimed they saw..."
November 22, 2008:   "Daphne" by Emma Jones   "And if I was changed, what was the difference?..."
November 21, 2008:   "Approaching Thunder" by Amaud Jamaul Johnson   "Let's assume about the body..."
November 20, 2008:   "Patterns" by Theodore Worozbyt   "Just now where the scar nearly touches your hair a red siren..."
November 19, 2008:   "Guess Work" by Christopher Buckley   "A poet is as old as what he sees..."
November 18, 2008:   "When I Was the Muse" by Kate Daniels   "When the painter said, OK, you guys..."
November 17, 2008:   "Dog & Father" by Sam Pereira   "The dog barked that year..."
November 16, 2008:   "What Kind of an Animal Would Do That" by Laurie Blauner   "There's blood everywhere and a throat full of rabbits. Intent is what happens..."
November 15, 2008:   "The Voice of The Insomniac " by Blanca Castellón, translated by J. P. Dancing Bear   "is a fragment of hell that sometimes occurs during nights of insomnia. In ...."
November 14, 2008:   "Franklin. Swimming." by Mike Smith   "Out back the grapes are overripe and falling...."
November 13, 2008:   from "All the Purple Deer" by Christopher Shipman   "I have loved you for a thousand years..."
November 12, 2008:   "Andalusia" by Matthew Rohrer   "Andalusia—the wavy..."
November 11, 2008:   "Every Will Builds Itself a Satellite" by Chris Tonelli   "It's hard for Gravitron to remember exactly when it all stopped being so..."
November 10, 2008:   "Curtains" by Sarah J. Sloat   "For weeks I have been waking up..."
November 9, 2008:   "Free Bible in Your Own Language" by Heather Kirn   "Call me doubting Tom, but have you heard..."
November 8, 2008:   "Flares" by Simmons B. Buntin   "South of Arizona 86, we slow at a sudden..."
November 7, 2008:   "Governing Bodies" by Tim Lockridge   "There's a rash of harlequin romance written..."
November 6, 2008:   "Dear Jealousy" by Ellen Andolsek   "I know I said I hated you..."
November 5, 2008:   "World Hypothesis" by Jennifer Militello   "The geese again...."
November 4, 2008:   "We Are Taking the Trees" by Sarah Wolfson   "Grab that large picnic cloth. Gingham unfurled..."
November 3, 2008:   "Freud's Container" by Terese Svoboda   "I'm always boarding..."
November 2, 2008:   "Common Loon" by Daniel Wolff   "Mindless, the tide insists that the body..."
November 1, 2008:   "Spanish Fruit Bomb" by Mary Ruefle   "My literary inclinations..."
October 31, 2008:   "The Sunset District" by Sarah V. Schweig   "Meet me in the Sunset District, out by the shoreline..."
October 30, 2008:   "Red" by Allan Petterson   "Such a red is extreme in these precincts..."
October 29, 2008:   "My Heart to Fear" by Heather McHugh   "It's an illness in her, they think, seeing me kneel..."
October 28, 2008:   "The Return" by Kate Lim   "Ghostly lemurs..."
October 27, 2008:   "A Last Poem" by Camasin Middour   "Dear, there's not much more I can do..."
October 26, 2008:   "Inchadoney" by Dave Lordan   "I have run my heart down..."
October 25, 2008:   "Chinese Box" by Carmen Germain   "All night I climb in dream rubble..."
October 24, 2008:   "The Laughing Thrush" by W.S. Merwin   "O nameless joy of the morning..."
October 23, 2008:   "Bad Blood" by Diann Blakely   "A woman stares, wild-eyed from the terror known only when death..."
October 21, 2008:   "Invocation" by Erin Malone   "O potato, freckled-in-rows-of-four-where-pierced..."
October 20, 2008:   "My Sister Is A Flight Of Birds" by Michael Daley   "I’m standing on ice, a flight of geese..."
October 19, 2008:   "Jacket" by Caryl Pagel   "He bites a tape-measure between his teeth..."
October 18, 2008:   "Baseball" by Deborah Burnham   "I love your hands when we talk baseball, how..."
October 17, 2008:   "The Sparrow And The Moth" by Damon McLaughlin   "Perhaps a small wind..."
October 16, 2008:   "The Possibilities for Wings" by Gary Fincke   "How often have the customs of strangers..."
October 15, 2008:   "Octopus" by Nancy Pagh   "Some men are beautifully..."
October 14, 2008:   "Nothing to It" by Chris Forhan   "My mind a lake of milk: a lack..."
October 13, 2008:   "Over a Ballpoint" by Allan Peterson   "They are afraid they said..."
October 12, 2008:   "No" by Joumana Haddad   "I see you in daylight, an impossible moon..."
October 11, 2008:   "The Pause in the Plummet for Prayer" by Gary Fincke   "They'd plunged thousands of feet, crash-certain, and now..."
October 10, 2008:   "The Feeding" by Michelle Bitting   "It was about love. It was about survival...."
October 9, 2008:   "The Emperor's Wife" by Laurie Blauner   "Belief is everything. Yet I can't describe..."
October 8, 2008:   "Letter to Beowulf" by Paul J. Willis   "Sleeping under that pine tree the other night..."
October 7, 2008:   "Before it Was a Business" by Justin Courter   "Hey you disastrous sasquatch—watch where the hell you're..."
October 6, 2008:   "Blue Car" by Natt Pritts   "That blue car you drive just passed by..."
October 5, 2008:   "Progress" by Carrie Fountain   "Before they paved the streets of Mesilla..."
October 4, 2008:   "Woven and Sewn" by Nancy White   "You are no virgin, listen. You must stop here...."
October 3, 2008:   Dante's The Inferno "Canto I" by Dante Alighieri, translated by Mary Jo Bang   "Stopped mid-motion in the middle..."
October 2, 2008:   "Goat" by C. J. Sage   "Hoofed culler of things ignored..."
October 1, 2008:   "Oriole" by Paula Bohince   "Consider three orioles..."
September 30, 2008:   "The Sand Speaks" by Sandra Beasley   "I'm fluid and omnivorous, casual in..."
September 29, 2008:   "An Explanation" by Albert Goldbarth   "I wanted to say..."
September 28, 2008:   "Morning Edition" by Andrzej Sosnowski, translated by Benjamin Paloff   "Garrulous mornings, dynamic..."
September 27, 2008:   "Afterlife" by Paul Hunter   "Sown in their jostling millions..."
September 26, 2008:   "Sunday" by Lawrence Raab   "Once there was music that could tear..."
September 25, 2008:   "Memory of Soil" by Eleanor Payntor   "The new tenants change a few things...."
September 24, 2008:   "My Lives" by Al Maginnes   "In one I was a dog, reason enough..."
September 23, 2008:   "The Huntsman's Resumé" by Angela Vogel   "Oh, I'm ready for the chase. The green pelts, the headless acorns...."
September 22, 2008:   "Popular Science" by Steve Davenport   "Whatever construction we put on..."
September 21, 2008:   "Ever After" by Lucretius, translated by Dennis O'Driscoll   "Whatever construction we put on..."
September 20, 2008:   from "The Dance of Atoms" by Lucretius, translated by A. E. Stallings   "Unfamiliar with the logic of the physical world..."
September 19, 2008:   "Undoing" by James Cihlar   "Unfamiliar with the logic of the physical world..."
September 18, 2008:   "Love Song" by Kimberly Johnson   "Stay, adder, startled from the spikenard..."
September 17, 2008:   "Birthday's Profile" by Daneen Wardrop   "Sometimes my shadow is attached a little crooked..."
September 16, 2008:   "On the Abduction of Calvin Klein's Daughter Marci: A Captor's Narrative" by Robyn Schiff   "Eternity, Escape, and Obsession fly the same neutral flag..."
September 15, 2008:   "For Want of a Wife" by Barbara Schweitzer   "He’ll become no geography, float free..."
September 14, 2008:   "Big Moon Over the Neighborhood" by David Bruzina   "The herd is strong in me. It steers me when I think...."
September 13, 2008:   "Difficult Speech: Welcome" by Molly Tenenbaum   "Come all you periwinkles and brilliantines..."
September 12, 2008:   "For the Night People" by Muriel Nelson   "A little celebration..."
September 11, 2008:   "Young John Clare" by Michael Waters   "Not often do I find a nest fallen..."
September 10, 2008:   "At the Jumps" by Laura McCullough   "Boys bury the junk of the town..."
September 9, 2008:   "Ventouse Sous Verre" by Nicky Beer   "Those empty, aubergine-edged saucers, her best..."
September 8, 2008:   "The Guidance Counselor to the Girl" by Catherine Pierce   "The test suggests an aptitude for solitary work..."
September 7, 2008:   "Narcissus" by Brian Brodeur   "Each day his body, tangled in ferns and larkspur..."
September 6, 2008:   "Deer in the Apples" by Joan Murray   "A horde of apples lying in the cleft between the trees..."
September 5, 2008:   "Special Ed Girl" by Deborah Bogen   "Remembering was hoisting into sight..."
September 4, 2008:   "The Poem You Hang on Your Wall Like a Painting Because It Does Something Different Each Time the Light" by Timothy Kelly   "I thought that once, near the end..."
September 3, 2008:   "Word for Word" by Nance Van Winckel   "Halfway into the book..."
September 2, 2008:   "Formation" by Eavan Boland   "The boredom of the spring afternoon...."
September 1, 2008:   "Airplanes" by Katharine Whitcomb   "especially circling a city before landing at night..."
August 31, 2008:   "Bones" by John Godfrey   "Listen to voices in my fingertips..."
August 30, 2008:   "How to Do It" by Paul Gibbons   "Know what a mule..."
August 29, 2008:   "A Convincing Story" by Beth Bretl   "They will say my husband was..."
August 28, 2008:   "Siren Song for Late September" by Alice Friman   "A woman walks the trails at night..."
August 27, 2008:   "Scavengers" by Fleda Brown   "They're out there rattling their trailers..."
August 26, 2008:   "Settle" by Chanda Feldman   "We were in a place we rarely go..."
August 25, 2008:   "rosette" by Carina Gia Farrero   "surely we are..."
August 24, 2008:   "Prelude" by Mark Granier   "I wake to find a grey day waiting...."
August 23, 2008:   "Descartes, Nightmare" by Susan McCabe   "Robed in pink, snapping his picture-machine..."
August 22, 2008:   "Poem" by Nico Alvarado-Greenwood   "So many people I love having become..."
August 21, 2008:   "Natural Enemies" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "all day the owl is dreaming of a crow, dreaming..."
August 20, 2008:   "If They Don't Have Ritalin in Heaven," by Roy Jacobstein   "I guess I'll be up there with all of them..."
August 19, 2008:   "Speedy Inexpensive Chaos Theory Poem About Short Term Memory Loss" by Peggy Munson   "This is the intellectual property of an iconoclast...."
August 18, 2008:   "The Ghost Town" by John Poch   "It need not be a desiccated wreck..."
August 17, 2008:   "Virtual Death" by Joseph Harrison   "Let's not pretend we don't know how he felt..."
August 16, 2008:   "For Her Waking" by Tom Holmes   "Down the canal they arrive..."
August 15, 2008:   "'Night, the Astonishing...'" by Jeff Gundy   "One star only, and all the trees looming, not my enemies..."
August 14, 2008:   "Onstage" by David Wagoner   "I took a director to a waterfall..."
August 13, 2008:   "The Injured Thumb" by Alberto Ríos   "He hurt his thumb as he was cleaning..."
August 12, 2008:   "Late Valentines" by Derick Burleson   "My darling I have imagined you dead..."
August 11, 2008:   "An Old Story" by Richard Hoffman   "A few days after my mother died..."
August 10, 2008:   "What Miss Plath Doesn't Tell the Doctor" by C. E. Perry   "My wounds are turning..."
August 9, 2008:   "The Lawnmower People" by Edward Michael O'Durr Supranowicz   "Make whirring sounds..."
August 8, 2008:   "Smithereens" by L. S. Klatt   "The treetop, at 9.86 meters per second squared..."
August 7, 2008:   "India Rubber Man's Credo" by Tony Barnstone   "The softest creature in the world is hard..."
August 6, 2008:   "Diorama with a 20-Watt Bulb Inside" by John Isles   "Child hunkered down in grass..."
August 5, 2008:   "The Eroticised World" by Timothy Kelly   "We passed, on the wetlands boardwalk..."
August 4, 2008:   "Elegy for the Builder's Wife" by Nick Courtright   "Slow build, houses where thousands live..."
August 3, 2008:   "For a Senior Killed on Prom Night" by Gail White   "It's useless to pretend you would have been..."
August 2, 2008:   "Sunset Knoll" by George Bilgere   "When the smoking hot barrista..."
August 1, 2008:   "1992 (Nachtlied)" by Lizzie Hutton   "And then sex sometimes felt like a clenched horse refusing...."
July 31, 2008:   "A Cure for Dead Dogs" by Craig Morgan Teicher   "As if time were a cure. As if all things..."
July 30, 2008:   "Trajectory" by Laurie Blauner   "I waited to leave the leg..."
July 29, 2008:   "Jacob's Ladder" by Dan Bellm   "The young man and woman waiting for the trolley..."
July 28, 2008:   "Captain America" by Matt Hart   "Your makeover begins..."
July 27, 2008:   "Mermaid" by Moniza Alvi   "About human love..."
July 26, 2008:   "Fire" by Edip Caserver, translated by Richard Tillinghast and Julia Clare Tillinghast   "If you go outside, watch out! Don't encounter flowers...."
July 25, 2008:   "Man in a Fox Suit" and "Fox in a Man Suit" by Michael Symmons Roberts   "Thin red hide, flea-ridden, caked..."
July 24, 2008:   "Tuning Fork" by Bruce Bond   "Lynchpin of the singing wheel..."
July 23, 2008:   "Jubilee" by Kimberly Johnson   "No seduction in the hothouse, its aisles..."
July 22, 2008:   "Bicycling from Todtnauberg" by Suzanne Zweizig   "Minnows : silverfish : other gray skimming..."
July 21, 2008:   "(detail)" by Billy Collins   "It was getting late in the year..."
July 20, 2008:   "The Möbius Strip of Grief" by Ruth Stone   "When I went into the room where you waited..."
July 19, 2008:   "Star in Daylight" by William O'Daly   "O sun full of fingernails..."
July 18, 2008:   "The Heart That Lies Outside the Body" by Stephanie Lenox   "I know people want to touch it..."
July 17, 2008:   "Almost Impervious" by Nance Van Winckel   "From across the river a last dream..."
July 16, 2008:   "Psalm of Snow" by Tony Barnstone   "I had forgotten how to say yes. That's the trick of heartbreak...."
July 15, 2008:   "Skin On Skin Off Skin On Skin Off" by Alex Lemon   "It was a snake-eyed night and we were doomed..."
July 14, 2008:   "The Cow" by Knute Skinner   "There’s a white cow standing upon the hill..."
July 13, 2008:   "On the Water" by Robley Wilson   "How remote everything is..."
July 12, 2008:   "Turnstile" by Elaine Sexton   "I carry the prints of a hundred thousand..."
July 11, 2008:   "Cicatrice" by Patrick Chapman   "You did not see mine, on the first night we met...."
July 10, 2008:   "A Certain Swirl" by Mary Ruefle   "The classroom was dark, all the desks were empty..."
July 9, 2008:   "Chagall Takes a Prisoner" by Mark Yakich   "Morning breaches a flying horse...."
July 8, 2008:   "Hope, As The World Is A Scorpion Fish" by Liz Robbins   "On the near-island of Rovinj..."
July 7, 2008:   "Beneath the Bridge" by Adam Clay   "The dead shepherd. The little river. The fields...."
July 6, 2008:   "At The Gym" by Mark Doty   "This salt-stain spot..."
July 5, 2008:   "Jerusalem" by Austin Hummell   "Was a time when just west of there..."
July 4, 2008:   "Cantilevered Bedtime Story" by Deborah Bogen   "Wallpaper farm, the girl..."
July 3, 2008:   "Vortex: The Super-Sized Supermarket" by Matthew Guenette   "...I've been elbowed in the ribs, made to ask..."
July 2, 2008:   "In a time of biblical references" by Bob Hicok   "I've fallen behind. I have in fact..."
July 1, 2008:   "Snow" by Mary Ruefle   "Every time it starts to snow, I would like to have..."
June 30, 2008:   "Starlit" by G. E. Patterson   "Oh my people how quickly tears fill bowls..."
June 29, 2008:   "Between Us" by Juleta Severson-Baker   "Bees in our bed..."
June 28, 2008:   "Cortes Island B.C." by Sandra Savage   "The sun lounges on the mountain crest, today..."
June 27, 2008:   "A Poem About Monkeys" by Corey Mesler   "How they're noisy, how..."
June 26, 2008:   "Scar" by Bruce Bond   "What is it you forget in your vigil..."
June 25, 2008:   "Apeman" by Nate Pritts   "All the normally tectonic hunks of cloud, white..."
June 24, 2008:   "'This is Funny'" by Catherine Pierce   "Not the whiskey, though that, too..."
June 23, 2008:   "Blue" by Ed Madden   "A coy moon glows beyond..."
June 22, 2008:   "The Pomegranate" by Martha Serpas   "On the tray is a pomegranate and..."
June 21, 2008:   "Licorice" by Daniel Hales   "If it's been over ten years since you last tried..."
June 20, 2008:   "Fresh Rose" by W.S. Merwin   "Fresh rose, fresh rose..."
June 19, 2008:   "Some Coin" by C.J. Sage   "Inside, she was hendecagonic...."
June 18, 2008:   "from Lights Strung Lights" by Alex Lemon   "What bangs against the body while neon I sleep..."
June 17, 2008:   "The Geese" by Lisa Russ Spaar   "Just as God is not my sorrow..."
June 16, 2008:   "Civic" by Anthony Lacavaro   "A funny-looking man, so much smarter..."
June 15, 2008:   "The End" by Victoria Chang   "The end of ambition..."
June 14, 2008:   "Morality" by Susie Meserve   "Gently, now, for we begin in earnest...."
June 13, 2008:   "If You Step Off Now" by Dana Roeser   "Waking from her nest..."
June 12, 2008:   "The Rescue" by Wayne Miller   "All our debris above the sunken ship..."
June 11, 2008:   "Solution" by Rae Armantrout   "A solution is found..."
June 10, 2008:   "First Date, and Still Very, Very Lonely" by Brenda Shaughnessy   "A pleasant, leather poison..."
June 9, 2008:   "Cine S-a Fript Cu Ciorba, Suflã şi-n Iaurt" by John W. Evans   "We reverse the spell in inches..."
June 8, 2008:   "Even the Dead Do It" by Sue Owen   "Feel regret about the one..."
June 7, 2008:   "Oh Grow Up" by Dora Malech   "First thing's first aid and off-track..."
June 6, 2008:   "What She Thought" by Jennifer Clarvoe   "But if this is an idea of truth as inclusive..."
June 5, 2008:   "I Wanted More Than I Could Steal" by Michael Robins   "Instead the opening, the end, the tunnel..."
June 4, 2008:   "Over The Hedge" by Dorianne Laux   "We labor in the backyard, weeding..."
June 3, 2008:   "Is that robin's-egg blue?, or A Poet Answers Her Critics" by Mary Ann Samyn   "—Some want a guiding principle, narrative pick-me-up...."
June 2, 2008:   "Pterodactyls at Work" by Adam O. Davis   "It was an era of strange hope. Back-broken, blistered..."
May 31, 2008:   "Apprehension in the Blurry Trees" by Cameron Thomas   "Fallen, what can a leaf care about being plucked from its..."
May 30, 2008:   "Chris McCreary" by Chris McCreary   "He was wandering amid obscene..."
May 29, 2008:   "A Song in There" by Betsy Sholl   "To stave off trouble, the old bluesmen are singing..."
May 28, 2008:   "I Wanted More Than I Could Steal" by Michael Robins   "Instead the opening, the end, the tunnel..."
May 27, 2008:   "Apostrophe to What's Still Here" by Christine Marshall   "Three brilliant pinpricks..."
May 26, 2008:   "Death by Wind" by Gerald Stern   "As for those who face their death by wind..."
May 25, 2008:   "The Party by the Lake" by Kevin Prufer   "Such a time we had at the lake those days..."
May 24, 2008:   "Dusk at St. Marks, As Seen From Dunkin Donuts" by Dylan Willoughby   "The spire silhouettes a fire..."
May 23, 2008:   "Sky Harbor" by Norman Dubie   "The flock of pigeons rises over the roof..."
May 22, 2008:   "[I Saw My Face on the Dull Head]" by Adam Clay   "I saw my face on the dull head..."
May 21, 2008:   "What is Coming" by Sandra Kohler   "What is is coming. Light behind light, presence..."
May 20, 2008:   "Open Field" by Phillis Levin   "Forget the comma, the crow said, darting..."
May 19, 2008:   "Saint of Perpetual Sorrow" by James Meetze   "Call me a spent orange in the dirt, a primer-gray birdhouse in the tree..."
May 18, 2008:   "Bee Purple" by Floyd Skloot   "Deep in a montane forest two bees flit..."
May 17, 2008:   "Late Husband" by Doug Ramspeck   "In her dreams, then, she imagined him as feverish...." May 16, 2008:   "Theories of Falling" by Sandra Beasley   "After years of research, I can only guarantee..."
May 15, 2008:   "A wedding night" by Bob Hicok   "A groom goes out with a pillow to where the sheep..."
May 14, 2008:   "Lost in the Heart of the Concert" by Pattiann Rogers   "I thread through the assembly..."
May 13, 2008:   "Anniversary" by Cecilia Woloch   "Didn’t I stand there once..."
May 12, 2008:   "My Sea Legs" by Danielle Pafunda   "From then on, Zorba called me 'Princess of Quite-a-Lot'...."
May 11, 2008:   "Midden" by Brendan Galvin   "My shovel rang against this pile..."
May 10, 2008:   "Tremble" by Marc McKee   "I am mystified by the fingerprints I have left..."
May 9, 2008:   "Folk Art" by Sarah J. Sloat   "Naïve, you called me, posh..."
May 8, 2008:   "Will" by Bruce Bond   "To the locusts that blur the lyres of their shells..."
May 7, 2008:   "Turning Back" by Dan Albergotti   "We turn back, always bowing to that urge..."
May 6, 2008:   "Lifting whither" by Karen Volkman   "Lifting whither, cycle of the sift..."
May 5, 2008:   "Obey Gravity" by Cynthia Arrieu-King & Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis   "A turnip puts a leg down in the earth..."
May 4, 2008:   "Deathsong" by Stephen Berg   "Punch your fist mind of a fist through this black wall al-..."
May 3, 2008:   "Things That Bend" by Leslie St. John   "The inch worm in the window sill, curling...."
May 2, 2008:   "Nostalgeurysm" by John Thomas   "Sick of gilding these childhood vignettes...."
May 1, 2008:   "In Support of Corporate Farms" by Cody Lumpkin   "Stalin scythed wheat in Russian Georgia, Mao waddled knee..."
April 30, 2008:   "Elegy" by Jett McAlister   "To begin with, the house by the water. Which would be..."
April 28, 2008:   "Preemptive Elegy" by Paul Guest   "Another future I don't want to believe in..."
April 27, 2008:   "The Cetacean Society" by Noelle Kocot   "The cetacean society was lucky..."
April 26, 2008:   "Kingdom Come At Once" by Travis Brown   "Once it's in..."
April 25, 2008:   "Baby Epic" by Tanya Larkin   "Gird your mysterious loins, I am trying to think..."
April 24, 2008:   "An Ode to Drunkenness and Other Criminal Activities" by Rebecca Loudon   "How much easier it would have been if you had simply..."
April 23, 2008:   "Knowing No Better" by Nance Van Winckel   "In the course of one night..."
April 22, 2008:   "The Welcoming" by Beth Ann Fennelly   "Distance was the house from which I welcomed you...."
April 21, 2008:   "The First Chakra" by Eric Schwerer   "What is this tumbling, tumbling: the first chakra...."
April 20, 2008:   "Coal Seam Fire" by Steven D. Schroeder   "The kobolds in the coal..."
April 19, 2008:   "From a Dead Fox In a Suburban Backyard" by Robert Pesich   "Do not forget..."
April 18, 2008:   "Bends" by Ron Paul Salutsky   "I'm always wrong, in fact..."
April 17, 2008:   "The Music in Her" by Richard Jordan   "Mother says her femurs dream inside..."
April 16, 2008:   "Elegy for Tim Buckley" by Bruce Bond   "Scat singing for the sleep deprived..."
April 15, 2008:   "Schrödinger Reincarnated" by Dana Curtis   "The dumpster child grows up, becomes..."
April 14, 2008:   "Dancing In My Room Alone" by Brenda Shaughnessy   "I could be an eel in whirled stillwaters..."
April 13, 2008:   "The Hierophant Of Hartford" by Kurt Brown   "Never has a noble vocabulary been loved so much..."
April 12, 2008:   "Scheherazade" by Susan Elbe   "Another night washes up at my feet..."
April 11, 2008:   "First Counter-clockwise Canto of the Möbius Strip" by John Kinsella   " Some days the attraction of outdoors is so overwhelming..."
April 10, 2008:   "Orchid Anatomy" by Claudia Emerson   "This evening's study the anatomy of the orchid..."
April 9, 2008:   "Quail" by Paul Muldoon   "Forty years in the wilderness..."
April 8, 2008:   "Christina Aguilera has a blue" by Matthew Guenette   "Christina Aguilera has a blue..."
April 7, 2008:   "Twilight Box" by Jason Bredle   "From one lemur to a city of many other lemurs..."
April 6, 2008:   "Please Advise Stop" by Rusty Morrison   "with practice a memory like a voice can be thrown into any unsuspecting object stop..."
April 5, 2008:   "Water Study" by Myronn Hardy   "Boats mean we exist...."
April 4, 2008:   "The Hunter and the Figs" by Gaylord Brewer   "Victimizing a final slice of fig tart..."
April 3, 2008:   "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" by Joseph Lease   "It's a pretty light, you know. The way anyone leans..."
April 2, 2008:   "The Book of Sleep" by Eleanor Stanford   "In the kitchen, you lay down your crowbar..."
April 1, 2008:   "Self-Portrait as Future Third Person" by D. Antwan Stewart   "His face becomes mammal-skin..."
March 31, 2008:   "Ostriches" by C.J. Sage   "When my father held his head from the sand for a time..."
March 30, 2008:   "Eternia" by Clay Matthews   "Jimmy, I'm lonesome sometimes again. In the mirror..."
March 29, 2008:   "Family Portrait" by James Allen Hall   "If I could turn the photograph, bring my mother's face..."
March 28, 2008:   "Magic Turns to Math and Back" by Brenda Shaughnessy   "If time were tellable, we wouldn't keep asking...."
March 27, 2008:   "The Weight of Paper" by Dan Kaplan   "Preoccupation with bureaucracy..."
March 26, 2008:   "Agnostic Radio" by Karl Elder   "Agnostic Radio. Maybe there could..."
March 25, 2008:   "Dress Pattern with an Interior" by Caroline Knox   "I will be assembled out of..."
March 24, 2008:   "Daphne" by Barbara Helfgott Hyett   "What then this milking, what then..."
March 23, 2008:   "Ars Poetica" by Bryan D. Dietrich   "Start with the darkest corner of what was..."
March 22, 2008:   "Island Remnant" by Endi Bogue Hartigan   "I carved a miniature horse out of wax. The wax was meant to coat a surfboard..."
March 21, 2008:   "Penelope" by Michele Newcomb   "When October rain and the hissing..."
March 20, 2008:   "Grafton" by D. Nurkse   "Hardly had I died..."
March 19, 2008:   "Dahlias" by Robert McNamara   "They arrive on my desk, a clear demonstrative bunch..."
March 18, 2008:   "Gloucester" by Ann Snodgrass   "This seascape's now more cataract..."
March 17, 2008:   "The Rhinoceros Graveyard" by James Doyle   "On the way to the graveyard, the great white..."
March 16, 2008:   "The Farewell" by Guy Goffette, translated by Marilyn Hacker   "You might be able to grab the sea by the hair..."
March 15, 2008:   "Sadness Therapy" by J. W. Marshall   "On the second floor..."
March 14, 2008:   "We End, Like Galileo" by B. T. Shaw   "With years came diminishing ability to focus..."
March 13, 2008:   "Coligny" by D. Nurkse   "There was a passerby on that road..."
March 12, 2008:   "The Weight of Light" by Sidney Wade   "We sit on a bench in the park..."
March 11, 2008:   "Canto of the Workshop" by John Kinsella   "As when they discover that the collective..."
March 10, 2008:   "Reclamation" by Bob Hicok   "Then one day we were putting silver back..."
March 9, 2008:   "Parable of a Blade of Grass" by Roger Reeves   "Where the fire enters..."
March 8, 2008:   "Near Christmas Once" by Sarah Busse   "Near Christmas once we drove away from lights..."
March 7, 2008:   "Your Way of Thinking" by Christopher Kang   "I was busy thinking cosmologically, and it made me appreciate life..."
March 6, 2008:   "Instinct" by Changxin Fang   "Little baby, you lay your head..."
March 5, 2008:   "Gerhard Richter" by Chad Bennett   "Dresden was still in ruins, so we were..."
March 4, 2008:   "Two Crooks" by Peter Waldor   "As in two underarms..."
March 3, 2008:   "Garbage Walk" by Moira Magneson   "My husband and I are wheeling out..."
March 2, 2008:   "Courtship" by Susan Lewis   "I have more selves than I can listen to, he told me, his..."
March 1, 2008:   "Apostasy" by Carol Quinn   "On Sundays, they appeared..."
February 29, 2008:   "Hymn" by Anne Shaw   "The pink troll of our decade snickers from under its bridge..."
February 28, 2008:   "Fold, Fold" by Mary Crow   "Fold, fold away the silk-sack clouds...."
February 27, 2008:   "Benediction" by Elena Karina Byrne   "Not a story, they said, not even a line...."
February 26, 2008:   "Dogma Mask in Favor of Alice" by Elena Karina Byrne   "How many windows can a house bear?..."
February 25, 2008:   "Anubis" by Alan Shapiro   "There suddenly / where the streetlight..."
February 24, 2008:   "Post-war deployment" by Lee Sharkey   "It is thought that cows' unhurried lowing..."
February 23, 2008:   "Proposal" by Sandra Beasley   "Show me a tent of well-dressed witnesses..."
February 22, 2008:   "We died during a train wreck" by David Krump   "We died during a train wreck..."
February 21, 2008:   "Scientific Method" by Adam Clay   "Twenty-three percent when placed under..."
February 20, 2008:   "Driving Out to Innisfree" by Matthew Thorburn   "Naturally we zipped right by...."
February 19, 2008:   "Today They Will Show Me the Homunculus" by Dean Young   "I knew it was on the other side of the door..."
February 18, 2008:   "Street Fight" by Wayne Miller   "What it was that filled me..."
February 17, 2008:   "College Town" by John Hoppenthaler   "Dinner tonight is chili dogs with onion, pepperoni rolls..."

February 16, 2008:   "Before Anything Happened the House Had No Skeleton" by Karyna McGlynn   "the termites had deboned the thing..."
February 15, 2008:   "Shaggy's Soul Food Open Soon, Said the Sign outside of Tallulah" by Alison Pelegrin   "I once had faith in this message hand-lettered..."
February 14, 2008:   "Hooked and Crooked" by Nicole Walker   "Over the buildings a thinning mist, dawn takes a match to...."
February 13, 2008:   "One Body" by Yerra Sugarman   "Over the buildings a thinning mist, dawn takes a match to...."
February 12, 2008:   "Jazz from Cripple City" by Stephen Kuusisto   "I saw tonight four men in wheelchairs eating..." February 11, 2008:   "Domestic Manners of the Americans" by Debora Greger   "Look into the sunlight..."
February 10, 2008:   "Narcissists Anonymous" by Teresa Leo   "A jackal among hedgehogs. At the meeting..."
February 9, 2008:   "A Holiday" by Sarah Kennedy   "White feathers snowing the highway, thank God..."
February 8, 2008:   "One Last Thought" by Benjamin S. Grossberg   "And what if one finally can't be found? What if Leander..."
February 7, 2008:   "Small Ode to My Ignorance" by Steven Reese   "To wake, at this age, and realize how..."
February 6, 2008:   "In Search of the Owl's Mirror" by Jen Currin   "So it happens I am mortal: my heart..."
February 5, 2008:   "Love's Short Grammar" by Robert Bense   "Whether we should take out..."
February 4, 2008:   "There's Just No Telling" by Jennifer L. Knox   "Gobi (not your real name), where were you..."
February 3, 2008:   "Hordes of Indigent Psychologist" by Scott Coffel   "Hours after my decision to defect, the elders of the West..."
February 2, 2008:   " Stargazer" by Tara Gorvine   "He arrives at my door with Stargazer lilies..."
February 1, 2008:   " Greenbrier (Smilax rotundifolia)" by Sarah Hannah   " You can scorch it, strip it, tear it down..."
January 31, 2008:   "The History of Bluegrass" by Jeffrey Bahr   "The bees form a living mitt about the aspen's narrow branch...."
January 30, 2008:   "War Story" by Sarah Murphy   "One day (but not today) I will play the lady..."
January 29, 2008:   "Runaway Bride" by Allison Seay   "Before the leaves fell they waved like flags..."
January 28, 2008:   "The Blue Sylvia" by Terrance Hayes   "A daily dose of repentance. Eyeballs rattling..."
January 27, 2008:   "Last Look" by Todd Hearon   "The ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica are melting..."
January 26, 2008:   "Tattooed" by Ronald Wallace   "My sister gets a tattoo..."
January 25, 2008:   "Root Beer" by James Haug   "We found new combinations of interiors...."
January 24, 2008:   "Being a Model" by David Wagoner   "An old friend said if I didn't have anything..."
January 23, 2008:   "On Betrayal" by Phillis Levin   "The Woman Who Is And a voice came to me and said..."
January 22, 2008:   "The Woman Who Is Early" by Nin Andrews   "The Woman Who Is Early is always at least one step ahead of..."
January 21, 2008:   "Eclipse" by Sarah Hannah   "Every so often I am dilated; the pupils..."
January 20, 2008:   "A Shiver" by Seamus Heaney   "The way you had to stand to swing the sledge..."
January 19, 2008:   "So a Ballerina Walks into a Biker Bar" by Suzanne Parker   "Her tutu is luminescent..."
January 18, 2008:   "I-beam" by Gerard Malanga   "Will someone please explain what happened here?..."
January 17, 2008:   "The Idea is the Fleeting Ghostly Fish" by Kate Light   "that's lit up in the world of fathoms-deep..."
January 16, 2008:   "Like Kafka" by Dan Stryk   "To wake in the late evening..."
January 15, 2008:   "An Ancient Dog Grave, Unearthed During Construction of the Athens Metro" by A. E. Stallings   "It is not the curled-up bones, nor even the grave..."
January 14, 2008:   "New Girl" by John Whalen   "If you meet a beautiful woman for the first time..."
January 13, 2008:   "Area 25" by Catherine Wing   "Hello, seat of my soul..."
January 12, 2008:   "Like Us" by Maria Costantini   "pigs form close bonds. Studies of pigs..."
January 11, 2008:   "Elephant" by Kate Evans   "To feel the smooth skin of water on your back..."
January 10, 2008:   "The World Wakes Up" by Andrew Michael Roberts   "So we stop at the side of the road, and there is..."
January 9, 2008:   "Canto of the Examination (24: Eighth Sphere)" by John Kinsella   "The huntsman lies low..."
January 8, 2008:   "Adam And Steve" by Catherine Carter   "But what if God did? What if I showed you..."
January 7, 2008:   "The Traffic" by Philip Schultz   "At first it objected..."
January 6, 2008:   "bearing on the glory of love" by Deborah Bogen   "There are twelve trees on my block...."
January 5, 2008:   "The Dime-Store Parakeet" by Gary Soto   "The bird didn't speak..."
January 4, 2008:   "You'll See a Sailboat" by Jaswinder Bolina   "See the punk-haired bush as a stout little argument between..."
January 3, 2008:   "'King,' 'Queen,' etc." by Alison Powell   "I love airports as they are: stinking, octagonal, full..."
January 2, 2008:   "Furlough" by Leslie Williams   "On the nightstand the corpse of a pear..."
January 1, 2008:   "This Morning After Snow, the Body Scrapes Off" by K. A. Hays   "sludge, is mere action. It strips the sleet from the walk..."
December 31, 2007:   "In Night's Cold Streets" by Forugh Farrokhzad, translated by Sholeh Wolpé   "I don't repent..."
December 30, 2007:   "Beloved & Stranger" by Daneen Bergland   "What of the dog that died in the middle of the road..."
December 29, 2007:   "The Cows" by Darren Morris   "The ferry boat capsized, the cattle starved in the snow, and the televangelist smirked..."
December 28, 2007:   "Saint Anthony Falls" by William Waltz   "A language of snapping..."
December 27, 2007:   "Fetching" by Christopher Matthews   " Because aggression damns us to a clumsy..."
December 26, 2007:   "One of the Magi" by Greg Wrenn   " Buggy baby, the Thou..."
December 25, 2007:   "A Blessing" by Terry Blackhawk   "David says his soul..."
December 24, 2007:   "Prayer Essay" by Oliver de la Paz   "I was unusually ahead of my time with my own..."
December 23, 2007:   "Eye Contact" by Craig Morgan Teicher   "As if bees are known for their pride...."
December 22, 2007:   "Tissue Culture" by Robert Pesich   "Some hearts dissolve in one day...."
December 21, 2007:   "Saint Anthony Falls" by William Waltz   "A language of snapping..."
December 20, 2007:   "A confluence of processes" by Bob Hicok   "It was a kind of battery, the Earth..."
December 19, 2007:   "The Tower" by Laynie Browne   "The flower is always within the almond...."
December 18, 2007:   "Blackbirds" by Greg Rappleye   "Who wrote these lyrics?..."
December 17, 2007:   "In a Better World Than This" by James Cushing   "Some people can handle their instruments..."
December 16, 2007:   "Blue Sky" by Michael Chitwood   "Everyone he knew believed in God...."
December 15, 2007:   "A Table Full of Wasps" by Rebecca Seiferle   "Outside the tables are full of wasps, so fervent..."
December 14, 2007:   "Self-Admonition at Summer Seat" by Davis McCombs   "Consider the shelf of cracked bedrock where the roots..."
December 13, 2007:   "My Heart" by Kim Addonizio   "That Mississippi chicken shack...."
December 12, 2007:   "The Halo Factory" by Susan Firer   "Under the granite clouds, through..."
December 11, 2007:   "Uncles (Play)" by Kevin Young   "There's a way a man walks..."
December 10, 2007:   "Corn Maze Afternoon" by Carol Ann Davis   "There where the blooms of burnt trees are promised. There..."
December 9, 2007:   "Domain, Wednesday" by Rebecca Aronson   "The arc of sound firing into the morning, each volley broken in the..."
December 8, 2007:   "To the Future" by Lynn Levin   "Fountain of the forward notion...."
December 7, 2007:   "Cord of Wood" by Danielle Pafunda   "Livid. Warp-stacked, scenting, known. The law whelps..."
December 6, 2007:   "Pearl" by Danielle Pafunda   "Permanent prenatal nimbus, whack-skulled..."
December 5, 2007:   "I Am Talking Dirty to You Like You are the Only One in the Room" by Danielle Pafunda   "Down to the boneyard, then. And dig your corpse and..."
December 4, 2007:   "My New Life" by Molly Tenenbaum   "I've been in you..."
December 3, 2007:   "Thanks for a Great Season, See You in the Spring" by Nancy K. Pearson   "Bumper to bumper stars honk from their darkened..."
December 2, 2007:   "Flying Over America" by J.P. White   "January's claw can't scrape the snow-dusting..."
December 1, 2007:   "Visit" by David Huddle   "Myth Man appears on my front porch..."
November 30, 2007:   "Inquiry #3" by Susan Rich   "The way of the heart..."
November 29, 2007:   "In Cana" by Betsy Sholl   "The Lebanese spelled it with a q, without the u...."
November 28, 2007:   "History" by Betsy Sholl   "In Mongolian bars now Genghis Khan beer's..."
November 27, 2007:   "Energy" by R. T. Smith   "On days like this, Roosevelt's whirligigs..."
November 26, 2007:   "Tread-softly (Cnidoscolus stimulosus)" by Sarah Hannah   "Hell, this is a field without end..."
November 25, 2007:   "The Table" by Lee Upton   "To rise from the table..."
November 24, 2007:   "Watermelon" by Alice Friman   "Small as a bocce ball, dark..."
November 23, 2007:   "In the Women's Locker Room" by Sally Bliumis-Dunn   "Over the tops of the lockers..."
November 22, 2007:   "Fighting" by Dana Goodyear   "Abundance. The fruited tree..."
November 21, 2007:   "Flicker" by Joanna Klink   "Is there no simplicity..."
November 20, 2007:   "Poem Beside Itself" by Graham Foust   "Where in the capsized animal..."
November 19, 2007:   "Sestina with Random Peace Words" by Monica Raymond   " The bird Noah sent second was the dove..."
November 18, 2007:   "On Realizing That I Tend to End with Nature Imagery" by Tim Lockridge   " I need to meet more robots. Now androids..."
November 17, 2007:   "Whole Worlds Had Already Happened" by Lynne Potts   " Train windows doled fields..."
November 16, 2007:   "Why Dogs Tell Stories" by Cathryn Essinger   " She stands at the end of the driveway..."
November 15, 2007:   "The Body is the House, and" by Kim Addonizio   " according to the spiritual teacher..."
November 14, 2007:   "Lazy Eye" by Lesley Wheeler   " The stranger unplugs her bogus teeth..."
November 13, 2007:   "Poem Starting with a Line by Jason Bredle" by J. P. Dancing Bear   " According to Hercules, if we make an angel..."
November 12, 2007:   "Chipmunk Squirrel Costume Party" by Jason Bredle   " In a black forest, God is birthing a beautiful..."
November 11, 2007:   "Disciplines" by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks   " Do not expect to be always happy on this way...."
November 10, 2007:   "Columba livia" by Sandra Meek   " The year we understood city by feral, honeysuckle..."
November 9, 2007:   "Poltergeist" by Jennifer Metsker   " In sixth grade each day forty minutes free read...."
November 8, 2007:   "If You Should Care For Me" by Lacy Schutz   " She 'gan him soft to shrive. She asked him, What..."
November 7, 2007:   "Heart Poem" by Mary Oliver   " My heart, that used to pump along so pleasantly..."
November 6, 2007:   "A celebration of lasting achievment" by Bob Hicok   " The man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died...."
November 5, 2007:   "Easeful Death" by Kim Addonizio   " What a relief to lie down finally..."
November 4, 2007:   "Just Off Campus" by Christian Knoeller   " This raucous flock arrives uninvited..."
November 3, 2007:   "Love Like Rocks" by Stephen Massimilla   " Respect the rocks, the way they hold..."
November 2, 2007:   "Elegy for My Novel" by Paula Closson Buck   " At first the ants come singly..."
November 1, 2007:   "Sweet Pea's Lament" by Mitchell Metz   " Whose timber Mom shivered..."
October 31, 2007:   "Takeoff" by Angie Estes   " Mistaken, taken for..."
October 30, 2007:   "[Accoutred as I was plungèd in]" by Emily Rosko   " Slippery slope of affects. I wetted..."
October 29, 2007:   "Would That We Had" by Lacy Schutz   " Oh, would that we had walked the sun's beams as..."
October 28, 2007:   "Weak Strong" by Gary Gildner   " When the common flicker stitches..."
October 27, 2007:   "Winter Song" by Maggie Nelson   " Solitude is a gift..."
October 26, 2007:   "Footling" by Nickole Brown   " We have heard her tell the story..."
October 25, 2007:   "Out of the Garden, 4" by Kathryn Kirkpatrick   " When nasturtiums bloom..."
October 24, 2007:   "Rattle" by Jesse Ferguson   " The train rattles in God's hand, while the sleeping man..."
October 23, 2007:   "Moose, Looking" by Anna Leahy   " It's the jowls, really..."
October 22, 2007:   "See Daddy Make a Deal" by Caroline Noble Whitbeck   " At the bank I've been..."
October 22, 2007:   "See Daddy Make a Deal" by Miguel Murphy   " At the bank I've been..."
October 21, 2007:   "Goddess of the Hunt" by Miguel Murphy   " The cello for me bears an agony like the hunter's..."
October 20, 2007:   "Steering by Monarchs" by Holly J. Hughes   " Fog thick enough to lick, horizon a blanket..."
October 19, 2007:   "Lywelwyn's Dog" by Peter E. Murphy   " Bunnies will not stop eating all..."
October 17, 2007:   "I'm Drinking Again, Let's Start a Family" by Jason Bredle   " Bunnies will not stop eating all..."
October 16, 2007:   "The Night in Question" by Paul Lisicky   " The rising seas, the bulldog dean: nothing bothered me tonight. My..."
October 15, 2007:   "City of Blastocyst" by Heidi Lynn Staples   " The blastocyst is the city of us...."
October 11, 2007:   "Duration of the Spider" by Christopher Kennedy   " Though spider is my nature..."
October 10, 2007:   "This Late in Love" by Myrna Stone   " Ardor comes as wry comfort this late..."
October 9, 2007:   "Shepherding" by Allison Titus   " If not to clutch this flock..."
October 7, 2007:   "Wrapping Paper" by Susanna Rich   " The brook slows. Early ice..."
October 6, 2007:   "Evergreen" by Mike Luke   " It's hot inside. Aphasia sweat...."
October 5, 2007:   "The Age of Bent Blood in the Throat" by George Kalamaras   " When the ithic gods wagered words, we had an enigmatic release...."
October 4, 2007:   "The Devil's in the Details" by James Doyle   " The marsh creaks back and forth..."
October 3, 2007:   "Epiphany" by Jessi Lee   " The crazy lady is feeding the fucking birds..."
October 2, 2007:   "The Bar Code of Love" by Erika Meitner   " I brandished the wand & pushed..."
October 1, 2007:   "This Song is Made of Ideas" by Elizabeth Langemak   " Holding your fingers, I make them a song..."
September 30, 2007:   "Regarding The Intentional Attendance Of Poetry Readings" by Joe Wenderoth   " Our neighbors, directly behind us..."
September 29, 2007:   "Ghost" by Nancy Krygowski   " There is a ghost in this room..."
September 28, 2007:   "I Take Her Tresses In" by Mike Luke   " I unhinge myself from nature..."
September 27, 2007:   "We Little Historians" by Nicolas A. Destino   " We did not stop the Praetor Maximus..."
September 26, 2007:   "Spring" by Jennifer Juneau   " Eyes dumb with no love to speak of..."
September 25, 2007:   "Pacific" by Lola Haskins   " The ocean where I was raised would..."
September 24, 2007:   "Raft" by Dorianne Laux   " Small flying creature for whom..."
September 23, 2007:   "Spring Comes to the Mistress of the Obvious" by B.T. Shaw   " Iridescence replaces winter's aerodynamics..."
September 22, 2007:   "Stag Beetle" by Karen Harryman   " Sleek black worry stone with legs..."
September 21, 2007:   "My Snake" by David Wagoner   " By the railroad tracks, on cinders..."
September 20, 2007:   "As If I Wasn't There" by Dick Allen   " True talent, what is that, we wondered..."
September 19, 2007:   "Elemental: Nitrogen" by Suzanne Heyd   " Four-fifths of every breath..."
September 18, 2007:   "Transmissions" by Nathan Hoks   " Help, I'm a vortex, says the father..."
September 17, 2007:   "Lamb" by Andrew Michael Roberts   " God Forgets. He leaves the iron on and your beautiful city..."
September 16, 2007:   "Missouri" by Rebecca Aronson   " Near Saint Joseph the fields sigh and corn stands up..."
September 15, 2007:   "October" by Laura Van Prooyen   " It must be October, when the bones..."
September 14, 2007:   "A Story About Things" by Heather Maki   " To be required to dust..."
September 13, 2007:   "The Chapter of the Rending in Sunder" by Mia Nussbaum   " And then I began my habit..."
September 12, 2007:   "Spaghetti Western" by Tom Haushalter   " Several trains whistle at once through Mechanicsburg..."
September 11, 2007:   "Poem for the National Hobo Association Poetry Contest" by Paul Guest   " I will not be there with you but think..."
September 10, 2007:   "Extravagance" by Steve Wilson   " Like a numbing thumb..."
September 9, 2007:   "O Woolly City" by Priscilla Sneff   " O Woolly City, each thing dings dully as an acorn..."
September 8, 2007:   "Parking Space" by Susan Briante   " Billboards yield to burdened cloud..."
September 7, 2007:   "Our Situation" by Patrick Phillips   " In the dark we watch..."
September 6, 2007:   "Starting Small" by Carrie Fountain   " At sunset on the Fourth of July..."
September 5, 2007:   "I Want to Live in a Paper House" by Sharon Black   " Let's just say I've learned nothing..."
September 4, 2007:   "The Pitch" by Patty Seburn   " I can save you time and money, he said...."
September 3, 2007:   "Starts Out a Mouse" by Aaron Anstett   " gnaws the wiring, the drunk inside him..."
September 2, 2007:   "Song of the Turtle Unburrowing" by Laurie Kutchins   " Was it the sweet smell..."
September 1, 2007:   "Allegorical" by Rafael Campo   " In the beginning, time was animal...."
August 31, 2007:   "Phrasing and form" by Noah Eli Gordon   " the landlord calls this part an opera..."
August 30, 2007:   "Reciprocity" by Carl Phillips   " Rest, now. All that ruggedness, blood-pain, and blindness-to-its..."
August 29, 2007:   "Cosmology" by J. Stephen Rhodes   " Above broken clouds, Orion and Aldebaran...."
August 28, 2007:   from "Great Women of Science" by Kate Greenstreet   " Many things about the story are puzzling...."
August 27, 2007:   "The Very Old Man" by Patrick Phillips   " When he met himself..."
August 26, 2007:   "Take One" by Clay Matthews   " I was west of home but still east of everything..."
August 25, 2007:   "Babylon Honda" by Joe Robitaille   " It was a red dove said the deacon..."
August 24, 2007:   "Last Speaker of Alaska's Eyak Language Turns 81" by Jean Monahan   " Her kingdom for one more argument..."
August 23, 2007:   "Conscript" by Michael Quattrone   " You’re on stage and I’m behind the scenes...."
August 22, 2007:   "It's Wednesday," by Nina Lindsay   " and the morning sky convulses with the sounds..."
August 21, 2007:   "The Chicken That Lived the Longest without a Head" by Kim Bridgford   " The first few days produced the most surprise..."
August 20, 2007:   "Three's Brainchild Is" by Lesley Jenike   " Made from hope's detritus, the stuff of wisdom but wider..."
August 19, 2007:   "Living with Poets" by Chris Green   " Living is like reading James Wright, for example...."
August 18, 2007:   "Perfection Letter (viii)" by Patty Seyburn   " The senior v.p. in charge of h.r...."
August 17, 2007:   "Saint of Marriages" by Kelli Russell Agodon   " She tells him what she cannot name..."
August 16, 2007:   "Bless Their Hearts" by Richard Newman   " At Steak-n-Shake I learned that if you add..."
August 15, 2007:   "At the Falls" by Martha Carlson-Bradley   " Above the current..."
August 14, 2007:   "Counting Sheep" by Glenn J. Freeman   " How strange for me to sing of insomnia; I sleep..."
August 13, 2007:   "Allegory" by Jenny Mueller   " The cockatoo hears gamelan..."
August 12, 2007:   "Jellies" by Sara Talpos   " One day they just appear, thick..."
August 11, 2007:   "They May Come to Break Us" by Jamaal May   " Outside sheets are pulling..."
August 10, 2007:   "Drinking Alone on a Spring Day" by Elton Glaser   " New grass grows faster than I..."
August 9, 2007:   "First Anniversary, With Monkeys" by Aimee Nezhukumatathil   " There is no crumbly frozen cake to thaw...."
August 8, 2007:   "Home" by Richard Newman   " I like my hometown more..."
August 7, 2007:   "Free Fall" by David Wagoner   " At first he's making better and better time..."
August 6, 2007:   "Ariadne (Postscript)" by Christopher Bakken   " The story of my marriage is all bunk..."
August 5, 2007:   "Be the Dog" by J. Allyn Rosser   " The administrative assistant stands serenely..."
August 4, 2007:   "Bar Pilots" by John Struloeff   " All summer their prows push the weight of waves..."
August 3, 2007:   "Lament" by Philip White   " My heart stopped..."
August 2, 2007:   "Haruspicy" by Sarah Hannah   " In good old Greece, to read futures in entrails..."
August 1, 2007:   "What a Boy Lies Awake Wondering" by Paul Hunter   " Footsore trudging these fields..."
July 31, 2007:   "Mule" by Kaya Oakes   " I am becoming you; inhabitable lorry..."
July 30, 2007:   "Excavation" by Éireann Lorsung   " Who says the polars are stirring? Ice..."
July 29, 2007:   "In My Next Life" by Noah Michelson   " Cartoon bluebirds carrying..."
July 28, 2007:   "First Anniversary, With Monkeys" by Aimee Nezhukumatathil   " There is no crumbly frozen cake to thaw...."
July 27, 2007:   "Studies for a Portrait of a Father and Son" by Richard Lyons   " I was about to say, in rain like this, the boy Moses..."
July 26, 2007:   "Gacela of Animal Theory" by J. P. Dancing Bear   " Every time I explain Schrödinger's cat to the animal..."
July 25, 2007:   "Marco Polo" by James Doyle   " found the old gods again..."
July 24, 2007:   "Bats" by Bryan Penberthy   " Nervous mathematicians—they could be proving..."
July 23, 2007:   "A Windmill Makes a Statement" by Cate Marvin   " You think I like to stand all day, all night..."
July 22, 2007:   "Afire" by Andrea Scarpino   " As in a girl's scalp, pulled tight in braids...."
July 21, 2007:   "Inishmór Goats" by Ronda Broatch   " The star they made..."
July 20, 2007:   "Protean Woods" by Cathy Park Hong   " In the pollen furred woods, the air floats with fair fauna..."
July 19, 2007:   "Non-Sonnet For Sleeping Birds" by Betsy Wheeler   " Early morning light spills trails..."
July 18, 2007:   "Goodbye Is Another Word for Not" by Mary Jo Bang   " Imagine the movie..."
July 17, 2007:   "Seduction With Entropy" by Paul Guest   " If you think I'm honest, speak to me..."
July 16, 2007:   "Poem for the New Year" by Kim Addonizio   " So far it's suspiciously similar..."
July 15, 2007:   "Trial Marriage" by D Nurkse   " Strangers treat each other..."
July 14, 2007:   "The Rule of Geese" by Tricia Asklar   " When the geese pass overhead..."
July 13, 2007:   "The Husband Tries to Write to the Disappearing Wife" by Jeannine Hall Gailey   " I could have kept you..."
July 12, 2007:   "The Riddle of the Sphinx Moth" by Sarah Hannah   " An enormous body kamikaze-dives..."
July 11, 2007:   "Curiosity" by Frances Schenkkan   " The cat worked her head into a milk bottle..."
July 10, 2007:   "Centaurs" by Stuart Bartow   " Not yet apparitions, they came to fetch me..."
July 9, 2007:   "Blue Failure" by Cynthia Arrieu-King   " The gym. Milk-breathed girls sweated in their polyester..."
July 8, 2007:   "Confessions of a Music Box" by Bruce Bond   " No larger than a bird coffin..."
July 7, 2007:   "G Is for Not Just One George" by Mary Jo Bang   " Gilbert and his brother, plus the monkey..."
July 6, 2007:   "The Cruelest Month" by Grace Bauer   " Kill it! A child screams from the sidewalk below..."
July 5, 2007:   "Now You See Me" by Elizabeth Bradfield   " The neighbor whose daughter last week..."
July 4, 2007:   "The Method" by Marvin Bell   " Of the knees we might say they beseech..."
July 3, 2007:   "For My Biographers, Hints of My Lover" by Molly Tenenbaum   " Earth, air, the whole astronomy, more..."
July 2, 2007:   "The Car" by James Hoch   " He liked the car because it went nowhere..."
July 1, 2007:   "Matter and Disappearance" by Allan Peterson   " I know my heart brings me missiles..."
June 30, 2007:   "Notions" by Lorna Knowles Blake   " Just like Eve in the garden..."
June 29, 2007:   "From a Swaying Hammock" by Joseph Hutchison   " With a raw squawk the raven breaks..."
June 28, 2007:   "Progress of History" by Matthew Hotham   " The televisions talk only of bad endings...."
June 27, 2007:   "The Sunset" by Randall Mann   " Fog, like reason, settles on the peeling district...."
June 26, 2007:   "Baby Born Holding Heart in Hand" by Patricia Smith   " Imagine holding it there, thrumming, taunt..."
June 25, 2007:   "There Is No Pretending" by Mary Jo Bang   " There is no pretending to know..."
June 24, 2007:   "Betrayals" by Kevin Higgins   " When the bombers refused to turn..."
June 23, 2007:   "Re-Cognition" by Daniel Newman   " Now I know how ol'Tommy..."
June 22, 2007:   "Prophecy: Snow White" by Donna Prinzmetal   " I keep everything..."
June 21, 2007:   "Epithalamium with Peeping Tom" by Jennifer Perrine   " What's this ring? Not the gold..."
June 20, 2007:   "Sonnet" by Evan Nagle   " Infinity drives a shutsuck white car...."
June 19, 2007:   "Laustic" by Sierra Nelson   " Well, I am the Captain of Fun..."
June 18, 2007:   "Memo from Homeland Security" by Steven Cramer   " Mourning doves and lovebirds..."
June 16, 2007:   "Iconography of the Heart" by Michael Meyerhofer   " We see it haunting lockets, cards..."
June 15, 2007:   "O Mouth Fable" by Elena Karina Byrne   " It darkens in the bride..."
June 14, 2007:   "A Bestiary" by Maurice Manning   " The reason the woman was fond of chickens..."
June 13, 2007:   "El Mar" by Tracy K. Smith   " There was a sea in my marriage...."
June 12, 2007:   "Eat This" by Nance Van Winckel   " Target cake with a bull's-eye looming...."
June 11, 2007:   "Inside the Body" by Nathan Hoks   " Saying things can be hard. I try..."
June 10, 2007:   "Looking Forward to the Twentieth Century" by James Doyle   " Horses and carriages stir up the beach..."
June 9, 2007:   "Aware of Angels" by Mark Jarman   " They are drunk and amused with themselves...."
June 8, 2007:   "Earth-tone Anecdote" by John Gallaher   " They are speaking in the other room..."
June 7, 2007:   "Fugue" by Jibade-Khalil Huffman   " Simultaneous Netherlands..."
June 6, 2007:   "Not Mattering to the Earth" by Colette Inez   " On the day that we die..."
June 5, 2007:   "Something in My Eye" by Allison Smythe   " The world is writ in Braille but our hands..."
June 4, 2007:   "How to: an Apology" by Thomas Kane   " Instance I: Everyone here is loved. A street fight over prize..."
June 3, 2007:   "Curse" by David Lehman   " Whatever your position, you will reverse it...."
June 2, 2007:   "Birdsong from My Patio" by Ellen Bass   " I've never heard this much song..."
June 1, 2007:   "Owl" by Endi Hartigan   " Lift more pieces..."
May 31, 2007:   "Than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages" by Kimberly Johnson   " Prayed loud all night and so humbled over..."
May 30, 2007:   "On a Woodpecker Drinking from a Knothole Still Full of the Last Rain" by Maurice Manning   " I'm not always Mr. Sunshine, but..."
May 29, 2007:   "Cukoo" by Larissa Szporluk   " I nudge the eggs..."
May 28, 2007:   "Why Bother Resurrecting the Dead" by Jane Springer   " When their multitudes of affliction may better serve..."
May 27, 2007:   "The Walls" by Matthew Henriksen   " I worked in a bookshop...."
May 26, 2007:   "A Ghost is Born" by Amy King   " Hissing news opens for ensuing..."
May 25, 2007:   "Solfeggio" by Ellen Dudley   " You can solfege the foghorns here and the fog..."
May 24, 2007:   "Western Fragment" by Tracy K. Smith   " We were tired of dry spells, the whole town..."
May 23, 2007:   "My Nightmare" by Paul Guest   " My nightmare isn't falling or even falling..."
May 22, 2007:   "Afterbirth" by Lynne Knight   " There's a look of panic on his face...."
May 21, 2007:   "XOXO Los Angeles" by Ian Harris   " The stars are wandering around you. You're not at sea..."
May 20, 2007:   "Misappropriation" by John Pursley III   " A wood thrush hustles leaves from one side to the next, making about..."
May 19, 2007:   "Planting Dahlias with a Pick-Ax" by Lynnell Edwards   " I have made their grave..."
May 18, 2007:   "Autumn Again" by Michael Pettit   " Sending their cries before them who can say..."
May 17, 2007:   "Barns in Snow" by Lisa Fishman   " The sunset here, through acts of trees...."
May 16, 2007:   "Horse-Boat" by Sarah Vap   " there can only be intelligence..."
May 15, 2007:   "Gargoyle" by Larissa Szporluk   " A hunter's sickness..."
May 14, 2007:   "Nursemaid's Elbow" by Peter Pereira   " Named not for the mother, frazzled and rushed..."
May 13, 2007:   "Leaving Mud Road" by Claudia Carlson   " The house is watermarked from drains..."
May 12, 2007:   "When I Say World I Mean Please" by John Gallaher   " We begin somewhat after the beginning, in..."
May 11, 2007:   "Bats" by Paisley Rekdal   " unveil themselves in dark...."
May 10, 2007:   "Loveliest Grotesque" by Sandra Lim   " I kept the little ruin near me, I stowed it in the kitchen..."
May 9, 2007:   "Selfless" by Forrest Hamer   " When he found himself falling, and he was falling..."
May 8, 2007:   "Hell" by Jason Bredle   " I wouldn't be surprised if some oratorical..."
May 7, 2007:   "Infidelity" by C. Dale Young   " The sun hovering a mile above the edge..."
May 6, 2007:   "The Tightrope Walker" by Lesley Dauer   " This is her field sobriety test...."
May 5, 2007:   "The Fox Explains The Dream of Foxes" by Hannah Craig   " The women have come through the field..."
May 4, 2007:   "Insomnia" by Rynn Williams   " I try tearing paper into tiny, perfect squares..."
May 3, 2007:   "Heavy Rain" by Newton Smith   " The rain is a river now. Outside trees bow down...."
May 2, 2007:   "Joy" by Donald Platt   " Joy is the jumbo..."
May 1, 2007:   "Plunder" by Michael Robins   " The heart, which often seems a gangplank..."
April 30, 2007:   "Sinning Skel Misclape" by Lisa Jarnot   " O sinning skel misclape thy lock..."
April 29, 2007:   "Brought to You by the Letter Ox , Or: Why I Want my Son to Remain Illiterate" by Mitchell Metz   " We took the ox from Egypt..."
April 28, 2007:   "For Six Seconds" by Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis   " you won't wander into the room where I keep you..."
April 27, 2007:   "China Traces" by Charles Wright   " Nature contains no negatives...."
April 26, 2007:   "The Gulls" by Eric Burger   " inch closer and closer to my towel..."
April 25, 2007:   "Tricycle" by David Dodd Lee   " About this unhappiness..."
April 24, 2007:   "Lament" by Betsy Sholl   " Fog dense as a bed sheet hung at the window..."
April 23, 2007:   "Spectators Along the Interstate" by Josh Rathkamp   " A few miles outside Kalamazoo you and I wonder..."
April 22, 2007:   "Thin Ice" by Randall Stiffler   " Fish have abandoned..."
April 21, 2007:   "Mock Orange" by Melanie Almeder   " Everything on the tongue goes stunned bird...."
April 20, 2007:   "Sharp" by Matthew Rohrer   " Music all day on the stereo. And the rain..."
April 19, 2007:   "Drift" by Mary Biddinger   " What you did that day..."
April 18, 2007:   "Shaking the Grass" by Janice N. Harrington   " Evening, and all my ghosts come back to me..."
April 17, 2007:   "The Insomniacs' Afterlife" by Gabriel Fried   " Unprepared for the exotic stillness..."
April 16, 2007:   "Legato" by Mary Cornish   " As when a crow flies up from a field, the sky..."
April 15, 2007:   "Drift" by John Hennessy   " After leaving home and school..."
April 14, 2007:   "The Moon Is a Lemon Wedge" by Quincy Troupe   " the moon is a lemon wedge over guadeloupe..."
April 13, 2007:   "Setting" by Beth Bachmann   " A lilac can hold on, half-dead, for days..."
April 12, 2007:   "Now over the Empty Apartment" by Kate Northrop   " You in the door look back..."
April 11, 2007:   "Anniversary" by Erin Malone   " You're the icing. I'm the swarm of candles..."
April 10, 2007:   "Nocturne: Andalusian Dog" by Tracy K. Smith   " I rise. I pant. I scrape..."
April 9, 2007:   "Shepherding" by Paige Ackerson-Kiely   " Mild lamb, I would..."
April 8, 2007:   "Absent" by Melinda Wilson   " Suppose an organ gets lost..."
April 7, 2007:   "Death School" by David Swanger   " Everybody graduates. We become..."
April 6, 2007:   "Hives" by Debra Wierenga   " Not ones with wasps — although that hectic buzz..."
April 5, 2007:   "White" by Jessica Johnson   " A long Antarctica of hotel sheets...."
April 4, 2007:   "Climograph" by James Grinwis   " To be a valley inside walls...."
April 3, 2007:   "The Strange Girl Asked Politely to be Called Princess" by Kate Nuernberger   "When Sally Lida skips rope her hair flies..."
April 2, 2007:   "The Faithful" by Midge Goldberg   "You'd think they're Jesuits, the way..."
April 1, 2007:   "So You Want to Be a Teaching Assistant in English" by Jeff Worley   "Rent a tiny room half a mile from campus...."
March 31, 2007:   "In 1986 My Uncle Jack Sits On His Front Porch" by William Delman   "Brown Stetson. As the shadows draw on detritus..."
March 30, 2007:   "The Efficacy of Prayer" by Richard Cecil   "Yes, but however hard they pray..."
March 29, 2007:   "Animal Funerals, 1964" by Claudia Emerson   "That summer, we did not simply walk through..."
March 28, 2007:   "Dear Guest" by Paige Ackerson-Kiely   "The leaves are only leaves..."
March 27, 2007:   "Dream Fox" by Jack Roberts   "Not the five tiny black birds that flew..."
March 26, 2007:   "Dive" by Kate Northrop   "More difficult by night, you must..."
March 25, 2007:   "Lullaby" by Seth Abramson   "At the store I bought..."
March 24, 2007:   "Directions" by Erin Malone   "Stranger, one whole side..."
March 23, 2007:   "Nocturne" by Nate Pritts   "Cleaning today, I found a cricket in the house..."
March 22, 2007:   "Statue of Eve at the Bauhaus, Weimar" by Yvette Siegert   "What I know isn't even fit to be useless...."
March 21, 2007:   "All That Glitters Is Gold" by James Doyle   "Wine flask, beer cans..."
March 20, 2007:   "Doing Hegel's Laundry" by Melissa Tuckey   "He said not to worry about separating..."
March 19, 2007:   "Timbuktu" by Mike Dockins   "Arctic winds slash infinities across this geography quiz...."
March 18, 2007:   "Parked Beneath a Pear Tree" by William Wenthe   "When I drove away..."
March 17, 2007:   "Dead-Heading the Flowers" by Juddith Skillman   "Hold the stem of this flower..."
March 16, 2007:   "The San Simeon Zebras" by C. J. Sage   "hidden; their hides are more..."
March 15, 2007:   "The Cry Bone's Connected to the Why Bone" by Jenny Browne   "Cold front blasts a train through..."
March 14, 2007:   "Blackout" by Derek Mong   "Little blue bolt on a split wire..."
March 13, 2007:   "New Year's Eve" by Nate Pritts   "It's six o'clock in the evening & where I am..."
March 12, 2007:   "You Are Incomplete Exactly" by Yvette Siegert   "You are incomplete exactly..."
March 11, 2007:   "Open Other End" by Muriel Nelson   "In the land of toothpicks..."
March 10, 2007:   "Jigsaw" by Ray Skjelbred   "If we re-cut the jigsaw puzzle..."
March 9, 2007:   "Another Good Friday, Good Death" by Gaylord Brewer   "It was easy: staring stonily into the ice-splintered sea..."
March 8, 2007:   "Sevenling (Emotions scramble)" by DGB Featherkile   "Emotions scramble thalamus..."
March 8, 2007:   "Yet" by Amisha Patel   "History is the moon with its lack of atmosphere..."
March 7, 2007:   "Love Note to Alfred E. Neuman" by C. J. Sage   "A slogan’s ideology and so I reject..."
March 5, 2007:   "Country Album" by James Capozzi   "much of which is..."
March 4, 2007:   "Xochi's Tale" by Maxine Kumin   "Is it my fault I'm part rat terrier, part..."
March 3, 2007:   "China" by Billy Collins   "I am an ant inside a blue bowl..."
March 2, 2007:   "Dusk Outside the Braille Press" by Paul Hostovsky   "The lights go on in all the windows but one...."
March 1, 2007:   "Sien" by Judith Skillman   "The picture of sorrow..."
February 28, 2007:   "Ode to a Heart Loser" by Stephen Dunn   "You need not lead with your heart..."
February 27, 2007:   "Reinante" by Jennifer Barber   "Dust of wheat..."
February 26, 2007:   "The Joy is Everywhere" by Matthew Lippman   "This coming from a guy who hasn't had sex in a really long time...."
February 25, 2007:   "No Picnic" by Lisa Russ Spaar   "My heart hollows..."
February 24, 2007:   "Parts of a Feather" by Matthew Gavin Frank   "The superstitious geometry of the rock dove rests..."
February 22, 2007:   "Self-Portrait as Bovine" by Chanda Feldman   "Trodden—the slope—lands covered and recovered...."
February 21, 2007:   "If I Could Throw My Voice" by Keith Althaus   "like the ventriloquist..."
February 20, 2007:   "The Deer" by Michael Chitwood   "I am being prayed for...."
February 19, 2007:   "Sky One" by Nance Van Winckel   "In an early sky, the molecules of my wings..."
February 18, 2007:   "After the Affair" by Claudia Emerson   "There was no one to tell, so it settled..."
February 17, 2007:   "Nighties" by Maria Mazziotti Gillan   "...slippers with slender heels and feathers...."
February 16, 2007:   "Then Thensome" by R. D. King   "Second passion second-angel, this verse being dawn..."
February 15, 2007:   "Surprising the Gods" by Dan Albergotti   "Suppose Eurydice had, running through the evening field..."
February 14, 2007:   "Love Poem" by Paul Hostovsky   "I love this poem...."
February 13, 2007:   "Meadows" by Judith Skillman   "What would the meadow hold..."
February 12, 2007:   "Last Days of Orpheus" by Morri Creech   "As for the songs, he still remembered them..."
February 11, 2007:   "Children" by Steven Cramer   "We pray they'll bury us, naturally...."
February 10, 2007:   "In Muir Woods" by June Beisch   "Last night, a giant redwood fell..."
February 9, 2007:   "Mysterious Ways" by Alison Pelegrin   "He actually said it—that, and..."
February 8, 2007:   "Say This" by Elizabeth Cox   "Say that a river flooded the house...."
February 7, 2007:   "Reconciliation" by David Ray Vance   "Wooden lattice outside a window creaks..."
February 6, 2007:   "Communiqué" by Carol Stevens Kner   "I've settled in quite nicely here...."
February 5, 2007:   "Sadness" by Theodore Worozbyt   "deceives even the closest..."
February 4, 2007:   "A Dog Eating Grass Brings Rain" by Hannah Craig   " I have no anecdote to relate—as usual, the story tight..."
February 3, 2007:   "After a Minor Oratory" by Ryan Collins   " Keep the glossy on your voice, little man...."
February 2, 2007:   "In Retirement" by Ronald Wallace   " He said he would do nothing...."
February 1, 2007:   "Zip_________" by Chad Reynolds   " In days of yore, et cetera, good guys traveled..."
January 31, 2007:   "Travel" by Kevin Pilkington   " I admit I see things a bit differently...."
January 30, 2007:   "The Cave" by Christine DeSimone   " The trouble with miracles is there's no way to prepare...."
January 29, 2007:   "Lost Tense" by Stephen Malin   " The past tense of ash..."
January 28, 2007:   "From Winslow Homer's Ocean, A Nation" by Joseph P. Wood   " Each American, the painter believed..."
January 27, 2007:   "Semilla" by Ricardo Pau-Llosa   " As with galaxies, with flowers..."
January 26, 2007:   "At Last" by Erin Belieu   " In this story / no one dies..."
January 25, 2007:   "Road Trip" by Jessica Goodfellow   " Because the horizon is not a number line..."
January 24, 2007:   "Daffodils." by Joy Katz   " God's cold call goes colder, goes black and white...."
January 23, 2007:   "A Leaf, A Hare" by Rebecca Dunham   " To arrive, one learns to journey..."
January 22, 2007:   "March First" by Jeffrey Harrison   " No news today—the newspaper got buried..."
January 21, 2007:   "An Understanding Unnaturally Prolonged" by Bill Knott   " Someone was talking on the telephone..."
January 20, 2007:   "Begetting Stadia" by Ben Lerner   " The roof fell in..."
January 19, 2007:   "Temporary Sanity" by Rane Arroyo   " I'd watch the Muppets just to piss off..."
January 18, 2007:   "Auscultation" by Carolina Ebeid   " Fame brings with it an afterlife, a chrome circle of light...."
January 17, 2007:   "Prisoner's Wreath" by Aaron McCollough   " Insatiable cormorant come light by me..."
January 16, 2007:   "Bass Line" by Betsy Sholl   " He needs a bigger body, bull fiddle..."
January 15, 2007:   "Among the Most Recent Projectiles" by James Doyle   " storming the sky is the earth...."
January 14, 2007:   "Matt Hart Running With Daisy, His Dog" by Matt Hart   " Running with his dog, Matt Hart sucks in..."
January 13, 2007:   "Merryland" by Daniel Gutstein   " The problem with half-serious is that..."
January 12, 2007:   "(Pregnancy)" by Nadia Herman Colburn   " I will not be scared, it said..."
January 11, 2007:   "On Divination by Birds" by Kimberly Johnson   " Try a small black radio from any year..."
January 10, 2007:   "Studebaker" by Gerald Stern   " Try a small black radio from any year..."
January 9, 2007:   "Something for the Low End" by Betsy Wheeler   " Dear Alto Section, you angel me...."
January 8, 2007:   "Dulia" by Carolina Ebeid   " Every room became a clearing..."
January 7, 2007:   "To My Son In Iraq" by Frances Richey   " There's a new space show..."
January 6, 2007:   "Other Victims" by Rigoberto González   " Thank heavens for victims who find their way..."
January 5, 2007:   "Temptation to Believe" by Andrea Cohen   " Dumbstruck in the awesome..."
January 4, 2007:   "A Guess Is Spiritual Then, & Will Try to Help You" by John Gallaher   " Two pregnant women are walking together under the portico...."
January 3, 2007:   "God's Ode to Creation" by Maura Stanton   " Today's the kind of day when I feel good..."
January 2, 2007:   "Easter, Looking Westward" by Kimberly Johnson   " The stars! the stars have fled the sky!..."
January 1, 2007:   "Where" by Mary Jo Bang   " In this cicada city, we are dead..."
December 31, 2006:   "All Knee-Jerk, Nuts & Bolts" by Shafer Hall & Jennifer L. Knox   " The only thing left's..."
December 30, 2006:   "A Glow on the Road" by Annie Finch   " Glow on the road, and dusk's October opens..."
December 29, 2006:   "Sonnet" by Karen Volkman   " Nice knuckle, uncle. Nice hat, hornet...."
December 28, 2006:   "The Object of the Object" by Nance Van Winckel   " : to bound, or be..."
December 27, 2006:   "Medium as Meteorologist" by Heather McHugh   " Listening in or looking out..."
December 26, 2006:   "I Am So Great" by Cecily Iddings   " That the tree that owns itself..."
December 25, 2006:   "Sparrows" by Robert Cording   " Sparrow: our generic for any of the small brown birds..."
December 24, 2006:   "Northwest" by Stacie Cassarino   " I admit, I am afraid of isolation..."
December 23, 2006:   "Questions for Silence" by Paul Guest   " In its first thin tide. In the place..."
December 22, 2006:   "The Man at the Dump" by Brian Swann   " You might say everything's here..."
December 21, 2006:   "If We Are Pretty Ghosts. Hammered In" by Kerri Webster   " Someone types columns of numbers..."
December 20, 2006:   "Time and Place" by Benjamin S. Grossberg   " Because I seem unable to get a handle..."
December 19, 2006:   "In the Storm" by Mary Oliver   " Some black ducks / were shrugged up..."
December 18, 2006:   "Salt" by Gary Soto   " That's it, I think. Everyone I knew turned..."
December 17, 2006:   "The Fireman and His Wife" by Alice Friman   " Sensing the exact amount..."
December 16, 2006:   "Sky: An Inquiry" by Leslie Ullman   " Light is laying waste the heavens..."
December 15, 2006:   "Fisher King" by Caki Wilkinson   " They sold my favorite dive..."
December 14, 2006:   "Factbook" by Ian Harris   " I'm playing with blue plums..."
December 13, 2006:   "Cemetery" by Jason Myers   " Past the harbor stung by paddles and petroleum..."
December 12, 2006:   "Apples" by Meagan Evans   " The grackles keep their distance. Sharp-..."
December 11, 2006:   "The Son" by Sophie Cabot Black   " A man goes up a mountain. He is moved by what he believes...."
December 10, 2006:   "Everyone in Bosnia Loves Begonias" by Susan Rich   " On balconies safer than passport pages..."
December 9, 2006:   "Someone" by Dwaine Rieves   " Of luck, say what we didn't win...."
December 8, 2006:   "Litote, Smoke Trees, Fireworks Over Water" by Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis   " Gorgeous emptiness you've been here all along..."
December 7, 2006:   "Ghost Train" by Rhoda Janzen   " The March heart of winter chipped..."
December 6, 2006:   "I Am Lowered, I Am Raised" by Carole Simmons Oles   " You know I am fearless on earth, in air..."
December 5, 2006:   "Embers" by Henri Cole   " Poor summer, it doesn't know it's dying...."
December 4, 2006:   "Crop Cults" by Elizabeth Hadaway   " Recycling, grocery virtue, hopeless votes..."
December 3, 2006:   "Imagining Seals" by Susanna Roxman   " When they enter your imagination..."
December 2, 2006:   "At a Country Graveyard in Washington County" by James Silas Rogers   " A nesting chipping sparrow..."
December 1, 2006:   "Daisies" by Louis McKee   " Knowledge is power...."
November 30, 2006:   "A Form of Optimism" by Roy Jacobstein   " I doze in tranches and planes..."
November 29, 2006:   "Splendor" by Steve Kronen   " Old Mr. Rictus beside the yew shrub, moon..."
November 28, 2006:   "Once I Was in Wyoming" by Karen Kevorkian   " Once I was in Wyoming..."
November 27, 2006:   "How I Swam to the Bottom of the Ocean" by Chris Ransick   " I did it on a dare; my friend was smug..."
November 26, 2006:   "An Ideal Lure" by Sharon Dolin   " Sun-treeing, a tease, I of ten loves took leave..."
November 25, 2006:   "Phemios" by Stephen Dobyns   " Among the suitors, the poet was the worst..."
November 24, 2006:   "L'Objet Petit" by Diana Marie Delgado   " I am about to tell a lie whether you believe it or not. You tell lies with..."
November 23, 2006:   "West Agate" by Donald Revell   " The disrepair is heavy..."
November 22, 2006:   "19 Chopin Waltzes" by Emily Fragos   " The feathered flesh of a fish, the juice of a peach..."
November 21, 2006:   "Wish and What Happens" by Mary Ann Samyn   " Back to the fe fi ho hum of it...."
November 20, 2006:   "Recapitulation" by Deborah Tall   " The camp musicians'..."
November 19, 2006:   "Waves" by Grace Schulman   " The burst, the lilt and rock, the wheel of spray..."
November 18, 2006:   "Sleeptown" by Bryan Penberthy   " Places like this aren't invented...."
November 17, 2006:   "After Love" by Ryan Fox   " I wore it for weeks..."
November 16, 2006:   "An Introduction to Devotion" by Mary Ann Samyn   " Do you consider yourself adept? The face of..."
November 14, 2006:   "Theory of Incompletion" by Mark Doty   " I'm painting the apartment, elaborate project..."
November 13, 2006:   "Upshot" by Deborah Tall   " The deer in their winter coats..."
November 12, 2006:   "Against Vanishing" by James D'Agostino   " Don't you remember. Don't you go..."
November 11, 2006:   "Fame" by Irene McKinney   " That I would become known..."
November 10, 2006:   "The Undressing" by Wayne Miller   " See the roofs from the deck..."
November 9, 2006:   "voyage to the end" by Elisabeth Murawski   " I sin so much harder now..."
November 8, 2006:   "The House in Good Taste" by Angie Estes   " would be one way to think of..."
November 7, 2006:   "Landslide" by Charles Rafferty   " Suddenly what loomed..."
November 6, 2006:   "The Forgiveness Channel" by Nance Van Winckel   " Is your shadow bird over..."
November 5, 2006:   "Adrift" by Christine Poreba   " You cannot choose what sky arrives..."
November 4, 2006:   "Today's Lesson" by Edward Beatty   " Exhalation has shaken the old people from the trees...."
November 3, 2006:   "Shaken" by Richard Meier   " I acknowledge your status as a stranger of the beautiful...."
November 2, 2006:   "Gizmo" by Nick Conrad   " Just off the assembly line, a thing..."
November 1, 2006:   "Tide of Voices" by Lynda Hull   " At the hour the streetlights come on, buildings..."
October 30, 2006:   "Revival" by Jeannette Barnes   " Porchsitting on buggy, muggy evenings..."
October 29, 2006:   from Hush Sessions by Kristi Maxwell   " He got that a rocket was meant to love the ground..."
October 28, 2006:   "Revival" by Jeannette Barnes   " Porchsitting on buggy, muggy evenings..."
October 27, 2006:   "Drought" by Felecia Caton Garcia   " Try to remember: things go wrong in spite of it all...."
October 26, 2006:   "The Last Walk Before Everything" by Catherine Theis   " Promise me the hawthorn tree..."
October 25, 2006:   "Trillium" by Fleda Brown   " The universe prefers..."
October 24, 2006:   "Windmill" by Larissa Szporluk   " I can't cry so I..."
October 23, 2006:   "Flute Song" by Richard Dankleff   " 'Twas a curious fact that when Judge Russell played..."
October 22, 2006:   "The Whiner's Progress" by Stephen Dunn   " Snow was falling, the temperature too...."
October 21, 2006:   "Filipino Cats, Circa 1999" by Patrick Rosal   " They who stalked..."
October 20, 2006:   "What Feathers Are For" by Ann Lauinger   " That racket’s a baby woodpecker, plump and soft as a gland...."
October 19, 2006:   "The Trouble with Hammers" by Michael Meyerhofer   " The trouble with owning hammers..."
October 18, 2006:   "The God of Neglect, Overheard" by Paul Guest   " O hearts fat with custard, and sweet..."
October 17, 2006:   "Calling T. From the Cultural Wasteland" by Tara Bray   " I’m here in the fields where the crows are many and large...."
October 16, 2006:   "At Last, Fire Seen As a Psychotic Break" by Sarah Hannah   " It begins in the crux of beam and insulation..."
October 15, 2006:   "Vapor" by Lauren Mitchell   " It was a simple change...."
October 14, 2006:   "Sadistic Theme" by Kevin McFadden   " The first Puritan who came ashore..."
October 13, 2006:   "Stepping on the Dog" by Benjamin S. Grossberg   " The high squeal, the instant retraction..."
October 10, 2006:   "Aamazon Parable" by Jeffrey Thomson   " The bees that will strip every hair..."
We appologize for no poem being available on these days. Our computer developed a whine.
October 8, 2006:   "Aerialist" by Mark Yakich   " He's still as tall as ever..."
October 7, 2006:   "Conversation Between Clouds" by Phillis Levin   " It's different every time, but there was one..."
October 6, 2006:   "Aquarium" by Susanna Childress   " Whose body is whose, I wondered..."
October 5, 2006:   "Why We Took the Coastal Evacuation Route" by Eleanor Lerman   " We took our souvenirs and our unemployment checks...."
October 4, 2006:   "Crows" by Deborah Bogen   " He said John, immediately..."
October 3, 2006:   "The Italics Are Mine!" by Dara Wier   " There was breathing but there were no bodies..."
October 2, 2006:   "This Is How It Is" by Neil Shepard   " I'm old enough to know this daylight..."
October 1, 2006:   "The Gift of Winter" by Philip Levine   " The alder outside my window..."
September 30, 2006:   "Cabbage" by Jim Harrison   " If only I had the genius of a cabbage..."
September 29, 2006:   [heart in the sky] by Sandy Brown   " heart in the sky, hello. flux in the atmosphere: the mind of the deity..."
September 28, 2006:   "Postage Stamps, the First Date Series: Watching the Kingdome Implosion Broadcast, Seattle, Washington" by Lisa Roullard   " Lips to lips; dome to bits: with centered..."
September 27, 2006:   [is that all you do] by Jon Woodward   " is put things together I..."
September 26, 2006:   "Osmosis" by Lauren Goodwin Slaughter   " Days burn into gummy..."
September 25, 2006:   "Cat Nap" by Asa Boxer   " Enjoying rest, the feral house-cat wears her twilight coat, curls up..."
September 23, 2006:   "Aurora Borealis" by Mary Jo Salter   " An arc of searchlight..."
September 22, 2006:   "Cup of Sticks" by Matthew Miller   " Music was their first thought..."
September 21, 2006:   "Elegy: Airport" by Kevin Prufer   " Then there was snow..."
September 20, 2006:   "Smaller Dog" by Stephen Cushman   " We can't all be..."
September 19, 2006:   "Blue Visits" by Rane Arroyo   " The drowned won't stop circling..."
September 18, 2006:   "The Indentured" by David Roderick   " In wooded places, mildly more wild..."
September 17, 2006:   "Halflives" by Andrew C. Gottlieb   " Perhaps it's the dust at the cuffs of the walls...."
September 16, 2006:   "Puffins" by Helen Frost   " How do puffins find their way home?..."
September 15, 2006:   "God of The" by Garrett Doherty   " Shaker, aligner...."
September 14, 2006:   "One Morning a Rose Blooms" by Richard Tillinghast   " and swallows glide atop heat swells...."
September 13, 2006:   "Aubade" by Rhoda Janzen   " The sky for once turns pink..."
September 12, 2006:   [Lightness is unfolding] by Lisa Lubasch   " Lightness is unfolding..."
September 11, 2006:   "Watch" by Muriel Nelson   " I'll tell you what I've seen..."
September 10, 2006:   "To a Crumbling House" by Chelsea Rathburn   " Not yet unlivable, your ceiling sags..."
September 9, 2006:   "Tapestry Of Blossoming Senses: A Notation Of Spring While Watching Two Bicyclists Stop By A Pond" and "Where Lullabies Go: The Pond On An Early Winter Evening" by S. D. Lishan   " Sunlight ajar like in adore, silence..."
September 8, 2006:   "Armadillidae Vulgare" by Jere Odell   " Day was the roly-polies were pacifists..."
September 7, 2006:   "hang" by Martha Collins   " as a mirror on a wall, or the fall..."
September 5, 2006:   "No Place But" by Jean Gallagher   " There is no place but this sharp edge..."
September 4, 2006:   "Nocturne" by Robert Vasquez   " The moon's huge corona is one clue..."
September 3, 2006:   "Nasty Girls" by D.O. Moore   " Then there was the day He was seized..."
September 2, 2006:   "The Design" by Moira Linehan   " Then there was the day He was seized..."
September 1, 2006:   "Clockwork" by Steven D. Schroeder   " In the 27 seconds..."
August 31, 2006:   "Grackles" by F. Daniel Rzicznek   " The day is fastened..."
August 30, 2006:   "The Wood Lions" by Jere Odell   " From Denmark to Ynde..."
August 29, 2006:   "At The End Of A Long And Varied Career" by Tom C. Hunley   " As a child, I rang doorbells and ran off..."
August 28, 2006:   "Leaving" by Patrick Oh   " The reaction is fission..."
August 27, 2006:   "Miss Moore's Parlor Perfect to This Day" by Elizabeth Scanlon   " Museums are inherently sad, Marianne..."
August 26, 2006:   "Burning the Hives" by Danika Paige Myers   " My brother in the meadow..."
August 25, 2006:   "Black Iris" by Bruce Bond   " Dear guitar, my Cyclops, my raft..."
August 24, 2006:   "The Idiot's Guide to Faking Your Own Death and Moving to Mexico" by Jason Bredle   " Every few seconds I check the Bible..."
August 23, 2006:   "Maiden Mead" by Kirsten Kaschock   " It was when September, ending jealous, eats bees. We..."
August 22, 2006:   "Birds, Women and Writing" by Medbh McGuckian   " What was my last gift to you, this slack heart..."
August 21, 2006:   "Say the Boy" by Seth Abramson   " Say the boy has sprouted two stag horns overnight. Say a shadow leapt..."
August 20, 2006:   "Mythology" by Richard Wollman   " When Orion moves in December..."
August 19, 2006:   "Song of the Soft-Shoe Sirens" by Robert Thomas   " Yes, go to your muses..."
August 18, 2006:   "What I Learn Weeding" by Kathleen Flenniken   " A dandelion root can grow two feet long...."
August 17, 2006:   "Runaway Model" by James Shea   " I dropped my soulish thingy in the parking lot...."
August 16, 2006:   "A Tramp Shining (for Jimmy Webb)" by Richard Fox   " What luck applied is not part wise & part jejune?..."
August 15, 2006:   "Poem: There Might Be Beauty" by Donald Revell   " There might be beauty...."
August 14, 2006:   "Planetarium" by Bruce Bond   " As the mobile of planets wheeled over my crib..."
August 13, 2006:   "Syringa" by Lawrence Sail   " Cutely, with that ra-ra frill..."
August 12, 2006:   "Broken Sleep" by Madeline DeFrees   " Three times a night, I climb from my Percocet..."
August 11, 2006:   "Big Men Speaking to Little Men" by Philip Fried   " Slowly the black snake severs the path..."
August 10, 2006:   "Dead Critics Society" by Mike Dockins   " Zooks! What have I done with my anthologies? I'll need a..."
August 9, 2006:   "Praise" by Michael Blumenthal   " I roll from the bed mornings..."
August 8, 2006:   "Hummingbird" by Barbara Crooker   " He comes every day, in his crushed-emerald cape, flashing in front..."
August 7, 2006:   "Free Will" by Ellen Doré Watson   " It's there for the taking, like wild blueberries..."
August 6, 2006:   "'Tis Often Thus with Spirits" by Sally Ball   " Not cognac, though possibly cognac..."
August 5, 2006:   "At the Fish Hatchery" by Claire Whitenack   " I don't believe in trout..."
August 4, 2006:   "Cru Bourgeois" by Timothy Liu   " His were bulletins from the front nor promises of return...."
August 3, 2006:   "Goddess" by Kathryn Maris   " I love a bare world like the world I strode with my boy...."
August 2, 2006:   "Either/Or" by Gail Segal   " Refusing latitude..."
August 1, 2006:   "Dead Soldier" by Kevin Prufer   " Where the living are, no one's missed him yet...."
July 31, 2006:   "Night" by Eamon Grennan   " What to make of night, then, its caul of stars sequined and..."
July 30, 2006:   "Shirley DeLis" by Martin Pousson   " Skinny man like him, big woman like her..."
July 29, 2006:   "To Who Comes Near" by Isacco Turina, translated by Emmanuel Di Pasqaule   " Simply, a sea gull's step..."
July 28, 2006:   "Afternoon Nap" by Michael Pettit   " Imagine. Me, patient. Who was ready..."
July 27, 2006:   "Persimmon" by John Bensko   " Most important is the time..."
July 26, 2006:   "Last Poem in May" by Judith Harris   " After the late spring storm..."
July 25, 2006:   "Work Horse" by Kathryn Maris   " I own you because I have to...."
July 24, 2006:   "Mise-en-Scène" by Gail Segal   " And the gods will argue..."
July 23, 2006:   "The Devil's Trill" by Timothy Liu   " Pastoral abuse..."
July 22, 2006:   "Indian Summers" by Scott Hightower   " More than lush. Loaded. Like a stick of dynamite..."
July 21, 2006:   "Me and G-d at the sidewalk cafe" by Sari Krosinsky   " But I am not afraid..."
July 20, 2006:   "A Reminder (Great Cranberry Island)" by Carl Little   " It is one sort of evidence of living..."
July 19, 2006:   "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by Susanne Kort   " Yes, it will be exactly like this when you're gone — quiet, quiet, quiet..."
July 18, 2006:   "The Fern Seed" by Cecily Parks   " By the slight dimpling of my palm..."
July 17, 2006:   "Landscape" by Joshua Harmon   " At first the smash-up seemed joyous..."
July 16, 2006:   "On Falling and Failing" by J. P. Dancing Bear   " If Icarus were to speak, he'd kvetch..."
July 15, 2006:   "Picture of a House" by Paul Hostovsky   " There are several V's in my daughter's drawing...."
July 14, 2006:   "In the Dark" by Becky Kennedy   " When I am talking to you in the dark and you..."
July 13, 2006:   "The Sign" by Elizabeth Sanger   " Twilight at the striated..."
July 12, 2006:   "Domiciliary of the State" by Kevin Barents   " The patchy woods breed acrobatic squirrels...."
July 11, 2006:   "Poem Against Poem" by George Moore   " Ah, now it comes to me..."
July 10, 2006:   "Better Read, A Valentine" by Daisy Fried   " Scare, tides & herring. Shift. Sky..."
July 9, 2006:   "Last Days of the Surreal" by Elton Glaser   " Inside the open cages, only dead canaries sing..."
July 8, 2006:   "Alone with the Artichokes" by Stephen Murabito   " I can't believe that of all things..."
July 7, 2006:   "Little Gossip" by Sonja James   " Truth and fancy / make your upper lip curl..."
July 6, 2006:   "Rock Singer Dies Onstage After Acrobatic Leap Gone Wrong" by Christine DeSimone   " He died doing what he did best, the guy's wife..."
July 5, 2006:   "Afternoon Ether" by Dawn Lonsinger   " Mold spores land on wet surfaces..."
July 4, 2006:   "Niños Encuerados II" by Jamie Ross   " Trust. That's what brought us here...."
July 3, 2006:   "My Psychic" by James Kimbrell   " has a giant hand / diagrammed in front of her place..."
July 2, 2006:   "Biochemically Speaking, People Are Close Relatives of Soy" by Charles Harper Webb   " Soy beans lack perky breasts, it's true...."
July 1, 2006:   "Memo from My Future Self" by Ellen Wehle   " Offered the feast..."
June 30, 2006:   "Retirement" by Jason Fraley   " Palm trees anticipate the arc..."
June 29, 2006:   "Neighborhood Light" by Theodore Worozbyt   " Like the rim of the known..."
June 28, 2006:   "Later, People Took On Qualities That Planets Usually Have" by Rebecca Wadlinger   " Eventually everyone had moons: chunks of the earth..."
June 27, 2006:   "Scout" by Jamie Ross   " So I'm looking at this thing—let's..."
June 26, 2006:   "She Flew From Him" by Lacy Schutz   " She flew away, a nightingale near choked..."
June 25, 2006:   "The Mortgaging of Self Is Done" by Aimée Sands   " And the floors dreaming in wide..." June 24, 2006:   "Quilts" by Jane Springer   " Six siblings and two parents..."
June 23, 2006:   "All Things End in Fragrance" and "Starlings" by James Hoch   " Out the window, starlings..."
June 22, 2006:   "Trouble." by Melissa Stein   " Trouble on the prairie..."
June 21, 2006:   "Semaphore" by Sarah Murphy   " I have risen from the rows of roses..."
June 20, 2006:   "Sisyphus" by Malcolm Alexander   " In one sense, old man..."
June 19, 2006:   "Love of Sport" by Bob Hicok   " In the woods, place of tall and green, place of losing..."
June 18, 2006:   "Pliers" by Robert Pinsky   " What is the origin of this despair I feel..."
June 17, 2006:   "Toward" by Suzanne Heyd   " edge — only..."
June 16, 2006:   "How Small Pains" by Molly Bendall   " So far I'm told her horse kept composing..."
June 15, 2006:   "Fall" by Bob Hicok   " Trees and the white room filling with the resistance..."
June 14, 2006:   "Song of the Abducted" by Aleda Shirley   " The trees are full of owls. At night thousands..."
June 13, 2006:   "Cell Talk" by Lynne Knight   " I ate and ate, all mouth...."
June 12, 2006:   "Sea Hare" by Carol Frost   " Gelatinous parching creature by the verge of the sea..."
June 11, 2006:   "Eight" by Todd Smith   " Kissed by the president in the airport lot..."
June 10, 2006:   "Anecdote of the Field" by John Gallaher   " The children are running across the field, each..."
June 9, 2006:   "Bird Call, Wave" by Laurie Lamon   " Wife, my husband..."
June 8, 2006:   "The Park in November" by Marianne Boruch   " Part rain or part twilight..."
June 7, 2006:   "Bitterness" by Charlie Smith   " I'm not saying I'm confused by the way a flock..."
June 6, 2006:   "And came to the place where she recognized herself without fear" by Nina Lindsay   " Arriving, tired, forehead peaked, ribs bright. It was not in this..."
June 5, 2006:   "Again (Wrightsville Beach)" by Robert Creeley   " Crusoe again, confounded, confounding purposes..."
June 4, 2006:   "Losing Solomon" by Sean Nevin   " Things seem to take on a sudden shimmer..."
June 3, 2006:   "The Customary Mysteries" by Aleda Shirley   " When they transferred the site of Hades to the air..."
June 2, 2006:   "[When You Asked, I Thought At First]" by Boyer Rickel   " When you asked, I thought at first..."
June 1, 2006:   "The Power Plant" by Julianne Buchsbaum   " Under the copper-clad latticework of the power plant..."
May 31, 2006:   "In A Week Or Two, My Love, The Maple Will Be Empty." by David Swerdlow   " In a week or two, all this vanishing..."
May 30, 2006:   "Providence" by Christian Barter   " That painting is a map..."
May 29, 2006:   "Quail" by Dore Kiesselbach   " Søren Kierkegaard says to suffer..."
May 28, 2006:   "The Sacrifice" by The Sacrifice   " Søren Kierkegaard says to suffer..."
May 27, 2006:   from "The Voyage of the Rays" by Polly Clark   " Skirts fluttering, / they melt through the water..."
May 26, 2006:   from "From A Burbank Catalogue" by David Barber   " Famous for its diffidence, the evening primrose waits..."
May 25, 2006:   "Fairy Tale" by Kathleen McGookey   " Offer me a peach and a fork. Offer my sadness a small box...."
May 24, 2006:   "Lovetown" by Bryan Penberthy   " Maybe the streets go in circles for reasons..."
May 23, 2006:   "The Poetry of Bad Weather" by Debora Greger   " Someone had propped a skateboard..."
May 22, 2006:   "=" by Lightsey Darst   " A cortege: birds..."
May 21, 2006:   "Human Terms" by Kathleen Lynch   " The albino calf stands..."
May 20, 2006:   "the caveat onus ::: twenty-three" by Dave Brinks   " beneath the veil of perfect meaning..."
May 19, 2006:   "Trouble" by Ron Wallace   " How we think we abhor it..."
May 18, 2006:   "Funeral, Mineral, Vegetable" by Jibade-Khalil Huffman   " In a responsible fashioning..."
May 17, 2006:   "Fog on Skyline Drive" by Alison Apothecker   " Because what I say must be said..."
May 16, 2006:   "Oracle" by Michael Spence   " I have called for a fleet of ships..."
May 15, 2006:   "Starling" by Dorianne Laux   " Tail a fanfare and the devil's..."
May 14, 2006:   "Geese, Landing" by Michael David Madonick   " Even as they come in..."
May 13, 2006:   "On Day and Night" by James Arthur   " And as the neighbors' guests retire, coaxing their cars..."
May 12, 2006:   "Ontology of the Miniature Room" by Rebecca Dunham   " If life is a stage, then props are its truest..."
May 11, 2006:   "Waiting" by Brad Davis   " With no enduring city here, no..."
May 10, 2006:   "Language Mixology" by Adrian Matejka   " Half brother of the same halves..."
May 9, 2006:   "Hat of Many Goldfinches" by Susan Meyers   " Say you could wear twenty goldfinches on your head..."
May 8, 2006:   "Cow Song" by Susan B.A. Somers-Willett   " My sleep rolls through the hush of crickets' purr..."
May 7, 2006:   "Dear Beekeeper," by Julianne Buchsbaum   " you have a way of listening..."
May 6, 2006:   "The Kitchen Looks Out The Window" by Elizabeth Caffrey   " The kitchen looks out the window..."
May 5, 2006:   "The Tarrying Meeting" by Dorothy Barresi   " We're liars, too, lonely and afraid in ways..."
May 4, 2006:   "Tell Me" by Maggie Nelson   " You are gone now, truly..."
May 3, 2006:   "Nettles" by A. E. Stallings   " March: pinked leaflets sprout..."
May 2, 2006:   "Prose, I say, Plasma" by Susanna Childress   " The night we both do not sleep, I tell you, The body is an overturned pail..."
May 1, 2006:   "Invitation" by W. D. Snodgrass   " Come live with me and be my last..."
April 30, 2006:   "When Red Becomes the Wolf" by Jeannine Hall Gailey   " In my dream you brought me fired bologna sandwiches...."
April 29, 2006:   "Actaeon" by Michael Snediker   " Castor, / through the pennywort..."
April 28, 2006:   "The Professor's Lover" by Victoria Chang   " Dogs barking, wind blowing, how I never get..."
April 27, 2006:   "Hunger Essay" by Jennifer Chang   " He shows me a place in the forest..."
April 26, 2006:   "Testament" by Megan Gannon   " You're learning patterns..."
April 25, 2006:   "Undid in the Land of Undone" by Lee Upton   " All the things I wanted to do and didn't..."
April 24, 2006:   "Aubade" by Idra Novey   " I say, "I follow a stray dog..."
April 23, 2006:   "We Argue about Regret" by Laura McCullough   " I say, "You could have been..."
April 22, 2006:   "Adoration is Not Irrelevant" by Hayden Carruth   " You, my adoration—no fooling—I've..."
April 21, 2006:   "X at Sea" by Tom Hansen   " X woke up on a ship...."
April 20, 2006:   "The Segregation of the Senses" by W. R. Weinstein   " Like 100 people finding shapes in clouds...."
April 19, 2006:   "Delineation of Light and Water" by Quinn Latimer   " Inside the desire, it was like standing in a field of fluorescent..."
April 18, 2006:   "A Seahorse Loop" and "Salamander" by Jon Woodward   " A stupidity, a soup..."
April 17, 2006:   "Alley in Winter" by Mike White   " Let the work..."
April 16, 2006:   "Walt Whitman's Sermon on Spirituality to a Certain Congregation of Worms" by Lois Marie Harrod   " Open your mouth to the cease that surrounds..."
April 15, 2006:   "Starr Farm Beach" by Timothy Steele   " Although the beach, with its adjacent r's..."
April 14, 2006:   "This Is for the Thunder" by Richard Brostoff   " This is for the curling..."
April 13, 2006:   "Dust" by Alice Friman   " The lawn rolled back like a rug..."
April 12, 2006:   "Equilibrium Update" by J. Allyn Rosser   " Look there, a man caught smack in the middle of his life..."
April 11, 2006:   "Van Gogh" by John Balaban   " Well, he lived among us and hated winters...."
April 10, 2006:   "Gravitas" by Martha Silano   " A quarter cow in a cardboard box..."
April 9, 2006:   "Diaspora" by Jeffery Bahr   " A dozen still that I might forget...."
April 8, 2006:   "Baseball Is" by Dan Sklar   " My father handing cash to the old ushers..."
April 7, 2006:   "Me, The Wife: Versions of Medusa" by Lynnell Edwards   " One day it will come to this..."
April 6, 2006:   "Clarity, 1.2" by Mary Ann Samyn   " Considering The Despair of St. Thomas...."
April 5, 2006:   "Femme Fatale" by Jeannine Hall Gailey   " Even our names sound delicious..."
April 4, 2006:   "Palinurus" by A.E. Stallings   " Sleep is a god, attending when he wills..."
April 3, 2006:   "Nymphs" by Jesse Lichtenstein   " A certain body is drawn..."
April 2, 2006:   "Boys" by Bill Bly   " They jiggle it, fidget it,..."
April 1, 2006:   "Wayfarers" by Andrew Hudgins as Alan Lutiy   " Wait, the wayworn..."
March 31, 2006:   from The Book of Zeros by Sam Reed   " Zero came to the first heart and saw that she was missing..."
March 30, 2006:   "What You See If You Use Water as a Mirror" by Jessica Goodfellow   " In Shinto, the eight elements..."
March 29, 2006:   "Hammerhead on the Atlantic" by John Pursley III   " On the Ft. Lauderdale docks, there are barrels..."
March 28, 2006:   "St. Francis in Winter" by Marianne Boruch   " Snowbound, St. Francis in the iris bed, snow..."
March 27, 2006:   "Horse Poetica" by Matthew Thorburn   " The one I rode in on. That mud-colored nag...."
March 26, 2006:   "Wherewithout" by Mark Bibbins   " I'm sunk within..."
March 25, 2006:   "Please Take Back the Sparrows" by Suzanne Buffam   " They are bothersome and cute...."
March 24, 2006:   "The Numbers are Not In" by Paul Guest   " The world is filled with those who want..."
March 23, 2006:   "The Mystery of Pigeons Feeding in December" by Paul Benton   " You know it is the cold black earth, the sparse..."
March 22, 2006:   "Poem For The Twenty-First Century Gatekeeper" by Clay Matthews   " Thirty days in the hole and when my body proceeded..."
March 21, 2006:   "Weather Report" by Bob Hicok   " Cats are new to me is why I call them..."
March 20, 2006:   "Atlantis—A Lost Sonnet" by Eavan Boland   " How on earth did it happen, I used to wonder..."
March 19, 2006:   "Unveiling" by Diane Mehta   " So I have taken up the colors of the sun..."
March 18, 2006:   "After a Month of Rain" by Linda Pastan   " Everything I thought I wanted..."
March 17, 2006:   "but the house sparrows are . . ." by Jon Woodward   " but the house sparrows are..."
March 16, 2006:   "Rider Unhorsed" by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc   " See me riding along famously when reeds..."
March 15, 2006:   "Detour, Missouri" by Chad Parmenter   " He was just a detourist, too nervous..."
March 14, 2006:   "The Circus Woman Who Is Discussing Someone Else's Idea of Temptation" by Debbie Urbanski   " The twelve chorus starlings of whom most people have envy..."
March 13, 2006:   "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" by William Logan   " In the Hague, den Haag, the shop..."
March 12, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Regrets" by Geraldine Connolly   " Out of their secret places..."
March 11, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "An Artist Like Any Other" by Lisa Williams   " They were not one body. Yet they seemed..."
March 10, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Grackles" by Lisa Williams   " They were not one body. Yet they seemed..."
March 9, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Close Quarters" by Cathryn Essinger   " Having never opened a can of sardines..."
March 8, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Morning Drive to Ijamsville" by Elizabeth Rees   " Against overturned cups of rain..."
March 7, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Olivia Between Acts" by Stuart Lishan   " How is it that some somebody slips in..."
March 6, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Ill-Made Almighty" by Heather McHugh   " The logos thrives, it is crawling..."
March 5, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Against Elegies" by M. B. McLatchey   " What if we let you sing first..."
March 4, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Red and Black Days" by Robin Behn   " Sometimes they would gather at the table..."
March 3, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Nestling Robins" by Ted Kooser   " In the crabapple tree by the side porch..."
March 2, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Speak, Zero" by Mary Ruefle   " There was a morning bowl of cereal..."
March 1, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Truth About Love" by Bob Hicok   " I apologize for not being Gandhi or Tom..."
February 28, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Deer" by Sarah Kennedy   " Halfway across the empty interstate, I stopped..."
February 27, 2006 (A 2004 Favorite):   "Kind of Blue" by Angie Estes   " So the universe is not blue..."
February 26, 2006:   "Inside the Church" by Rebecca Kaiser Gibson   " Inside the church there was a horse and she knew it..."
February 25, 2006:   "Brackets Make a Racket" by Maurya Simon   " [because even silence disrupts silence]..."
February 24, 2006:   "The Garden of Languages" by Jeanne Larsen   " You can't draw a plan for it..."
February 23, 2006:   "Sexual Blossoms and Their Fierce Addictions" by Sidney Wade   " Yesterday's tulips in the crystal bowl..."
February 22, 2006:   "If You Cannot Be True" by Hayden Draper   " Like the golem, roam our city..."
February 21, 2006:   [O Second-Story Man] by Susan Goslee   " O Second-Story Man, I am a thief..."
February 20, 2006:   "How It Came to Be Connecticut" by James Haug   " Local weather followed her everywhere...."
February 19, 2006:   "The Unripe Dead" by Sonia Raiziss   " The year has come round again..."
February 18, 2006:   "Hard Times" by Robert L. Brimm   " Suddenly he's in my face..."
February 17, 2006:   "Pentecostals at the River Baptizing" by Robert Bense   " Sough of smooth river silt, foot in..."
February 16, 2006:   "Watersong" by F. D. Reeve   " When I spend a long time fishing alone..."
February 15, 2006:   "Long After the Flames" by Keith Montesano   " Today, in broad daylight, I crawled through the window..."
February 14, 2006:   "Signing the Kills" by John Hennessy   " That might have been me, the boy you saw..."
February 13, 2006:   "Dear Friend," by Robert Funge   " I'm full of good news..."
February 12, 2006:   "Weather" by Kathleen Lynch   " What if the earth like any body..."
February 11, 2006:   "Among the Alien Born" by Sonia Raiziss   " Nor this city whose blood..."
February 10, 2006:   "For My First Wife, While Married to My Second" by Christopher Goodrich   " It has been a long time since we sat down..."
February 9, 2006:   "How Passion Finds Us" by Mercedes Lawry   " The serpent moon gives no promise...."
February 8, 2006:   "The Unlikely Landscape of Forgiveness" by Margaret Szumowski   " The way the land itself forgives flood..."
February 7, 2006:   "Five Cents" by Noel Conneely   " The desert is burning...."
February 6, 2006:   "Landscape With Figures" by Eileen Berry   " The marsh has moods—it is a large flat canvas..."
February 5, 2006:   "Perseveration" by Susan Elbe   " All the road rage, rolling blackouts..."
February 4, 2006:   "The Future Perfect" by Damian Fallon   " will have twisted the tongues..."
February 3, 2006:   "The Comfort of Strangers" by Jeffrey Levine   " Through the half-open shutters the setting sun..."
February 2, 2006:   "Paradise in the City of Shivering Bells" by S.D. Lishan   " Division orbits us..."
February 1, 2006:   "Judges" by Larissa Szporluk   " There is nothing beautiful about us...."
January 31, 2006:   "Cupid and the Party Dress" by Cassie Sparkman   " Psyche in a party dress, sidewalk traffic leaving..."
January 30, 2006:   "Deep Sea Dantesca" by Carol Quinn   " They’ll tell you how they live without the one..."
January 29, 2006:   "When I Was Gone to Summer" by Theodore Worozbyt   " When I was gone to summer green as paint, they came..."
January 28, 2006:   "There Are Whistles and Heat" by Faye Kicknosway   " There are whistles and heat..."
January 27, 2006:   "Hibernaculum" and "Or," by Bridget Cross   " If you grew yourself a house..."
January 26, 2006:   "The Dark Pelican" by C.J. Sage   " Her nest is crude (though on the shore it rests..."
January 25, 2006:   "Single-Lens Reflex" by Debra Kang Dean   " These twitches, the mind's reflex..."
January 24, 2006:   "Pertinacious Seedheads" by Michelle Boisseau   " Stuck on the side of the road..."
January 23, 2006:   "Holy Spirit" by Nicole Cuddeback   " Today I saw the Holy Spirit fly..."
January 22, 2006:   "Starlings" by Sarah Arvio   " All winter I watched the swarms of starlings..."
January 21, 2006:   from "Genomic Vanitas & Memento Vivi" by Bruce Beasley   " Cockcrow & cricket-scrape, dried..."
January 20, 2006:   "Contained" by Robin Behn   " After you have swum to the inland island..."
January 19, 2006:   "Key to Pronunciation: /sälm/" by Rita Mae Reese   " The bad men want nothing to do with me..."
January 18, 2006:   "Frogs" by Jeffrey Levine   " The bad men want nothing to do with me..."
January 17, 2006:   "Leaving the Land" by Stephen C. Behrendt   " These will be the last purple coneflowers..."
January 16, 2006:   "The Clown's Mother" by Brent Pallas   " She's worried. He's out again..."
January 15, 2006:   "Pursuit" by Sarah Sloat   " Bird-wrought dawn, bed's edge..."
January 14, 2006:   "Centenary Federation" by James Capozzi   " The quiet confidence is past...."
January 13, 2006:   "from Gomorrah, a sequence" by Tony Brinkley   " the softness is a sign they are alive..."
January 12, 2006:   "Becoming Involved" by Elizabeth Rees   " In Golden Gate Park / a woman lies down with a goose...."
January 11, 2006:   ":" by Farah Marklevits   " There are things in this world, look at them..."
January 10, 2006:   "The 'There' There" by Paul Gibbons   " Where the sea is sharpest, it is joining the land...."
January 9, 2006:   "Early Snow" by Stacie Cassarino   " Some mornings are like this..."
January 8, 2006:   "Orpheus" by Adam Fitzgerald   " Bronze wires choiring...."
January 7, 2006:   "Grotesque" by Sarah Arvio   " Freud had offered common unhappiness..."
January 6, 2006:   "Fountain" by Geoffrey G. O'Brien   " There is no such thing as the abrupt..."
January 5, 2006:   "Rehoboth Beach" by Matthew Ladd   " We bodies aspire, we in the day...."
January 4, 2006:   "For Orts" by Ander Monson   " A sprinkling. Rain & yes & light & rush...."
January 3, 2006:   "The Book of Lichens" by Hildred Crill   " If there's a surface..."
January 2, 2006:   "Ghazal of the Bright Body" by Sarah Sloat   " Weary, the week unspools from its bobbin...."
January 1, 2006:   "Milkweed" by Susan Maxwell   " Filigreed. When it must be blown..."
December 31, 2005:   "Field" by K. E. Duffin   " The trees kept back by a kind of police barrier...."
December 30, 2005:   from "Threshold" by Ted Mathys   " I CALL IT A NIGHT..."
December 29, 2005:   "Gray Gone Missing" by Michael Robins   " & though a needle drops among the stacks..."
December 28, 2005:   "Rain-Freighted" by Eric Pankey   " Then the rain fell, as it does..."
December 27, 2005:   "Amorous Poem" by Geoffrey G. O'Brien   " The calla lilies have arrived, they come..."
December 26, 2005:   "Ponderous Borer" by Linda Cooper   " Did I startle..."
December 25, 2005:   "Prayer" by Susan Denning   " Jesus makes me an owl..."
December 24, 2005:   "Immortality" by Robert Wrigley   " Consider the blind tribes of the rain..."
December 23, 2005:   "Spell for Setting the Sun" by Susan Meyers   " Be slantwise on bark. Hammered..."
December 22, 2005:   "Two Ways" by Susan Cohen   " When I find a bird this morning..."
December 21, 2005:   "Fiber Optics" by John Whalen   " I am the president of everything you see...."
December 20, 2005:   "And the Wound Says" by Nance Van Winckel   " Step into the river and let the ripples cool us...."
December 19, 2005:   "The Elephant's Graveyard" by David Wagoner   " Their huge gray shapes were trudging up a trail..."
December 18, 2005:   "Ochre" by Tory Dent   " so pale a beach she..."
December 17, 2005:   "Spider Woman" by Tony Barnstone   " It's hard to process if you have no drive..."
December 16, 2005:   "Woe to the Wildebeest, Whose Flesh Is to Be Torn" by Anthony McCann   " They are not horses, they are large..."
December 15, 2005:   "The Tracking" by Rennie McQuilkin   " Mercury shrinks to its bulb..."
December 14, 2005:   "Night Song" by J.H. Prynne   " The white rose trembles by the step  it is..."
December 13, 2005:   "Pupil" by Kate Greenstreet   " A genius! they say...."
December 12, 2005:   "Our Days Are Numbered" by Noelle Kocot   " You wanted to concoct a monody..."
December 11, 2005:   "Mukilteo Ferry" by Ingrid Wendt   " After the long drive north, relentless..."
December 10, 2005:   "Sinkholes" by Geoffrey Brock   " News that the earth has opened again..."
December 9, 2005:   "Monument" by Natasha Trethewey   " Today the ants are busy..."
December 8, 2005:   "Necessity at Rådmansgatan" by Hildred Crill   " If at last we detach from all..."
December 7, 2005:   "Real Live Boy" by Sarah Lindsay   " It's a dream with a lost youth..."
December 6, 2005:   "Huck Finn in the Sands Around Basra" by Jeannine Savard   " It's a dream with a lost youth..."
December 5, 2005:   "Reclamation" by Dale Kushner   " The moon was a hook the night he died..."
December 4, 2005:   "Rain for Days" by Diane Holland   " And the sky closed, but now the TV weather..."
December 3, 2005:   "Heavy Breather Zoo" by Jeffrey McDaniel   " Whatever happened to the heavy breather..."
December 2, 2005:   "Under The Eaves" by Fleda Brown   " Two cottage mice: one trapped, neck snapped..."
December 1, 2005:   "Apostrophe à Go-Go" by Kathleen Halme III   " O, pardon me, I'm bored..."
November 30, 2005:   "Cod" by David Roderick   " We're off the headlands of a fable..."
November 29, 2005:   "Possum Hour" by Geoffrey Brock   " Worn down by relentless..."
November 28, 2005:   "As A Damper Quells A Struck String" by Eric Pankey   " To name the melon flower is not to chart the hypothetical..."
November 27, 2005:   "The Drowned Fish" by J.D. Smith   " One surfaces from time to time..."
November 26, 2005:   "Autumn" by Peggy Shumaker   " Higher than sandhill cranes..."
November 25, 2005:   "A Fable" by Ann Fisher-Wirth   " Why try to explain..."
November 24, 2005:   "Moving Picture" by David Cazden   " Winter is moving ahead, each day colder..."
November 23, 2005:   "Migration" by Brian Swann   " The headland shivers. We who are..."
November 22, 2005:   "Snake Angel" by Jeannine Savard   " Having arrived while we slept..."
November 21, 2005:   "Pretty White Dress" by Simone Muench   " Hey ladybird lurking..."
November 20, 2005:   "Making Lemonade" by Jill Anderson   " I like to think that you knew..."
November 19, 2005:   "Skeleton" by Chase Twichell   " No one dead will ever..."
November 18, 2005:   "Vincent" by Jean R. Sampson   " When you made love to the sun..."
November 17, 2005:   "April, Again" by Penelope Scambly Schott   " The most brutal movie I ever saw..."
November 16, 2005:   "On Our Way Home, Things Get Suspended for a Moment" by Julia Wendell   " The snow flurry passed & the sun came out...."
November 15, 2005:   "Winter Solstice" by Lisa Russ Spaar   " Blue, tense with cold and joy..."
November 14, 2005:   "The Sleep of Wood in The Houses of Wrens" by George Looney   " It's not the wrens but the girl in overalls..."
November 13, 2005:   "Toolshed" by Al Maginnes   " Given enough space, each man believes..."
November 12, 2005:   "Ecology" by June Jordan   " When I came back after a few days away..."
November 11, 2005:   "Homage to Georg Trakl" by Louis E. Bourgeois   " When you walked under the stars..."
November 10, 2005:   "The Red Ballroom" by Doretta Wildes   " Like a shrill or clash smack in the middle of matins..."
November 9, 2005:   "Job Speaks After Long Silence" by John Repp   " I am dust. I want nothing but water...."
November 8, 2005:   "At the parrot sanctuary" by Esther Morgan   " our presence disturbs their sleep..."
November 7, 2005:   "Failed Ambush Against Flamingoes" by Corinne Lee   " Stabat Mater: the mother..."
November 6, 2005:   "Perfect Lake of Water" by Melanie Figg   " You rage against me..."
November 5, 2005:   "The Fish in the Shallows" by Ross Leckie   " The fish nestle in the calm of the current..."
November 4, 2005:   "Clement" by Donald Revell   " Bird alights, bee alights, child shouts..."
November 3, 2005:   "A Catechism" by James Crizer   " The thought of ostrich heads gone subterranean..."
November 2, 2005:   "Choir" by C.J. Sage   " There's beatitude in the barnyard, corrals..."
November 1, 2005:   "My Personal Theory of Evolution" by Richard Cecil   " No sea-view condos under half a million..."
October 31, 2005:   "In Fall" by Doretta Wildes   " Math's gone mad. The countless leaves zigzag..."
October 30, 2005:   "Hurricane Warning: Surfers" by Peter Makuck   " Around the bend slides an ocean eerie with storm lights..."
October 29, 2005:   "The beloved is dead" by Gregory Orr   " The beloved is dead. Limbs..."
October 28, 2005:   "Gone" by Malena Mörling   " The world / is gone..."
October 27, 2005:   "Fears" by Rodney Jones   " They are like clouds on days..."
October 26, 2005:   "Flamingo Film" by Dave Smith   " I admire the whip of their wings in the sun, whorish pink..."
October 25, 2005:   "Lysistrata Motley" by Corinne Lee   " Even the quitch loves, sashaying..."
October 24, 2005:   "October Storm" by David Baker   " The green sky, / the gray-green sky..."
October 23, 2005:   "Indoor Weather" by Linda Bosson   " Clouds are clustered on my ceiling...."
October 22, 2005:   "Amaryllis" by Andrew Gottlieb   " Long-stemmed girl, you set the pot..."
October 21, 2005:   "Consider Yourself, Osiris" by Lynne Bigley   " Walking above / your underworld..."
October 20, 2005:   "'To Forget Its Creator Is One of the Functions of a Creation'" by Gilbert Allen   " So memory is the absent..."
October 19, 2005:   "Paradise-Un" by Catherine Wing   " In the beginning God, unaccompanied..."
October 18, 2005:   "Soloists" by Jessica Johnson   " The dog blunders along the field's edge..."
October 17, 2005:   "The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice" by Mary Jo Bang   " And tightens until language can't bear this..."
October 16, 2005:   "Subjoinders to Our Hero" by Ryan Flaherty   " & so it was—gliding, variously..."
October 15, 2005:   "Leaf Boat" by Rad Smith   " Tiny bugs on this maple leaf..."
October 14, 2005:   "Waves" by Robin Behn   " Some days the house was like a houseboat..."
October 13, 2005:   "Always The Same Face" by Phillis Levin   " Full moon. Harvest moon. Late September...."
October 12, 2005:   "Sunflower" by Karen Rigby   " Before my desires..."
October 11, 2005:   "Elegy For The Odd, Where It Drains, Where It Ends" by Ander Monson   " This blood is odd and good..."
October 10, 2005:   "Larger to Those Who Stay" by Eleanor Wilner   " After the blight, the year..."
October 9, 2005:   "Aanabhrandhanmar Means 'Mad About Elephants'" by Aimee Nezhukumatathil   " Forget trying to pronounce it. What matters..."
October 8, 2005:   "Untitled Interior" by John Pursley III   " The grapefruit tree has died...."
October 7, 2005:   "When Will We Begin?" by Eric Elshtain   " King Wen decides five fires..."
October 6, 2005:   "How to Talk to Your Yard as If It’s Your Lover" by Mary Christine Delea   " Now that we have each other, I will pull and pluck..."
October 5, 2005:   "Confession" by Gianmarc Manzione   " When I tried to have a look..."
October 4, 2005:   "Past Waking" by Chris Souza   " Hard wind: the snow..."
October 3, 2005:   "Refugee" by Richard Hoffman   " A man carries his door..."
October 2, 2005:   "Dream: Obedience" by Chris Forhan   " Some boys won't go willingly. I will...."
October 1, 2005:   "New Orleans" by Richard Garcia   " You're strolling hand in hand, occasional..."
September 30, 2005:   "Desire & Need" by Ariane Bolduc   " What he looked like, who he was..."
September 29, 2005:   "Love Song to My Neighborhoods" by Kelli Russell Agodon   " Sometimes I stroll through forests..."
September 28, 2005:   "Thinks Herself Precious at a Price" by Stephen Massimilla   " Rounding the Cape Horn, you looked..."
September 27, 2005:   "Vermont Barn" by Lynne Knight   " The barn is so weathered it may collapse..."
September 26, 2005:   "Enter, Fall" by Margot Schilpp   " What parts of the plans holding..."
September 25, 2005:   "Taxidermy" by Andrew Osborn   " The aviary’s cold tonight I feel..."
September 24, 2005:   "Cuckoo" by Larissa Szporluk   " I nudge the eggs..."
September 23, 2005:   "Washington D.C." by Christopher Matthews   " To the muggy epic April sunset..."
September 22, 2005:   "Capturing a Plum Blossom" by John Pursley III   " In the center of the table..."
September 21, 2005:   "eBay Sonnets" by Denise Duhamel   " The first time I moved to a warm climate..."
September 20, 2005:   "Summer in Tempe" by Jennifer Chapis   " Like the cat convinced it can walk on snow..."
September 19, 2005:   "Would-Be Pastoral Elegy" by Gail White   " Spring's back again, riding a surge of death...."
September 18, 2005:   "The Tense of Dreams" by David Bergman   " The past weighs nothing in our dreams, but we feel..."
September 17, 2005:   "The Recollection of Some Object Formed From It" by Jen Tynes   " Watched the cat sleeping..."
September 16, 2005:   "Rosemary" by Andrew Frisardi   " It's a bush beside a barricade..."
September 15, 2005:   "Addendum" by Andrew Osborn   " And then there's the wind blows through me, no noun..."
September 14, 2005:   "Loosely Related Sheep" by Larissa Szporluk   " Jump, uncle, jump...."
September 13, 2005:   "Tonight's The Night" by Catherine Meng   " A thief returns & puffs pillows, arranges sheets..."
September 12, 2005:   "Smatches" by Bill Knott   " An ocean must prove itself by puddles..."
September 11, 2005:   "Horsewomen" by Ann E. Michael   "Praise the semitendinocus muscle, the wide, rounded..."
September 10, 2005:   "If Found, Drop In Any Mail Box. Owner Will Pay Postage" by Jeanne Murray Walker   "I'm grading papers in the motel room..."
September 9, 2005:   "God of Reprieve and Other Small Miracles " by Jeffrey Levine   "You can see her from the lake...."
September 8, 2005:   "Roman Elegy" by Michael Snediker   "There were bees..."
September 7, 2005:   "Faced with 8:38" and "8:38 is straw" by Mary Molinary   "Faced with 8:38 (its form & function..."
September 6, 2005:   "Voluptuosity" by Timothy Kelly   "The body's curving comes..."
September 5, 2005:   "Off in the darkness hourses moved restlessly" by Albert Goldbarth   "We believed they were horses; and so..."
September 4, 2005:   "Hemispheres" by Ted Mathys   "I split an orange and the day..."
September 3, 2005:   "Scabland" by James Grinwis   "An ointment jar glistens on the plain..."
September 2, 2005:   "Darwin's Marathon" by Jeffrey Skinner   "Why should I want to return..."
September 1, 2005:   "A Bird in the Hand is Worth $1.50/HR." by Anna Fulford   "Break the birds who..."
August 31, 2005:   "If I'd Known it was Going to be That Kind of Party" by Marc McKee   "Switchblades sprout and little else...."
August 30, 2005:   "Keys & Scales" by Ange Mlinko   "Back when maps were dangerous it was seditious..."
August 29, 2005:   "Renegade Salmon" by Lisa Jarnot   "Lighthearted herbivores..."
August 28, 2005:   "To the Greek Girl on Forest Street" by Laura Heidy   "I see you're making love again..."
August 27, 2005:   "I Lived in the Forest" by Emmy Hunter   "But it was darker...."
August 26, 2005:   "Ocean" and "Origins" by Wendy Wisner   "The island ended where the ocean began. But the ocean never ended...."
August 25, 2005:   "from Crossed, Cross, Crossing by Esther Lee   "Wasn't there something about a sandbag..."
August 24, 2005:   "Pyracantha by Leah Nielsen   "Eggshell sharp, the compost odor seeped..."
August 23, 2005:   "Paradise by James Capozzi   "Who knows how long I'll maunder solo, some..."
August 22, 2005:   "According to the polar reports, by Jeffrey Levine   "there is no grief. Too cold for that. Still, age after age..."
August 21, 2005:   "History by Aaron Anstett   "No one in this world remembers making love in 1648..."
August 20, 2005:   "Over a Long Distance by Cleopatra Mathis   "Before I found the sea..."
August 19, 2005:   "Sappho in Concert by Rennie McQuilkin   "Like any man I am too much shield and spear..."
August 18, 2005:   "Cormorant by Annie Boutelle   "Like a cormorant, sharp..."
August 17, 2005:   "Forearm Dissection by Timothy Kelly   "The fine, sheathed muscles laid in length..."
August 16, 2005:   "Drowning by the Light of Oranges by Simone Muench   "I pinned a star..."
August 15, 2005:   "Low and Delicious by Elton Glaser   "This morning, even the roses look morose..."
August 14, 2005:   "House on Fire by Susan Yount   "This house is kindling..."
August 13, 2005:   "Gedächtnisgefängnis by Anne Blonstein   "he was born thinking omens...."
August 12, 2005:   "Crossroads by Dana Curtis   "This is the last time..."
August 11, 2005:   "Small Parts by Ron Houchin   "When we were young and finding each other..."
August 10, 2005:   "Vessel by Linda Cooper   "A body holds a tiny..."
August 9, 2005:   "Returning The Ghost by F. Daniel Rzicznek   "After the glass of crashing..."
August 8, 2005:   "Abacus of Birds for Eurydice by Michelle Mitchell-Foust   "I hear a saw first..."
August 7, 2005:   "The Autobiography of a Totally Harmless Person by Bridget Cross   "Without you, bathysphere, the silent world..."
August 6, 2005:   "Swallows by Natalka Bilotserkivets, translated by Olena Jennings   "a last attempt to fly off somewhere..."
August 5, 2005:   "Long Distance by Walter Griffin   "Tonight I am hungry for..."
August 4, 2005:   "Historical Accuracy by Jim Daniels   "The way she hummed made me want..."
August 3, 2005:   "The Death of Cleone by Fleda Brown   "Of course she mistook..."
August 2, 2005:   "Cow Tipping by Victoria Brockmeier   "you'd never think they'd tumble..."
August 1, 2005:   "Half-Numb from Winter, on a Morning Almost Warm by Elton Glaser   "Go for wisdom to the iris, beard..."
July 31, 2005:   "Loose Leaf from a Destroyed Journal by Julie Sheehan   "In my dream's dream..."
July 30, 2005:   "Feeding by Tony Morris   "Each night, I carry scraps..."
July 29, 2005:   "Cold Pastoral by Reginald Shepherd   "Winter wonders where when weather wanders..."
July 28, 2005:   "Tongues by Barbara Hamby   "Jesus has come into the mockingbird's heart..."
July 27, 2005:   "The Conch in the Next Life by David Petruzelli   "The time you spoke to no one..."
July 26, 2005:   "Something and Nothing" and "Cemetery by Katie Ford   "In the month my brother began to love a married woman..."
July 25, 2005:   "Manatee" by Carol Frost   "Shading to pink on the underparts: soft and liable..."
July 24, 2005:   "Driving Home, I see a Rothko Painting in the Distance and Pull Over to Give It a Lift" by Jason Koo   "When I stop to pick it up, it's standing in front..."
July 23, 2005:   "Elemental: Nitrogen" by Suzanne Heyd   "Four-fifths of every breath..."
July 22, 2005:   "The Blue-Gray Body of the Zambezi" by Dawn Lonsinger   "The river is full of albescent bodies..."
July 21, 2005:   "Eddy" by Carol Frost   "Against wind's silk direction the tide is flowing..."
July 20, 2005:   "Making History" and "A Disappearing Act" by Karl Elder   "Zero gravity or depravity..."
July 19, 2005:   "Locust" by David Appelbaum   "In that great silent first frost..."
July 18, 2005:   "A Little Traveling Music" by Betsy Sholl   "Like its first three notes, rising to beg..."
July 17, 2005:   "Husky" by Jackie Kay   "The voice of the husky in the snow..."
July 16, 2005:   "Tillandsia Usneoides" by Sandra Meek   "You could walk under it your whole life..."
July 15, 2005:   "Aperto" by Rebecca Hoogs   "What is clearest is beyond you most days...."
July 14, 2005:   "Postcard Lost at Sea" by Wyn Cooper   "He tells me everything is his now..."
July 13, 2005:   "Skate" by Beckian Fritz Goldberg   "The bed is a beautiful lie...."
July 12, 2005:   "To a Tortoiseshell Lyre" by W. S. Merwin   "Do you know how beautiful you are..."
July 11, 2005:   "The Invitation" by Patricia Fargnoli   "I have opened the doors..."
July 10, 2005:   "The New Retina" by Christina Pugh   "is little more..."
July 9, 2005:   "Sestina Inviting My Sister to Become a Pirate" by Sandra Beasley   "We wake to breakfast in a burning house..."
July 8, 2005:   "Requiem" by Angie Estes   "Each October the house beyond..."
July 7, 2005:   "Revelation: 1373" by Sarah Kennedy   "Perhaps it was sudden, the Death..."
July 6, 2005:   "Goldfinch After Rain" by Elizabeth Harvell   "Where the gold of your feather, pulled..."
July 5, 2005:   "Simple" by Renée Ashley   "and the whole white sky descends a grain..."
July 4, 2005:   "Mourner" by Geraldine Connolly   "I love how you push aside the light's invasion..."
July 3, 2005:   "Ma (Or Pa)ternal" by Muriel Nelson   "To know, I thought, you have to make a child...."
July 2, 2005:   "Eve Leaves Eden" by Celia Gilbert   "The rose that bloomed at the gate..."
July 1, 2005:   "Greenhouse" by Rebecca Givens   "A clear voice that is not your voice came..."
June 30, 2005:   "Animals" by Alison Powell   "Sigh and stretch tight that bridge of disbelief..."
June 29, 2005:   "Snowdon Philosophy" by Neil Shepard   "Count me one object among many..."
June 28, 2005:  "West Nile" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "The birds began to rust..."
June 27, 2005:  "Tehachapi" by St. James Wood   "And though this isn't hell, it's in the suburbs..."
June 26, 2005:  "That's Enough" by Jack Ridl   "At times like these, we should..."
June 25, 2005:  "I wanted to be sure to reach you" by Jean Valentine   "My valley at peace with unforgetfulness..."
June 24, 2005:  "When the River Comes Toward Me" by Nance Van Winckel   "it comes with whatever it's..."
June 23, 2005:  "Tell The Time" by Theodore Worozbyt   "The contour of a bedsheet, a fabric on a fabric..."
June 22, 2005:  "Three Boats, One Afternoon" by Jennifer Michael Hecht   "It’s a flood and the water is up to the first floor..."
June 21, 2005:  "The Personal Touch" by Bob Hicok   "I have fifteen cloud stamps, it says on the back..."
June 20, 2005:  "Trout Fishing" and "The Iris Eaters" by Muriel Rukeyser   "Well I'm back again..."
June 11, 2005:  "Nocturne for the Dying" by Leilani Hall   "We met as the blind do, disregarding..."
June 10, 2005:  "Desire: A Bestiary" by Ned Balbo   "Magnificent Frigate-Bird..."
June 9, 2005:  "In late summer the sea comes to the city" by J. C. Todd   "It isn't yourself you see at the end..."
June 8, 2005:  "Cabbageworm" by Gabriel Spera   "Blind hungerer, probing mandible of glut..."
June 7, 2005:  "Astonish" by Ander Monson   "If the work of rock is shift & chip & fault..."
June 6, 2005:  "Apostrophe" by Angie Estes   ""How many in a field..."
June 5, 2005:  from "Girls' School" by Claudia Emerson   ""Everything here measures: weight, effort, sin..."
June 4, 2005:  "Sand" by Jane Hilberry   ""I have a tone inside me..."
June 3, 2005:  "A Capella" by Weston Cutter   ""I left while you..."
June 2, 2005:  "Eighty From Seventy-Eight" by William Gass   ""A snow ago this snow..."
June 1, 2005:  "Maybe" Myrna Stone   ""Who first spoke you, word..."
May 31, 2005:  "Chum" Lucia Perillo   ""How come we all don't have the luxury of our ghosts..."
May 29, 2005:  "Rhapsody" Sandra Kohler   ""Sunday morning on the porch. Thick moist summer...."
May 28, 2005:  "Cooling" Betsey Houghton   ""Out on the lake, a groan of ice plays..."
May 27, 2005:  "The Gazing-Globe Garden" Jeanne Larsen   ""is the element ether, a stuff..."
May 26, 2005:  "No Encores. No Autographs." J. Gallaher   ""When I was little, and could float..."
May 25, 2005:  "Fontanelle" David Hernandez   ""In the womb our skull's not one bone..."
May 24, 2005:  "Music Left by Another" George Looney   ""The gecko survives by clinging...."
May 23, 2005:  "Rhymes for a Watertower" Christian Wiman   ""A town so flat a grave's a hill..."
May 22, 2005:  "Dishonest Elegy for a Sentimental Mood" Melissa Koosmann   ""The mosquitoes came out..."
May 21, 2005:  "The Innocent" Jean Nordhaus   ""Alone and together, we stand on the platform..."
May 20, 2005:  "Pas De L'Incise" D. Nurske   ""We came down from the little mountains..."
May 19, 2005:  "Levels" Alexandra Teague   ""We're looking for that sure thing: the glowing yellow..."
May 18, 2005:  "Poem with No Moral at the End" Charlie Clark   ""It is in the way the boy helped bury..."
May 17, 2005:  "Vespers" Charles Wright   ""Who wouldn't wish to become..."
May 16, 2005:  "Bird Advice" Jill Alexander Essbaum   ""There you go again, head in hand..."
May 15, 2005:  "Water Walking Stick" Stuart Friebert   ""Looking for all the world like a dried twig..."
May 14, 2005:  "Parting Shot" Brendan O'Connor   ""Don't let anyone tell you poverty..."
May 13, 2005:  "Little Snake Asleep in the Sun" Mary Oliver   ""I come upon him and he..."
May 12, 2005:  "Summer" W. S. Merwin   ""Be of this brightness dyed..."
May 11, 2005:  "Did We Betray the Rive" Dionisio D. Martínez   ""Did we betray the river or did the river betray us? You've noticed, I'm..."
May 10, 2005:  "Feeling Spring" Lisa S. Steinman   ""Something to do with Job, without..."
May 9, 2005:  "Gregor Mendel in the Garden" Linda Bierds   ""Black-robed on the green hillside..."
May 8, 2005:  "Riding" Robert W. Hill   ""We came right over a ridge..."
May 7, 2005:  "The Small Toe" Linda Hogan   ""They are the most innocent..."
May 6, 2005:  "The Shapes Sadness Can Take" Lance Larsen   ""A boy on his back staring past smokestacks..."
May 5, 2005:  "Vessel" Cecily Parks   ""Little canoe, you / predict ripples, rapids, and pockets..."
May 4, 2005:  "Once a Man" Dionisio D. Martínez   ""Once a man, always a man. The measure of a man. A shadow of the..."
May 3, 2005:  "Boat" Carol Frost   ""Miscalculation the day's first high..."
May 2, 2005:  "Heavenly" Mary Oliver   ""So much laughter is not heard...."
May 1, 2005:  "Persephone in Autumn" Ann Keniston   ""In the season of rotting fruit, when..."
April 30, 2005:  "Girder" Nan Cohen   ""The simplest of bridges, a promise..."
April 29, 2005:  "I Took by the Throat the Circumcised Dog" Chad Davidson   ""This is why we read: this same tragedy..."
April 28, 2005:  "Viola, to Olivia" Mary Makofske   ""In Cesario's breeches, I fell in love..."
April 27, 2005:  "Iago, the Poet" J. P. Dancing Bear   ""First, let me say it is sickening, this syrupy public..."
April 25, 2005:  "Vixen" W. S. Merwin   ""Comet of stillness princess of what is over..."
April 24, 2005:  "The Role of a Lifetime" Floyd Skloot   ""He could not imagine himself as Lear...."
April 23, 2005:  "Carolina Déjá Vu" Brendan Galvin   ""When my daughter's pit bull Lilith..."
April 22, 2005:  "The Art of Sleeping #9" by Roy Seeger   ""To whichever god counts, I confess all dead..."
April 21, 2005:  "End Note" by David Lehman   ""I hitched my wagon to a whale in the clouds..."
April 20, 2005:  "Grenade" by Rebecca Hoogs   ""In a unit of time, in a violence of sleep..."
April 19, 2005:  "Answering Fear as if It Were a Question" by Jennifer Militello   ""In a unit of time, in a violence of sleep..."
April 18, 2005:  "Sonnet" by Karen Volkman   ""That's what it says to the bloomingest more..."
April 17, 2005:  "Treasure" by Karla Huston   ""Rich says the desert pack rat..."
April 16, 2005:  "Red Sandstone Cliffs at Dusk" by David Woo   ""The sound of human suffering in the distance..."
April 15, 2005:  "34" by Jane Miller   ""The place may be clean and tidy..."
April 14, 2005:  "On the Nearest pass of Mars in 60,000 Years" by A. E. Stallings   ""War or Strife—yes, you were always painted..."

April 13, 2005:  "'A face is a face...'" by Annie Finch   ""A face is a face, no matter how it's painted..."
April 12, 2005:  "Cardinal Virtue" by Nicky Beer   ""At first, I can't name the bird falling deliberately..."
April 11, 2005:  "Sestina " by David Lehman   ""In Iowa, Jim dreamed that Della Street was Anne Sexton's..."
April 10, 2005:  "The Narration of Rain by Eric Pankey   ""Rain blows through the pines. Rain rattles water oak leaves. Rain on..."
April 9, 2005:  "spur reverie" by Dara Wier   ""(in this phase) (we traveled) (in the dark)..."
April 8, 2005:  from "Album" by Greg Pape   ""My son has built a tent-cabin..."
April 7, 2005:  "Hut Hurt Hat Heart" by Lilah Hegnauer   ""When I wrote them on the blackboard..."
April 6, 2005:  "A Row of Stones" by Robert W. Crawford   ""In those December storms that start as rain..."
April 5, 2005:  "Like It Is" by Kathrine Varnes   "" Here is a spray of heliotrope..."
April 4, 2005:  "Figures We're Meant to Believe In" by George Looney   ""Coal runs veins under what was..."
April 3, 2005:  "The Night Café" by Ron Houchin   ""Sad, sleeping hoodlums in an empty room..."
April 2, 2005:  "The Robin's Egg" by Ruth Levine   ""It must have fallen in last night's storm. Still..."
April 1, 2005:  "Red-Breasted Geese Crossing Eastern Europe" by Jendi Reiter   ""Beneath the girders' oily purple shadow..."
March 31, 2005:  "Another Story with a Burning Yarn in It" by Heidi Lynn Staples   ""I was on a fragmented seeming toward..."
March 30, 2005:  "Deer Hunt" by K. E. Duffin   ""Each print, a deep, cobalt pointing..."
March 29, 2005:  "Bird Elegy" by Gary Fincke   ""In post-apocalypse stories, when more..."
March 28, 2005:  "Snowies and Blues," "Brother, Sister," and "Endangered" by Amy Holman   ""Where there is no accumulation, laced and soft, come flocks..."
March 27, 2005:  "I Love to Stand on the Backs of the Turtles" by Karen Donovan   ""Night opens the oaks..."
March 26, 2005:  "Rays at Cape Hatteras" by Rose Kelleher   ""The cownose rays are showing off today...."
March 25, 2005:  "UFOs" by Hailey Leithauser   ""First, the facts we know..."
March 24, 2005:  "Tornado/Warning" by Brian Henry   ""The day, that open sore, refusing to heal into night..."
March 23, 2005:  "Variations on a Theme Beginning With Darkness" by Julianne Buchsbaum   ""Darkness begins with the wrong..."
March 22, 2005:  "Small Ending" by Dora Malech   ""Each bird a yard bird..."
March 21, 2005:  "First Snow," "Spring Plowing," and "Porch Swing in September" by Ted Kooser   ""The old black dog comes in one evening..."
March 20, 2005:  "We Traveled Far & by Jesse Lee Kercheval   ""we were rash. the map's crease..."
March 19, 2005:  "Noah and Joan by Denise Duhamel   "" It's not that I'm proud of the fact..."
March 18, 2005:  "Another Art by Daniel Lin   ""The part of my cold pride kept close to heart..."
March 17, 2005:  "From the Road by Eamon Grennan   ""What stops me is the big indifference..."
March 16, 2005:  "The Sound of a Train by Kathleen Flenniken   ""I first heard it in the mornings...."
March 15, 2005:  "Life on the Prairie, Continued" and "First Body by Mark Conway   ""We've come to a scarcity of ocean and..."
March 14, 2005:  "The Museum of Being Born" by Jennifer Militello   ""I remember now. Something was chasing..."
March 13, 2005:  "Sometimes Lightning" by Sally Ashton   ""Sometimes lightning misfires...."
March 12, 2005:  "The Greening Mountains" by Choman Hardi   ""What was once here is now gone...."
March 11, 2005:  "Heartwood" by Ben Howard   ""Is it not a second innocence..."
March 10, 2005:  "Grief" by Frannie Lindsay   ""My father who has no feelings..."
March 9, 2005:  "The Garden" by Gary J.Whitehead   ""In the garden of the mind the best thought..."
March 8, 2005:  "Field Thistle" by Judith Skillman   ""Herb and spine..."
March 7, 2005:  "El-Ephant" by John Talbot   ""I represent the elephant," mouths his trunk..."
March 6, 2005:  "The Property" by William Ford   "It's a land of tailings..."
March 4, 2005:  "Catherine Blake" by Rebecca Dunham   "I flush my paintbrush against the water bowl's sides...."
March 3, 2005:  "Cartographic" by Joshua Rivkin   "In maps of antiquity continents..."
March 2, 2005:  "Turning 50" by Bruce A. Jacobs   "It's nothing..."
March 1, 2005:  "Wonder Woman Dreams of the Amazon" by Jeannine Hall Gailey   "I miss the tropes of Paradise—green vines..."
February 28, 2005:  "The Sleigh" by Molly Brodak   "Snapping out like whip-crack in the cold..."
February 27, 2005:  "After The Accident" by Molly Brodak   "The wires are beaded..."
February 26, 2005:  "The Language of the Couple" by Heather Sellers   "The tiniest anything in the sweet whole world..."
February 25, 2005:  "House Fire" by Rita Dove   "The unspeakable moved through me like a pageant...."
February 24, 2005:  "Garden of the Material" by B. L. P. Simmons   "See Though I bow to Life..."
February 23, 2005:  "Catch" by Jennifer Michael Hecht   "One track befalls the lying artist..."
February 22, 2005:  "Anonymous Fox" by Naomi Feigelson Chase   "I, too, am wild to hold..."
February 21, 2005:  "Antihelion: Conception of the Yellow House" by Robin Behn   "When there was nothing left to rearrange..."
February 20, 2005:  "For Heaven's Sake" by Anne Ward Jamieson   "Two annonymous creatures..."
February 19, 2005:  "It Almost Seems Like Darkness" by Mekeel McBride   "leaves her body last, as if, all along, that had been..."
February 18, 2005:  "Angel of Dissent" by Betsy Sholl   "The young man's story was set on a cliff..."
February 17, 2005:  "Blackberry" by Cynthia Huntington   "I picked the blackberries because I was poor..."
February 16, 2005:  "Letter To An Old Lover" by Lynne Knight   "What kind of quarrel would go on so long..."
February 15, 2005:  "Thus Spake the Mockingbird" by Barbara Hamby   "The mockingbird says, Hallelujah, coreopsis, I make the day..."
February 14, 2005:  "Sky of Sleep" by J.P. Dancing Bear   "Sometimes she is a tree..."
February 13, 2005:  "Ironwork" by Stephanie Bolster   "The cabinet, mahogany, stiff-hinged...."
February 12, 2005:  "Afterworld" by Sophie Cabot Black   "Starlight goes on, resolute. Dawn..."
February 11, 2005:  "Cruelties" by Stephen Dunn   "When Peter Lorre, Casablanca’s pathetic, good-hearted man..."
February 10, 2005:  "Ecclesiastes" by Susan L. Miller   "God wants me to spend my days..."
February 9, 2005:  "Fabulous Ones" by Jeffrey Thomson   "his poem is brought to you by the letter C...."
February 8, 2005:  "Ultrasound" by A. E. Stallings   "What butterfly..."
February 7, 2005:  "Year of the Blues" by A. C. Schaffer   "If every point tells some form..."
February 6, 2005:  "A Sentimental Education" by Lynne Knight   "Then I thought all I had to do was close my eyes..."
February 5, 2005:  "Panoply" by Kristin Kelly   "You sew the rag-edge of a sequin to your skirt..."
February 4, 2005:  "Church" by Megan Snyder-Camp   "Our church was all brick, no name on it..."
February 3, 2005:  "Translation" by Robert Morgan   "Where trees grow thick and tall..."
February 2, 2005:  "Second Bearing, 1919" by Claudia Emerson   "I have asked him to tell it..."
February 1, 2005:  "Logging Road" by Gigi Marks   "ten-thirty in the morning and I was..."
January 31, 2005:  "Heat Lightning" by Ted Kooser   "At the horizon, July in heavy boots..."
January 30, 2005:  "Dear Birds" by Mark Yakich   "Much is made of the size of your heart...."
January 29, 2005:  "Summer Crookneck" by Erica Bernheim   "Spineless beauty, I can say this..."
January 28, 2005:  "On a Return to Being a Polemic against Light Verse" by Arielle Greenberg   "I have met your doppelganger..."
January 27, 2005:  "What Goes On" by Scott Topper   "There's a great deal of suffering..."
January 26, 2005:  "We Golems" by Michael Demos   "It is not as theory holds..."
January 25, 2005:  "Taking Leave of My Senses" by Margot Schilpp   "I want that, I think, when I see the slender body..."
January 24, 2005:  "Wishful Rhetoric" by Kevin Stein   "Finis. I love the oh-so-postmodern opening..."
January 23, 2005:  "The Elements" by Anne Rouse   "A small flame flings itself about..."
January 22, 2005:  "Beyond the Garden" by Adrianne Marcus   "One must move beyond the garden..."
January 21, 2005:  "Ambush" by Silvia Curbelo   "The room. The white piano...."
January 20, 2005:  "One Nightstand" by Dede Wilson   "No verse and no vow..."
January 19, 2005:  "Dystopian" by Joshua Mehigan   "The past is fiction..."
January 18, 2005:  "To Want" by Victoria Chang   "To wait is to want more...."
January 17, 2005:  "Image on a Sandstone Disk" by Greg Pape   "Snakes conjured up..."
January 15-16, 2005:  "Mourning Doves" by Cathryn Essinger   "Surely, in the long, dovetailed history..."
January 14, 2005:  "Buzzards" by Joshua Mehigan   ". . . She said, "Once, I'd take walks..."
January 13, 2005:  "What Narrative Is For" by Margot Schilpp   "How fine the mind that can calculate..."
January 12, 2005:  "Awaiting the Return Ferry" by Nance Van Winckel   "Ghostly, echoes of old guffaws from a crowd..."
January 11, 2005:  "Upon Witnessing My Mother Impossibly Blossom Above My Father's Deathbed" by Kevin Stein   "Creek creek, the floor says, like water through..."
January 10, 2005:  "How Else Today" by Albert Goldbarth   "That justly famous scene where all the monster..."
January 9, 2005:  "Love Poem" by Rebecca Aronson   "Mark the tree of veins that arch and gather, send..."
January 8, 2005:  "Ghazal" by Mimi Khalvati   "If I said every tear, each sob, each sigh..."
January 7, 2005:  "Even the Trees in the Lake are Burning" by Muriel Zeller   "When the age of fire came..."
January 6, 2005:  "Us" by Roddy Lumsden   "The usual entertainments. The brazen tune..."
January 5, 2005:  "How Long Do You Think the Human Race Will Exist?" by Emily Lloyd   "I don't worry much about humanity..."
January 4, 2005:  "American Realism" by Harry Humes   "The turtle's beaked head did not move...."
January 3, 2005:  "New Year" by Alfred Nicol   "Like an engaging lady's whim..."
January 1-2, 2005:  "Horse Standing in Sunlight" by Dennis Hinrichsen   "Witless to think such grazing could wound the sun and..."
December 30, 2004:  "The Woodworker" by Michael Graber   "To wake the sparrow and nuthatch..."
December 29, 2004:  "Inheriting the Garden" by Ren Powell   "We promised ourselves we'd plant posies..."
December 28, 2004:  "Pansy" by Cathy Smith Bowers   "So I've come to love the flower..."
December 27, 2004:  "The Compost Heap" by A. E. Stallings   "It waxed with autumn, when the leaves..."
December 26, 2004:  "Contraries" by Susan Meyers   "You sit on the front steps in love..."
December 24-25, 2004:  "Christmas 1963" by Joseph Enzweiler   "Because we wanted much that year..."
December 23, 2004:  "You Are Worth Many Sparrows" by Philip Memmer   "At least there's this..."
December 22, 2004:  "Against Elegies" by M. B. McLatchey   "What if we let you sing first..."
December 21, 2004:  "On Starlings" by Tara Bray   "How seriously can I take these speckled scoundrels..."
December 20, 2004:  "Elephant" by Emily Rosko   "Nickel-gray or computer..."
December 19, 2004:  "Thinking of Eurydice at midnight" by Robert Adamson   "My Siamese cat's left a brown..."
December 18, 2004:  "Sorry" by Adrian Mitchell   "Sure, I worked as a slave to Time..."
December 17, 2004:  "The Owners" by Francisca Aguirre, translated by Ana Valverde Osan   "Because we do not own anything..."
December 16, 2004:  "Meditation in Glen Helen" by Jeff Gundy   "So I went to the Yellow Spring, cupped the cold water..."
December 15, 2004:  "Nestling Robins" by Ted Kooser   "In the crabapple tree by the side porch..."
December 14, 2004:  "The Tortoise" by Betsy Sholl   "An apartment collapse in Turkey, the rise..."
December 13, 2004:  "Grackles" by Lisa Williams   "They were not one body. Yet they seemed..."
December 12, 2004:  "What Love Cannot Do" by Roddy Lumsden   "It could not save my friend from seeing what a window..."
December 11, 2004:  "Landscape with Swallows" by Curtis Bauer   "I am in Iowa, on the edge of town..."
December 10, 2004:  "Proof" by Brendan Kennelly   "I would like all things to be free of me..."
December 9, 2004:  "Seeing Through Things" by Diane Mehta   "The city glows and grimaces; breezes..."
December 8, 2004:  "Oh Yes Tomorrow Expect the Ordinary" by Renée Ashley   "Oh Yes Tomorrow Expect the Ordinary..."
December 7, 2004:  "Fleur de Lys" by Daniel Mark Epstein   "When sepals and petals look the same..."
December 6, 2004:  "Animals at My House" by Eduardo Chirinos, translated by G. J. Racz   "1) Rodents / I saw them at the Washington Zoo once...."
December 5, 2004:  "Explaining an Affinity for Bats" by A. E. Stallings   "That they are only glimpsed in silhouette..."
December 4, 2004:  "To My New Life" by Molly Tenenbaum   "I've been in you / a while now so..."
December 3, 2004:  "Pumpkins in the Skagit" by Carlos Martinez   "Last winter, during the unexpected floods..."
December 2, 2004:  "Epilogue in Snow" by James Richardson   "The distant speck I'm taking as my model..."
December 1, 2004:  "Sphere" by Kate Gale   "You can't imagine the goats..."
November 30, 2004:  "More Than Peace and Cypresses" by Cyrus Cassells   "More than peace and cypresses, emboldened..."
November 29, 2004:  "Wonder" by Cathryn Essinger   "November, and Cinderella's coach is moldering..."
November 28, 2004:  "Spring and Winter, Coeval" by Charles M. Israel, Jr.   "In their blue cups the crocuses..."
November 27, 2004:  "Everything" by Debora Greger   "Everything—the houses shaped like boxes..."
November 26, 2004:  "Botanists Who Feel Excluded Rejoice" by Anthony Lacavaro   "A flower caught in prayer is a strange flower...."
November 25, 2004:  "Founder's day" by Bob Hicok   "I introduced John Adams to the Pacific..."
November 24, 2004:  "In Thrush Light" by Gyorgyi Voros   "How was it that day the car canted..."
November 23, 2004:  "To Acedia" by Daniel Tobin   "Razor of nothingness, ash..."
November 22, 2004:  "Close Quarters" by Cathryn Essinger   "Having never opened a can of sardines..."
November 21, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "Written By Pavlov’s Few, Sad, Last Surviving Dogs" by Susanna Roxman   "Aging dogs, shabby dogs..."
November 20, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "Under Moelfre" by Anne Stevenson   "Whatever it is we share with folds of rock..."
November 19, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "Broken Fable" by Cynie Cory   "An empty window slashes the moon. Blood..."
November 18, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "Neither the Season, nor the Place" by Susan Meyers   "Some mornings I mutter down the hallway..."
November 17, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "The Elephant" by Dan Chiasson   "What explanation for my heroic courtesy? I feel..."
November 16, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "The Witch" by Sara Henderson Hay   "Crows skim over a page of snow..."
November 15, 2004(Quarter 5 favorite):  "Betta Splendens" by Ellen Kirvin Dudis   "Crows skim over a page of snow..."
November 14, 2004:  "Sightings" by L.R. Berger   "Crows skim over a page of snow..."
November 12, 2004:  "Rowing on Lake Mendota" by Aliki Barnstone   "The plump at the catch. The common exhalation...."
November 11, 2004:  "Niagara Falls Jumper Explains" by Karla M. Huston   "I wasn't trying to kill myself..."
November 10, 2004:  "For William, Who Lived Twelve Hours" by Janice Moore Fuller   "He knew our mother best..."
November 9, 2004:  "Kenny Roebuck's Knuckle-Curve" by David Bottoms   "Slow and goofy as the kid himself, it rises out of crowd-noise and memory..."
November 8, 2004:  "Questions Midway" by Moira Egan   "A man asks terrible questions..."
November 7, 2004:  "Cello" by Oscar Hahn, translated by James Hoggard   "What a sad music..."
November 6, 2004:  "Forgiveness" by Michael Hettich   "We could wade from that island into clear ocean..."
November 5, 2004:  "Yannis Ritsos" by Guy Goffette, translated by Marilyn Hacker   "The mountains, the houses, the trees..."
November 4, 2004:  "Us, Like a Bad Mix Tape" by Jillian Weise   "Us, like a bad mix tape without..."
November 3, 2004:  "'Thank You'" by Mia Leonin   "Is something I do not say...."
November 2, 2004:  "An Overrated Virtue" by Michelle Detorie   "Grace is our own invention—not a mimicry..."
November 1, 2004:  "Local Knowledge" by Dolores Hayden   "Sap moon, grass moon, milk moon, rose moon..."
October 31, 2004:  "Apeland" by Matthew Ladd   "The land is glorious. It glories alone..."
October 30, 2004:  "Madness in the Form of Birds" by George Looney   "Folks say mynahs mimic human speech...."
October 29, 2004:  "Not Even Doublewide" by A. Loudermilk   "Light comes on. Smoke breaks out...."
October 28, 2004:  "Passage Interdit Aux Non Musulmans" by Tung-Hui Hu   "For you they come down from the mountains..."
October 27, 2004:  "Riddle" by Norman Dubie   "The snow lifts into the beards of sycamores...."
October 26, 2004:  "The Waiting" by Stephen Dunn   "I waited for you calmly, with infinite patience...."
October 25, 2004:  "Stalingrad" by Amy Scattergood   "After the tyranny ice field cracked..."
October 24, 2004:  "At Work" by Enda Wyley   "Isn't it better that you work..."
October 23, 2004:  "Unsound Ship" by Medbh McGuckian   "I grew so stony, so polished within..."
October 22, 2004:  "Aubade" by Richard Beban   "In your leopard-skin silk pajamas..."
October 21, 2004:  "Relevancy" by David Breskin   "None of it matters. Take a look at a contour..."
October 20, 2004:  "Steward" by S. Beth Bishop   "The air is dry and full of spark. This house..."
October 19, 2004:  "Firebirds" by Allen C. Fischer   "When a pair of cardinals chose the cab..."
October 18, 2004:  "An Artist Like Any Other" by Stephen Dobyns   "Let's say a fellow has a little trick..."
October 16, 2004:  "Skunk Moon" by Dawn Potter   "Skunks wander under moonlight...."
October 15, 2004:  "A Thought, for Example, Is a Form" by Mary Ann Samyn   "Of light. And at the center, light. And at the edges..."
October 14, 2004:  "They Shoot Birds" by Dionisio D. Martinez   "They shoot birds they do shoot dead birds they shoot dead birds into..."
October 13, 2004:  "Elephants and Butterflies" by Alan Michael Parker   "I'm reading Roman history at dinner..."
October 12, 2004:  "Pomme Prisonniere" by Tenaya Darlington   "Five years to the hour since I was a bride..."
October 11, 2004:  "Morning in Liguria" by Philip Levine   "Rain seven days without letup...."
October 10, 2004:  "The Progress of Night" by Amy Fleury   "In the late elegiac light, insects..."
October 9, 2004:  "Prose Poems" by Louise Ho   "It’s been snowing heavily and streets with cars..."
October 8, 2004:  "Ikaros" by Constantine Contogenis   "Before he hit, another..."
October 6, 2004:  "Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa)" by Sarah Hannah   "I'm way in, way in you, Mushroom..."
October 5, 2004:  "Very" by Kurt S. Olsson   "Once I was very. My dog was very. Our house very..."
October 4, 2004:  "Tekmerion" by David Axelrod   "Remind me, someone, it's only a matter of luck..."
October 3, 2004:  "A Different Bird" by Joseph Harrison   "In the woods back of what was a farm..."
October 2, 2004:  "Dawn in the Internment Camp at Heart Mountain" by George Uba   "Someone clever has carved a deer..."
October 1, 2004:  "Weathering" by Ruth Stone   "If your barn goes down in a high wind..."
September 30, 2004:  "The Feast of Tabernacles" by Catherine Tufariello   "After the final meal hurriedly eaten..."
September 29, 2004:  "Of Unsent Letters, One" by Jill Osier   "The man who bought the field has horses..."
September 28, 2004:  "Go" and "Gone" by Mark Irwin   "A small word with no end to it and a wind..."
September 27, 2004:  "Voltages for Different Locations" by Lois Marie Harrod   "And I began to think of my heart as a ferris wheel..."
September 26, 2004:  "Houses Made Only of Entrance" by Abe Louise Young   "In no time, five birds..."
September 25, 2004:  "Dry Brush Painting of Winter Crows" by Barry Sternlieb   "In no time, five birds..."
September 24, 2004:  "After Eden" by Linda Pastan   "When the garden reached perfection..."
September 23, 2004:  "James McNeill Whistler at St. Ives, 1883" by Floyd Skloot   "Whistler needs no one to sit for him now...."
September 22, 2004:  "Keep and Give Away" by Susan Meyers   "With a bushel basket in hand..."
September 21, 2004:  "The Wife of Job" by Morri Creech   "Well, now, I never heard the whirlwind speak..."
September 20, 2004:  "Indian River Inlet" by Fleda Brown   "March: nothing here but a blank Tinkertoy city of docks..."
September 19, 2004:  "The Visitors" by Sylvia Curbelo   "They stand without pity or shame..."
September 18, 2004:  "Invention" by Tina Chang   "On an island, an open road..."
September 17, 2004:  "Departure" by Stan Sanvel Rubin   "What evil does not come from memory?..."
September 16, 2004:  "Hunting" by Sarah Rose Exoo   "The poet writes so tellingly of the kill..."
September 15, 2004:  "I, Gorgon" by Abby Millager   "quaff a poetion: forgetfulness. Lifelong jargon slithers..."
September 14, 2004:  "Regrets" by Geraldine Connolly   "Out of their secret places..."
September 13, 2004:  "Your Hair is Cedar" by Sean Brendan-Brown   "Your hair is cedar, your eyes..."
September 12, 2004:  "Every Summer," by Philip Memmer   "this field by the highway..."
September 11, 2004:  "Trapeze Artists" and "Stilt-walker" by Paul Hyland   "We swing like careless children, but sky-high..."
September 10, 2004:  "Last Love Song for Yogi Berra" by Gaylord Brewer   "It gets late early out there..."
September 9, 2004:  "When I was alive..." by Gregory Orr   "When I was alive—only glimpses..."
September 8, 2004:  "Managing Myth" by C. J. Sage   "From time to time the red-winged blackbirds tumble..."
September 7, 2004:  "Tantalus" by Robert B. Shaw   "The water, pure as any in a dream..."
September 6, 2004:  "Thoughtball Villanelle" by Julie Kane   "Suppose we don't need sound to talk..."
September 5, 2004:  "Ballad of the Lovers" by Cheryl Follon   "The wind is working out a hollow patch...."
September 4, 2004:  "Log Written by an Unknown Hand in the Margin" by Christine Hume   "then we plyed by guess..."
September 3, 2004:  "Icarus Sees His Father Fly" by John O'Donnell   "I've spent hours watching you..."
September 2, 2004:  "The Reptile House" by Eric Nelson   "A mid-winter, midnight tour, we walked..."
September 1, 2004:  "The Rules" by Patrick Phillips   "The first rule was that he made the rules...."
August 31, 2004:  "August Evening with Trumpet" by Harry Humes   "Up in the woods a neighbor or stranger..."
August 30, 2004:  "Without Mythologies" by Henry Weinfield   "Without mythologies the leaves are blown..."
August 29, 2004:  "Fifty-Fifty" by Patricia Clark   "You can have the grackle whistling blackly..."
August 28, 2004:  "Obsolescence" by Leigh Anne Couch   "Precious is the crackslam of metal buttons in the dryer...."
August 27, 2004:  "The Weight of the World" by Frank Steele   "I look at a goat two hundred yards..."
August 26, 2004:  "For the Suicides" by Lola Haskins   "Izumi is sending a stream of characters into the night...."
August 25, 2004:  "Half Life" by Reynolds Dixon   "This is not the desert where delirious..."
August 24, 2004:  "The Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker" by Bruce Tindall   "The mate I have not quite imagined into being..."
August 23, 2004:  "Olivia Between Acts" by Stuart Lishan   "How is it that some somebody slips in..."
August 22, 2004:  "Apostrophe" by Christina Pugh   "Early spring forsythia: the flowering..."
August 21, 2004:  "Garden" by Theodore Worozbyt   "Outside in the dug soil..."
August 20, 2004:  "Flood" by Cassie Sparkman   "Neck-twisted horse and three broken chickens..."
August 19, 2004:  "Gacela of Animal Wisdom" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "Apollo, Apollo, when will you leave the animals alone?..."
August 18, 2004:  "Even So" by Susanne Kort   "But when we went to parties..."
August 17, 2004:  "His Dossier from Babel" by Andrew Miller   "Their raw hunger goes way..."
August 16, 2004:  "Termite Trouble" by Sue Owen   "Their raw hunger goes way..."
August 15, 2004:  "Two Kinds" by Matthew Hollis   "And yes, I suppose I thought myself the fox..."
August 14, 2004:  "Daedalus" by Hailey Leithauser   "No stirring song was..."
August 13, 2004:  "Blessing the House" by Ann Sansom   "I love this house as much as trouble does..."
August 12, 2004:  "Why Expect Any Different?" by Catullus translated by Josephine Balmer   "Stop wanting, stop expecting..."
August 11, 2004:  "Thaw" by Pauline Stainer   "The bodies of Victorian climbers..."
August 10, 2004:  "Anecdote of the Turkeys" by Wayne Dodd   "It is dark of course and the turkeys..."
August 9, 2004:  "Saving the Appearances" by Liz Waldner   "A metrics of mammals..."
August 8, 2004:  "Vespers" by Kay Barnes   "The day has gone slack, but not for the noisy grackles..."
August 7, 2004:  "The Time Has Come" by Sandor Csoori, translated by Len Roberts   "The time has come, my Lord, for me to sit out here before..."
August 6, 2004:  "A Mermaid Questions God" by Kelli Russell Agodon   "As a girl, she hated the grain of anything..."
August 5, 2004:  "Animal House Shape of God" by Christine Hume   "We tracked every acre in full fury...."
August 4, 2004:  "Moon/Mirror" by Cynie Cory   "Tonight you will be egotistical...."
August 3, 2004:  "Rose City" by Christina Pugh   "The bleared petals..."
August 2, 2004:  "Speak, Zero" by Mary Ruefle   "There was a morning bowl of cereal..."
August 1, 2004:  "Eclogue IV" by Andrea Zanzotto, translated by Wayne Chambliss   "a—"Sweet" breath which stirs..."
July 31, 2004:  "Urn" by Frannie Lindsay   "Her brow and knees..."
July 30, 2004:  "Everything is Starting" by Eleanor Rand Wilner   "The snow is filthy now; it has been..."
July 29, 2004:  "Potter's Field" by Mark Irwin   "And if death is poverty..."
July 28, 2004:  "Upon an Eunuch: A Poet" by Len Krisak   "Cut off from women, and from virgin wheat..."
July 27, 2004:  "Yes and No" by Liz Waldner   "Exactly the problem is..."
July 26, 2004:  "An Invitation to Rebellion" by Jennifer Wheelock   "Note the crow over the corn stalks, waiting..."
July 25, 2004:  "Came the Rain" by Pamela Harrison   "Two pigeons flew beneath the bridge..."
July 24, 2004:  "Descartes's Lover" by Erin Murphy   "What of a father for his daughter..."
July 23, 2004:  "Sea Monster" by Kathleen Flenniken   "We've gathered the experts to sound the loch..."
July 22, 2004:  "Angel Shark" by Hailey Leithauser   "Wan oxymoron of a fish, dotted..."
July 21, 2004:  "A H O Y !" by Jason Gray   "that weighs the body down..."
July 19, 2004:  "It is the Soul" by Hannah Stein   "that weighs the body down..."
July 18, 2004:  "The Middle Age" by Roger Fanning   "Between TV and computer screens..."
July 17, 2004:  "The Truth of Poetry" by Sharon Dolin   "At the Philadelphia Zoo, it is true I saw the Galapagos..."
July 16, 2004:  "Oboe" by Conrad Hilberry   "Your lips move moist around..."
July 15, 2004:  "Proverbs" by Angie Estes   "Mortise and tenon, tongue..."
July 14, 2004:  "Modern Greek 101" by Rachel Hadas   "These phrases, once lodged in your memory..."
July 13, 2004:  "Simone Weil at the Renault Factory (1935)" by Nance Van Winckel   "A thread in a line of threads, she stands..."
July 12, 2004:  "Lily of the Valley" by Roald Hoffmann   "Seek shelter, said the man...."
July 11, 2004:  "Walking in Monet's Gardens at Giverny" by Barbara Crooker   "with my husband of eighteen years, down a path..."
July 10, 2004:  "Nor Hell a Fury" by Catherine Pierce   "I am the step that creaks...."
July 9, 2004:  "January" by Laura Kasischke   "The howling pretends to bring on winter..."
July 8, 2004:  "Ways, Truths, Lights: Leaves of Glass" by Liz Waldner   "The sun in wan puddles, pieces..."
July 7, 2004:  "The Plenty" by Jeanne Marie Beaumont   "We two were streams..."
July 6, 2004:  "Agapornis Personata (Masked Love Birds)" by Louise Mathias   "It's their use of color that gets me: languid..."
July 5, 2004:  "Reclaimed" by Judith Skillman   "No, the acre has no hold on me, I told the cold...."
July 4, 2004:  "Morning Drive to Ijamsville" by Elizabeth Rees   "Against overturned cups of rain..."
July 3, 2004:  "Bottle Gentian" by Kasey Jueds   "This August, understand / what never opens. You thought..."
July 2, 2004:  "In Ambient Light" by Greg Rappleye   "My love is so small...."
July 1, 2004:  "Those Who Thoroughly Bed the Estuary" by Jay Wright   "Those who thoroughly bed..."
June 30, 2004:  "Darwin Enters the City of His Birth" by Melanie Dusseau   "The sleeping sickness came..."
June 29, 2004:  "Bonfire" by Julie Funderburk   "First, my boot heels sank...."
June 28, 2004:  "Ill-Made Almighty" by Heather McHugh   "The logos thrives, it is crawling..."
June 27, 2004:  "Mulberry" by John Repp   "Despite millennia jammed with the impossible..."
June 26, 2004:  "Let" by Joan Houlihan   "August brought the slow flies, tropical..."
June 25, 2004:  "Dispersal" by Katherine Soniat   "In March I watched the lambs closely..."
June 24, 2004:  "Pigeon in the Silo" by Kurt Brown   "I bring news / coos, coos the pigeon...."
June 23, 2004:  "Avenues to Attraction" by Chanda Feldman   "Blame God's opening the chaotic..."
June 22, 2004:  "Money" by Daniel Corrie   "The backs of dollars open in..."
June 21, 2004:  "Intertextuality" by Tami Haaland   "It's how you bring your sadness..."
June 20, 2004:  "Some Thoughts on the Bergen Street Renaissance" by Tess Taylor   "Out one of my windows, at a diagonal..."
June 19, 2004:  "Yes, to the Mole, Emerging in Night" by Daniel Bourne   "Towards the moon we all..."
June 18, 2004:  "Aquarium" and "Adagio" by Lola Haskins   "Here behind glass they are stacked..."
June 17, 2004:  "The Green Going On" by Larry Bradley   "The morning clouds part, an entire sky opens..."
June 16, 2004:  "Codeine" by Christof Scheele   "I took eight falls. The falls took..."
June 15, 2004:  "From it and was anew at that time" by Genevieve Kaplan   "What if I was / sleeping as you came..."
June 14, 2004:  "Fortemente" by W. D. Snodgrass   "In the silent, scarcely holy night..."
June 13, 2004:  "The Neighbors" by April Lindner   "Our houses stand like lovers, hip to hip...."
June 12, 2004:  "Roof-Walker" by Deborah Warren   "He leans on the sky up there, as if he's painting..."
June 11, 2004:  "Famish" by Lisa Furmanski   "despite bounty, despite the unyielding..."
June 10, 2004:  "As If Galvanic" by Allan Peterson Walker   "As soon as I sweep, the thrashers put the leaves back..."
June 9, 2004:  "Grasshopper" by Jeanne Murray Walker   "When I come upon the grasshopper..."
June 8, 2004:  "A Short History of the Republic" by John Haines   "The great migration had passed..."
June 6, 2004:  "Hummingbird" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "In the apple tree whose fruit is always lop-sided..."
June 5, 2004:  "In Which You Leave It Behind" by Audrey Bohanan   "You know you'll be letting some of it ride..."
June 4, 2004:  "Stark Heaven" by Louise Mathias   "Each winter has its inopulent day...."
June 3, 2004:  "The Given" by Lawrence Revard   "For each of the last five days I have destroyed..."
June 2, 2004:  "Crows" by Judith Barrington   "Crows startle the clouds..."
June 1, 2004:  "Oyster Shard" by Sarah M. Brownsberger   "Imagine how it got this way..."
May 31, 2004:  "Behind the Fear of Flying" by Jason Nemec   "What's not to love about the gut-punch..."
May 30, 2004:  "Promenade" by Joshua Mehigan   "This is the brief departure from the norm..."
May 29, 2004:  "The Fish" by Midge C. Goldberg   "'But what about the fish?' my daughter asks...."
May 28, 2004:  "One March Animal's Desire" by Anne Coray   "Warm days, we punch the snow with our footsteps..."
May 27, 2004:  "Primer for June" and "Ode to Beach" by Barbara Lau   "Is it enough to say that fireflies lollygag..."
May 26, 2004:  "Holding On" and "Anhinga Pairing" by Anne McCrary Sullivan   "I am thinking of them tonight, locked in their embrace..."
May 25, 2004:  "Student" by Ted Kooser   "The green shell of his backpack makes him lean..."
May 24, 2004:  "First Year of My Mother's Dementia" by Lynne Knight   "I opened the door and flicked on the lights..."
May 23, 2004:  "Template" by A. V. Christie   "I am the ornate seemingly lacquered-shut chrysalis..."
May 22, 2004:  "Early Canvas" by Nicole Pekarske   "'Wheatfield with a Lark' — not yet a crow — and the sky oddly..."
May 21, 2004:  "Is More Than" by Susan Hutton   "The beautiful folded fish nets, the bleached floats..."
May 20, 2004:  "Fabricating Astrology" by Ravi Shankar   "I lie on my back in the damp grass..."
May 19, 2004:  "There Must be Music or Fear" by Rodney Wittner   "When we are singing we are..."
May 18, 2004:  "Pythia: The Process" by Rita Signorelli-Pappas   "First the slow ease of weightlessness..."
May 17, 2004:  "Solar Ice" by Paul Mariani   "The sudden shock of what you really are...."
May 16, 2004:  "Wild Things in a Dream" by Heather Ross Miller   "O, it's burning! the dark pond..."
May 15, 2004:  "Childhood is Beautiful" by Annie Gebler   "There are these moths. They live in that bush for the summer..."
May 14, 2004:  "Apart" by Kathleen Peirce   "Nine pearls rolled in the hand..."
May 13, 2004:  "A Confused Heart" by Robyn Sarah   "All right, I admit it, I'm to blame..."
May 12, 2004:  "Outside Wat Poh" by Paul Worley   "they will release a bird to carry..."
May 11, 2004:  "Two Voices on a Beach" by Len Krisak   "As passive as a dune..."
May 10, 2004:  "Walking on Tiptoe" by Ted Kooser   "Long ago we quit lifting our heels..."
May 9, 2004:  "Anna and the Pigeon" by Vanessa Haley   "Snow settled perfectly, like moments..."
May 8, 2004:  "The Geniuses Among Us" by Marilyn L. Taylor   "They take us by surprise, these tall perennials..."
May 7, 2004:  "Falling on Grass" by Elizabeth Biller Chapman   "The house is sold; I take my leave. Not mine..."
May 6, 2004:  "Lattice, The Arbor and The Espalier" by Judith Skillman   "By its milky light the sun left to grow..."
May 5, 2004:  "Mani" by Kathleen Peirce   "We wanted to think the stars were fed by fires..."
May 4, 2004:  "A Poem Written for the Aviary at a Time of Its Possible Closing" by Robert Gibb   "Fabulous as the flowers..."
May 3, 2004:  "Night Falling Early" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "Night falling early: silver in the duff..."
May 2, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "Pink Salmon" by Cecily Parks   "Adult pink humpback salmon lose their sheen..."
May 1, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "For the Fog Horn When There Is No Fog" by Sarah Hannah   "Still sounding in full sun past the jetty..."
April 30, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "Apogean" by Paul Guest   "All this floating is ridiculous, and the stars..."
April 29, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "Some Part of the Lyric" by Gregory Orr   "Some part of the lyric wants to exclude..."
April 27, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "Out in It" by Lynne McMahon   "The storm hasn't yet kicked the electrics out..."
April 26, 2004 (Quarter 4 favorite):  "Manifesto" by Margot Schilpp   "I know that dying is how we escape..."
April 25, 2004:  "Secret Face of Love" by Willis Barnstone   "The secret face of love changes her name...."
April 24, 2004:  "Lily" by James Reiss   "Went out & scissored a lily, brought her inside..."
April 23, 2004:  "Weeds" by Harriet Brown   "Their seeds are in the soil always...."
April 22, 2004:  "Taking Down the Angel" by Jeff Friedman   "As he ticked off numbers..."
April 21, 2004:  "Nocturnal" by Paul Murray   "Under their silence, under..."
April 20, 2004:  from Threnody by Heidi Blitch   "O Orpheus, your head and lyre adrift..."
April 19, 2004:  "Returning, We Hear the Larks" by Isaac Rosenberg   "Sombre the night is...."
April 18, 2004:  "The Ghost of Weather" by Bruce Bond   "My father takes smaller steps..."
April 17, 2004:  "Sonnets" by Antonio Machado, translated by Willis Barnstone   "My heart was where a hundred roads converge..."
April 16, 2004:  "To a Friend Unable to Write" by Lynne Knight   "It looks like nothing much, a scene..."
April 15, 2004:  "Nursery Shellgame" by Diane Thiel   "Maps and mazes are my weaknesses...."
April 14, 2004:  "Lilith" by A. E. Stallings   "In the beginning, everything was..."
April 13, 2004:  "Salvages" by Robyn Sarah   "Among the beachstones, some..."
April 12, 2004:  "The Tree Frog" by C. Dale Young   "It is not the chambers of the heart that hold him..."
April 11, 2004:  "Mute Swans" by Susan Wicks   "In the still evening two swans..."
April 10, 2004:  "So We Go" by Crystal Bacon   "Let's let the bay be the bay tonight..."
April 9, 2004:  "Author's Prayer" by Ilya Kaminsky   "If I speak for the dead, I must leave..."
April 8, 2004:  "Enough" by Maurya Simon   "Heaven has enough windows for everyone..."
April 7, 2004:  "Epithalamium" by Marvin Bell   "If you twist a rope..."
April 6, 2004:  "Start of March, Connemara" by Eamon Grennan   "The wind colder even than March in Maine, though the same sea..."
April 5, 2004:  "Blessed is the Field" by Brigit Pegeen Kelly   "In the late heat the snakeroot and goldenrod run high..."
April 4, 2004:  "Throes" by Kathleen Lynch   "The saint flung himself..."
April 3, 2004:  "The Bibliophile" by Jeanne Wagner   "His bedroom in shocking disarray..."
April 2, 2004:  "Oh! On an April Morning" by Neil Shepard   "I'm ready to murder the flowers...."
April 1, 2004:  "Poison" by Charles Martin   "A few drops in a hollow ring..."
March 31, 2004:  "Interior Lighting" by Elton Glaser   "In leaps and staggers, in the beaten-down..."
March 30, 2004:  "Rehearsals for the New Order" by Bruce Bond   "The courthouse is empty now ablaze..."
March 29, 2004:  "For Rent" by Dolores Hayden   "Sheathed in weathered boards, false front..."
March 28, 2004:  "Moving the Moon" by Deborah Bogen   "I'm not interested in the shaggy horse..."
March 27, 2004:  "Lullaby" by Hermine Meinhard   "When stone flies ruled..."
March 26, 2004:  "The Heart" by Peter Everwine   "...like a deer's footprint, smoothing..."
March 25, 2004:  "Honeymoon" by Rebecca Hoogs   "Suppose you know your friends..."
March 24, 2004:  "The Satyr's Heart" by Brigit Pegeen Kelly   "Now I rest my head on the satyr's carved chest..."
March 23, 2004:  "Transubstantiation" by Maurya Simon   "First the high road, then a bend..."
March 22, 2004:  "A Desk in the Elephant House" by Cathryn Essinger   "Sometimes something huge sits down..."
March 21, 2004:  "Starlings in the Bakery" by Jason Roush   "Dusty flutterers, fast breeders..."
March 20, 2004:  "The Fox" by Roger Mitchell   "Starts at its own alertness...."
March 19, 2004:  "Leda and the Swan: A Recurring Nightmare" by Meggen Lyon   "This is me holding you down...."
March 18, 2004:  "Displacement" by Constantine Contogenis   "I have seen this water-level raise you..."
March 17, 2004:  "What's Shorting Out the Good Show" by Martha W. Ostheimer   "There's a lot of talk about..."
March 16, 2004:  "He became a poet because he could not fly" by Adam Penna   "The sea was just its soughing..."
March 15, 2004:  "Red and Black Days" by Robin Behn   "Sometimes they would gather at the table..."
March 14, 2004:  "Yesterday my sorrows" by Antonio Machado, translated by Willis Barnstone   "Yesterday my sorrows / were silkworms..."
March 13, 2004:  "Sweet Being" by Paul Hunter   "The deer will eat..."
March 12, 2004:  "I Open Your Death Like a Book" by Jesse Lee Kercheval   "I shall not die twice, Father, but I'll make you do it...."
March 11, 2004:  "The Meadow" by Roger Mitchell   "I hum the meadow, broad and flat..."
March 10, 2004:  "See! I Will Not Forget You. I Have Carved You on the Palm of My Hand." by Thomas Reiter   "See! I will not forget you...."
March 9, 2004:  "Mary Rockwell Talks to Her Son in the Hospital after He's Been Stabbed During a Fencing Lesson" by Julianna Baggott   "There was no button on the tip?..."
March 8, 2004:  "Building a painting a home" by Bob Hicok   "If I built a barn I'd build it right into the sky..."
March 7, 2004:  "Waning Moon" by Conrad Hilberry   "I rise at midnight when the first..."
March 6, 2004:  "Bone Poem" by Heather Davis   "Tell me again about the slick bones..."
March 5, 2004:  "Portrait of the Family Without a Father" by Ken Victor   "At the sea's edge, the seaweed slips forward on thin..."
March 4, 2004:  "At the Intersection" by Andrea Heny   "At seven, the all-night Greyhound reaches the city..."
March 3, 2004:  "The Cage" by Osip Mandelstam, translated by Richard & Elizabeth McKane   "When the goldfinch like rising dough..."
March 2, 2004:  "Leda" by Terry Blackhawk   "All day long I twisted..."
March 1, 2004:  "Marriage Bed" by Annie Boutelle   "We leave them. / Mother's face wind-flushed..."
February 29, 2004:  "Evanescence" by Claude Wilkinson   "We zigzagged like satyrs through the pines..."
February 28, 2004:  "Preacher's Camp" by David Staudt   "A hundred feet up the fire road..."
February 27, 2004:  "The Ohio River Bridge at Owensboro" by Joe Survant   "If the sky were to come home..."
February 26, 2004:  "Poacher" by Susan Wicks   "He seemed almost to like animals...."
February 25, 2004:  "The Rock" by Paul Murray   "First, it blocks your way..."
February 24, 2004:  "Monsoon Lessons" by Elisavietta Ritchie   "After silence of drought, such speech..."
February 23, 2004:  "The Changing Bear" by Annie Finch   "There is a bear who swallows up a cloud..."
February 22, 2004:  "Ogwen" by Bill Presley   "Idwal Cottage, grey, rainy afternoon..."
February 21, 2004:  "The Spider" by Susan Kelly-DeWitt   "When all the creatures are assembled..."
February 20, 2004:  "Sea Script" by Anne Ryland   "One vast page ranging away from view..."
February 19, 2004:  "The Bends" by Matt Barnard   "And let this be a lesson, frogmen..."
February 18, 2004:  "Monsoon" by Mike Dockins   "Dear 100th rejection slip, I am learning to spell..."
February 17, 2004:  "Truth About Love" by Bob Hicok   "I apologize for not being Gandhi or Tom..."
February 16, 2004:  "Shopping at the ocean" by Bob Hicok   "Trying to save the bug she killed the bug..."
February 15, 2004:  "A Sonnet — Against Regret" by Zack Rogow   "There are some years I'd love to toss behind..."
February 14, 2004:  "What the Season Spares" by Myrna Stone   "Singly and in turn, or together..."
February 13, 2004:  "The Cranesbill Sighted Everywhere" by Suzanne Rhodenbaugh   "When fall comes to the garden..."
February 12, 2004:  "Potato Speculates on Popularity" by Michelle Boisseau   "I don't want trouble, but the rutabagas..."
February 11, 2004:  "Fathom" by Erika Meitner   "A large man holding his arms..."
February 10, 2004:  "Rorschach on Pond" by Sean Serrell   "By the time I floated past the heron, the flies..."
February 9, 2004:  "Deer" by Sarah Kennedy   "Halfway across the empty interstate, I stopped..."
February 8, 2004:  "For Zelie:" by Philip Gross   "Love, be flagrant and delicate..."
February 7, 2004:  "Stratigraphy" by Meg Schoerke   "No scarp I raise / will stave off the days..."
February 6, 2004:  "This Morning" by Eric Trethewey   "in the first still moment..."
February 5, 2004:  "Two Sonnets" by John de Stefano   "April had the feel of a blocked / memory: edgy and indolent..."
February 4, 2004:  "Insomnia" by Rick Mulkey   "The way, from 30,000 feet, the earth / looks like marble..."
February 3, 2004:  "Tort" by Susanne Kort   "Who can say when it began: one day..."
February 2, 2004:  "An Admonition" by Seamus Heaney   "Remember Danae, walled up in the dark..."
February 1, 2004:  "Coming to Paradise" by Kapka Kassabova   "We came and found paradise but something..."
January 31, 2004:  "Darkwood" by Annemarie Austin   "Bright-limmed figures from / a book of hours move upon..."
January 30, 2004:  "Taproot" by Debra Kang Dean   "Stooping to pull up a weed..."
January 29, 2004:  "The Ex" by Gray Jacobik   "In the placable air of long dissolved discord, we wait..."
January 28, 2004:  "The English Language" by Sherry Olson   "I am in love with the English language..."
January 27, 2004:  "Pastoral" by Kimberly Meyer   "The rancher / with eyes patient / as the soil that waits..."
January 26, 2004:  "Making the Cradle" by Wilmer Mills   "All in winter while the lion's mane..."
January 25, 2004:  "Section 117, Plot 21" by Benjamin Vogt   "This field, which weathers January warmth..."
January 24, 2004:  "After the Harvest" by James Doyle   "We step over and between apples..."
January 23, 2004:  "Hope" by Lee Ann Roripaugh   "There are nights I dream of goldfish..."
January 22, 2004:  "Lament" by Meg Schoerke   "We who are barren and desolate, let us sing..."
January 21, 2004:  "With Two Camels and One Donkey" by Robin Becker   "May we walk into our lives as into a watercolor..."
January 20, 2004:  "The Crossing" by Eric Trethewey   "Driving to work through the dwindling..."
January 19, 2004:  "Kind of Blue" by Angie Estes   "So the universe is not blue..."
January 18, 2004:  "The Idea of Nothing" by Sue Owen   "Out of nothing, I..."
January 17, 2004:  "I Am Fishing for God" by Stuart Kestenbaum   "using my heart as bait...."
January 16, 2004:  "Two Poems" by Betsy Sholl   "Wharves with their warehouses sagging..."
January 15, 2004:  "Retreat" by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Rachel Hadas   "Come in, sweet Sadness, take your ease, sit back...."
January 14, 2004:  "Muster" by Ander Monson   "This is what you got me up for? Cats..."
January 13, 2004:  "Sun Surveys Other Cynosures" by Michelle Boisseau   "A cosmopolitan stuck in the sticks..."
January 12, 2004:  "The Round" by Jon Mooallem   "All these anemones have bored us..."
January 11, 2004:  "Litany" by Sandra Kohler   "Rain this morning is the glazed blue..."
January 10, 2004:  "Looking On" by Jasmine Lamb   "The farm was quiet at midday, shadows..."
January 9, 2004:  "Let me Remind You You Are Still Under Oath" by Nance Van Winckel   "Out of marsh out of the bronchial..."
January 8, 2004:  "Missouri River" by Lawrence Revard   "When it calls, I'm never home. It leaves..."
January 7, 2004:  "Pontoon Pantoum #505" by Kathy Fagan   "I cannot fly like bridges..."
January 6, 2004:  "Folded Back" by Rachel Hadas   "In Plath's late poem 'Edge'..."
January 5, 2004:  "The Fool Card" by Annie Finch   "Sun or fog or moon fills my eyes..."
January 4, 2004:  "The Sea" by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by William Baer   "Before our dreams (or terrors) persisted..."
January 3, 2004:  "Father Countries" by Geoffrey Brock   "The first true human, Cain was born in sorrow...."
January 2, 2004:  "Shade Garden" by Patrick Donnelly   "The tree of heaven in my neighbor's yard..."
January 1, 2004:  "The Dissolving Island" by David Rigsbee   "No signs or announcements..."
December 31, 2003:  "Litany for Treetops" by C. J. Sage   "The way the wind breaks across a giraffe's neck..."
December 30, 2003:  "After Years of Ethnographic Research, Professor Jones Retires to the Tropics" by Terry Blackhawk   "Don't get me wrong...."
December 29, 2003:  "Genesis" by Faye Kicknosway   "Created he a finch..."
December 28, 2003:  "The Marriage" by Patricia Clark   "In our first days together, how could I say..."
December 27, 2003:  "Thief" by John Poch   "Before the snow, I stand in a darkening field...."
December 26, 2003:  "Roman Style" by Landeg White   "The scythe's discarded blade with its gap tooth..."
December 25, 2003:  "Bird Psalm" by U. A. Fanthorpe   "The Swallow said, / He comes like me..."
December 24, 2003:  "Pacific Airstream Reaches New England" by Dolores Hayden   "Balmy high. The New Dawns start in June..."
December 23, 2003:  "Exactly at midnight" by Margaret Aho   "God enters the garden..."
December 22, 2003:  "At the Columbus Zoo with Goethe in Pocket" by Khaled Mattawa   "They devour, nibble..."
December 21, 2003:  "Ode to a Squirrel" by Yusef Komunyakaa   "Good you can't hear..."
December 20, 2003:  "With Pomegranates" by Bobbi Lurie   "What had been a cape was now a clamp..."
December 19, 2003:  "Why We Sing When We Work" by Philip Levine   "Renamed Efraim after the Lord of Light, he was given..."
December 18, 2003:  "Eyebright" by Deanne Lundin   "Elsewhere, the days remove layers of doubt..."
December 17, 2003:  "Thorn Gets Theoretical" by Michelle Boisseau   "You got it wrong. I'm no escort..."
December 16, 2003:  "Moot Sun" by Ken McCullough   "Audubon saw it: / a flock, he said, that went on..."
December 15, 2003:  "Soldiering" by Daniel J. Langton   "A gun on either side of me, a pond..."
December 14, 2003:  "Paradise" by Jonathan Fink   "And though our classic view of it is wrong..."
December 13, 2003:  "After" by Donald Platt   "After Orpheus returned from the high rises of the dead..."
December 12, 2003:  "East Dakota" by Edward Haworth Hoeppner   "There are too many stars..."
December 11, 2003:  "Melting Pot" by Jeanne Murray Walker   "As the alarm shrilled through the twelve-seater..."
December 10, 2003:  "Don't" by Michelle Boisseau   "Along the furry case, the seams..."
December 8, 2003:  "Thaw" by Thorpe Moeckel   "Worrying the snow that goes..."
December 7, 2003:  "How Easily the City is Lost" by Yerra Sugarman   "How easily the city is lost, leaves me..."
December 6, 2003:  "In the Key of Snow" by Kate Bernadette Benedict   "In Central Park, you lost our keys..."
December 5, 2003:  "Tower of Babel" by Jason Gray   "You're in the country of a thousand tongues...."
December 4, 2003:  "May Suspensions" by James McCorkle   "The air carries its liquidity, gray sheen of shell..."
December 3, 2003:  "Pigeons in Sleet" by Lissa Warren   "This is only the elements against us...."
December 2, 2003:  "Hay Field on Methodist Hill" by Deborah Warren   "From the time we cleared it, all it's been is trouble..."
December 1, 2003:  "Platonic" by William Wenthe   "I hung a bedsheet on the study window..."
November 30, 2003:  "2" by Rabindranath Tagore, translated by Tony K. Steward & Chase Twichell   "so careless with your lapful of red flowers..."
November 29, 2003:  "Fireflies Punctuate the Night" by Vivian Shipley   "Our hands parentheses in the back field..."
November 28, 2003:  "The Secret Orchard" by F. D. Reeve   "The ghosts of a house live in the upstairs hall...."
November 27, 2003:  "Reservoir" by Doug Sanders   "Raised in patience, schooled..."
November 26, 2003:  from "The Startled Heart" by Eve Joseph   "A starling with no feet..."
November 25, 2003:  "Visitations From Architeuthis" by Chad Davidson   "I feel their pulse in the deep..."
November 24, 2003:  "With Her in an Urban Forest" by Daniel J. Langton   "The dense insistence of crows..."
November 23, 2003:  "Dusk Over Ohio" by Ann Silsbee   "Two months since you died. Every day..."
November 22, 2003:  "Dawn Café" by Willis Barnstone   "I sleep and already live tomorrow. Must be..."
November 21, 2003:  "Zorba's Daughter" by Elisabeth Murawski   "Night boasted it was eternity...."
November 20, 2003:  "Carnival at Prato" by Giorgio Orelli, translated by Lynne Lawner   "This is the Undone Sunday..."
November 19, 2003:  "How the Age of Iron Turned to Gold" by Patrick Donnelly   "My death makes her way to me..."
November 18, 2003:  "Talking About Fire" by John Poch   "Prometheus and his old hawk, sore..."
November 17, 2003:  "Composition in Clear Glass" by Patricia Clark   "All I have of nature's in this jar..."
November 16, 2003:  "Couplets" by Jendi Reiter   "I am so tired of looking forward to things..."
November 15, 2003:  "The Letter" by William Baer   "He finds it in her copy of Villette..."
November 14, 2003:  "The Wedding Ring" by Joan McBreen   "In my sleep / I search in deep woods..."
November 13, 2003:  "Linea" by Rhian Gallagher   "Moss and lichen of a thousand rains..."
November 12, 2003:  "Double Exposure" by Jane Satterfield   "This maddening thought—lips might meet...."
November 11, 2003:  "Impossible Garden" by John Isles   "Nothing's true when the sea's wrong. Not my hands on the body...."
November 10, 2003:  "Poem" by James Shea   "I was sad I was not the young boy..."
November 9, 2003:  "Pregnant in June" by Dolores Hayden   "The sun-filled tree / kaleidoscopes..."
November 8, 2003:  "Catullus #2" by Gaius Valerius Catullus, translated by Rick Snyder   "Sparrow, my girl's little lover..."
November 7, 2003:  "Fetus in Orbit" by L. S. Klatt   "I played with the pre-cows in outer space..."
November 6, 2003:  "Yellow From a Distance" by Karen Whalley   "We have almost reached the pond..."
November 5, 2003:  "[ Worry-Worn: God ]" by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Christina Davis   "Worry-worn: god / for once paused..."
November 4, 2003:  "The Ghost in Love" by Jendi Reiter   "You remember how you were all alone at the end..."
November 3, 2003:  "After Arcadia" by Sandra Kohler   "On the cusp of the nineteenth century, romantic..."
November 2, 2003:  "How Death Came to the Horse" by Ann Fisher-Wirth   "It came to her in the long field..."
November 1, 2003:  "The Double Wake" by Landeg White   "Four months the skies have wept..."
October 31, 2003:  "A Bone to Pick with You" by A. E. Stallings   "It's time to take the skeleton out of the closet..."
October 29, 2003:  from "Wanting to Know the Constellations" by Eloise Klein Healy   "What is it made of, the stuff of stars..."
October 28, 2003:  "Jan Kochanowski: Threnody 14" by Leonard Kress   "If only the gate where Orpheus descended..."
October 27, 2003:  "At 5:45 p.m. before Good Friday on East 18th Street" by Jane Augustine   "To close the book..."
October 26, 2003:  "Siesta" by Antonio Machado, translated by Willis Barnstone   "While the fish of fire circles up and down..."
October 25, 2003:  "Water" by Landeg White   "This long summer with the oily tips..."
October 24, 2003:  "Mute Swan" by Louise Mathias   "(no trumpet) & (no keeper). Save the loyal..."
October 23, 2003:  "Auction" by David Citino   "Last night at Sotheby's in many-splendored Manhattan..."
October 22, 2003:  "Light of Seville, The Great Palatial House" by Antonio Machado, translated by Willis Barnstone   "Light of Seville the great palatial houses..."
October 21, 2003:  "Gammal Fäbodpsalm" by David Wright   "The deep backward bending of the prairie grass..."
October 20, 2003:  "Gray" by R. D. King   "In the evening, in those first moments..."
October 19, 2003:  "April Song for August" by Adrian Blevins   "Since it's spring again, the sun is at it again..."
October 18, 2003:  "Hume Knoll" by Todd Swift   "The trees on Hume knoll have grown..."
October 17, 2003:  "Mushrooms" by Tom Pow   "Today in the lee of the islands of Sherkin..."
October 16, 2003:  "Owl and Miner" by Peter Didsbury   "The owl alights on his shoulder...."
October 15, 2003:  "Eurydice's Song" by Robert Thomas   "I'll never forget that afternoon. Where were you then..."
October 14, 2003:  "Ghost Ranch: Georgia O'Keefe" by Philip Gross   "How far can you get..."
October 13, 2003:  "The Last Cricket in Ohio Sings a Song of Wilderness" by David Citino   "I walk out into dark that feels..."
October 12, 2003:  "On Seeing a Dead Lamb" by Dic Jones   "Like the time of her birth away from the world's face..."
October 11, 2003:  "The Suicide's Numbers" by Eloise Klein Healy   "I subtract the dates using pencil and paper..."
October 10, 2003:  "Trespass" by Timothy Liu   "The lake's ice breaking up in springtime's..."
October 9, 2003:  "Druid's Altar" by Lyndon Davies   "You can wait all day for the heron..."
October 8, 2003:  "College" by Adrienne Su   "I thought the point was breadth..."
October 7, 2003:  "Hilda and Eddie's Place" by Clive Watkins   "Here is the Orchard: a dozen apple-trees..."
October 6, 2003:  "Just Sing, Orpheus!" by John Sokol   "Isn't that what your mother told you..."
October 5, 2003:  "Climbing White Stork Tower" by Wang Chih-huan (translated by Red Pine)   "The midday sun slips behind mountains..."
October 4, 2003:  "So Begins The Lasting Silence" by John E. Smelcer   "There is no doubt..."
October 3, 2003:  "Target Practice" by Dolores Hayden   "Look for Long-Tailed Crow..."
October 2, 2003:  "The Muse of Spleen" by Eva Salzman   "May your lovers bite you hard and deep..."
October 1, 2003:  "After Horace" by Leonard Kress   "Look to the El track's dazzling glaze, snow..."
September 30, 2003:  "Where the Beeches" by Judy Gahagan   "Where the climb and the gale stifle the debate..."
September 29, 2003:  "Panic Attack" by Gwyneth Lewis   "You've fallen through ice. Above you men..."
September 28, 2003:  "Case Against April" by Adrian Blevins   "For a long time I was absolutely idiotic..."
September 27, 2003:  "Eden" by Mimi Khalvati   "In this country, nature is green on green..."
September 26, 2003:  "Note" by Flavia Rocha   "I never told you. It's as if..."
September 25, 2003:  "Song for a Mountain Climber" by Heather McHugh   "Since fondness is rooted in folly..."
September 24, 2003:  "Coda: Leaving the House" by Tom Pow   "Whenever we left the house..."
September 23, 2003:  "The Rector's Wife" by Rennie McQuilkin   "How dark from the nave to the altar..."
September 22, 2003:  "Aubade" by Richard Foerster   "Still, the house; then light-crack, the entr'acte..."
September 21, 2003:  "Bodies" by Jude Nutter   "The foxgloves begin that flickering..."
September 20, 2003:  "Goodwill" by Elizabeth McLagan   "I'd love to affirm suburbia..."
September 19, 2003:  "No Shelter" by Ann Townsend   "At the apex of a wet field..."
September 18, 2003:  "Not Yet" by Doug Anderson   "All my life you have driven me up on the rocks...."
September 17, 2003:  "Wilderness" by Anthony Thwaite   "First it was wilderness. Then it was cut down..."
September 16, 2003:  "Roofmen" by Patricia Fargnoli   "Over my head, the roofmen are banging shingles into place..."
September 15, 2003:  "After the War: Purple Flowers Spilling from the Windows" by Linda Nemec Foster   "In Poland, the land takes over everything..."
September 14, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "Restoration, Full Moon Garden" by Andrew McCord   "The plot is nothing but an excuse for being..."
September 13, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "The Hunt" by Molly Peacock   "The stubby black-jowled dog inside me growls..."
September 12, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "A Leopard Hanging in a Tree" by Eric Rawson   "A leopard hanging in a tree..."
September 11, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "Square du Temple" by Marilyn Hacker   "Moon on late daylight: green fruit plucked from a stalk...."
September 10, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "The Climbers" by Jeffrey Skinner   "Poor men. On either side a green shield..."
September 9, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "I Used to See Her in the Field Beside My House" by Ashley Capps   "Perhaps it is the way your nipples..."
September 8, 2003 (Quarter 3 favorite):  "Bid Me Be the Bird" by Nance Van Winkel   "May the lower, liquid half of the world..."
September 7, 2003:  "Escape Artist" by Terry Blackhawk   "A crow does not merely open its beak to cry..."
September 6, 2003:  "Childless" by Terry Wolverton   "The future soaked each month into white fiber..."
September 5, 2003:  "The More Deserved" by Todd Swift   "We know nothing better than what..."
September 4, 2003:  "Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight" by James Doyle   "If I lived in the nineteenth century..."
September 3, 2003:  "Thank You" by Molly Peacock   "What if she had turned her grey eyes toward me..."
September 2, 2003:  "The Elephant" by Dan Chiasson   "What explanation for my heroic courtesy? I feel..."
September 1, 2003:  "Winter Weather Advisory" by Ann Silsbee   "The way you know it's snowing is to watch..."
August 31, 2003:  "Nine O'Clock Ghazal" by Ann Silsbee   "My shadow's not tame: this time of clock..."
August 29, 2003:  "Orioling" by Ann Silsbee   "You love their singing—the thrush, the orioles..."
August 28, 2003:  "Broken Fable" by Cynie Cory   "An empty window slashes the moon. Blood..."
August 27, 2003:  "The Mouse-Trap" by Arielle Greenberg   "Life just doesn't happen this way..."
August 26, 2003:  "Resolution" by Eamon Grennan   "Since life is like a burning house, what can he make..."
August 25, 2003:  "Street Fair" by Lynne McMahon   "He's swayed over to count her cranes..."
August 24, 2003:  "Brooklyn Bridge" by Eva Salzman   "This one's mine: not a nail-less Bridge of Sighs..."
August 23, 2003:  "Dark Hay" by Chris Agee   "June grasses had burgeoned to monumental hay..."
August 22, 2003:  "Pastoral" by Sarah Wardle   "When I hear the cadence of your voice..."
August 21, 2003:  "The Old Fountain" by Clive Watkins   "Put out the lamp and sleep. The only sound..."
August 20, 2003:  "Water Rising" by Fleda Brown   "When the polar ice caps melt..."
August 19, 2003:  "Neither the Season, nor the Place" by Susan Meyers   "Some mornings I mutter down the hallway..."
August 18, 2003:  "Revival" by Lynn Powell   "I'd gotten used to the goldenrod rattling..."
August 17, 2003:  "A Mandate" by Neil Curry   "To all intents he was a tender gardener...."
August 16, 2003:  "The Flood" by Martha Kapos   "Silly even to think closing..."
August 15, 2003:  "Sea Changes" by Cliff Forshaw   "The odd warm winds keep up. The sea's..."
August 14, 2003:  "Somnambulist" by Katherine Soniat   "It was the animals in dream she tried to save..."
August 13, 2003:  "The One Who Stayed" by Lyubomir Levchev, translated by Jack Harte   "Death is a mystery. A terror... But not the end...."
August 12, 2003:  "Being Lost - Stage Five " by Rhian Saadat   "I have never really missed that feeling of the ground..."
August 11, 2003:  "The Time-Stealer" by Lynne Rees   "I dread his step outside, his raincoat..."
August 10, 2003:  "Learning to Float" by April Lindner   "Relax. It's like love. Keep your lips..."
August 9, 2003:  "Compass Rose" by Jennifer Reeser   "I'd buy you a Babushka doll, my heart..."
August 8, 2003:  "Island Myths" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "We were once two islands..."
August 7, 2003:  "Pushkin and the Black Sea" by Diane Thiel   "He came to meet me shortly after..."
August 6, 2003:  "Tree-Poem for Apollo" by Martha Kapos   "My fingertips are planning their escape...."
August 5, 2003:  "Betta Splendens" by Ellen Kirvin Dudis   "From this 3" jar I see little else..."
August 4, 2003:  "A Bone to Pick with You" by A. E. Stallings   "It's time to take the skeleton out of the closet..."
August 3, 2003:  "Sagrario" by Medbh McGuckian   "Some have in them the deluge..."
August 2, 2003:  "Body in Late Meditation" by Lynne Knight   "An hour from now the river will be grey..."
August 1, 2003:  "To the Waterfall" by Anthony Thwaite   "Walking again the track to the waterfall..."
July 31, 2003:  "The Soul Exploring the Recesses of the Grave" by Jude Nutter   "And so the soul, with a single candle, slips..."
July 30, 2003:  "The Fruit Thereof" by William Wenthe   "Apple trees gorging..."
July 29, 2003:  "Slow Leak" by Ellen Doré Watson   "I don't know how to wish you well...."
July 28, 2003:  "Poor Excuses" by Andi Werblin   "Because the clouds resemble fists splayed..."
July 27, 2003:  "Carol for the Birds" by Anne Stevenson   "Feet that could be clawed, but are not..."
July 26, 2003:  "March" by A. M. Juster   "The coast of Maine is painted brown and gray..."
July 25, 2003:  "Meridian" by Mia Leonin   "This is not the first time and I am not..."
July 24, 2003:  "from The Decalogue (III)" by Susan Wood   "I've been lonely like that, that woman skidding..."
July 23, 2003:  "The Melos of Medusa" by Simone Muench   "I once was a beautiful woman..."
July 22, 2003:  "The Runes, the Brute Remedies" by Elton Glaser   "Leaves down, and day down, and mercury..."
July 21, 2003:  "Written By Pavlov’s Few, Sad, Last Surviving Dogs" by Susanna Roxman   "Aging dogs, shabby dogs..."
July 20, 2003:  "Mushrooming" by Chris Agee   "Nothing stills the woods to silence..."
July 19, 2003:  "Under Moelfre" by Anne Stevenson   "Whatever it is we share with folds of rock..."
July 17, 2003:  "Two Crows" by Chad Davidson   "Three crows / huddling between telephone wires..."
July 16, 2003:  "Revelations" by E. G. Burrows   "A moment of thaw, the fog lifted..."
July 15, 2003:  "The Trouble with Being Born" by Christina Davis   "No telling them not to come. Or the milk..."
July 14, 2003:  "Outer Banks (II)" by Christian Wiman   "This isn't the end but there's no going farther...."
July 13, 2003:  "Altar Piece" by David Wright   "The rhythm could not be simpler..."
July 12, 2003:  "Snow White" by Andrea Hollander Budy   "It was actually one of the dwarfs..."
July 11, 2003:  "Bestiary for the Breasts of a Starlet" by Melanie Dusseau   "Once, / tucked under an armpit, / it squealed...."
July 10, 2003:  "Tag" by A. M. Juster   "A large bouquet arrived at nine..."
July 9, 2003:  "Sonnet" by Kimberly Johnson   "No seduction in the hothouse, its aisles..."
July 8, 2003:  "Settling" by Deborah Warren   "The warhorse out at grass..."
July 7, 2003:  "The Witch" by Sara Henderson Hay   "It pleases me to give a man three wishes..."
July 6, 2003:  "The Late Quartets" by Ryan Murphy   "And the blind bird in the hibiscus..."
July 5, 2003:  "King Sugar" by Lorna Knowles Blake   "Sugar cane harvest..."
July 4, 2003:  "Gretel" by Mary Jo Bang   "Mother, I am bare in a mist-mad forest..."
July 3, 2003:  "A Simple Campsong" by Lucia Perillo   "In the days of yore, three handsome drunks..."
July 2, 2003:  "A Happy Ending for the Lost Children" by Charles Martin   "One of their picture books would no doubt show..."
July 1, 2003:  "Hardy Bird" by A. M. Juster   "When I can hear my raucous sparrows sing..."
June 30, 2003:  "Tangerine" by Ruth L. Schwartz   "It was a flower once, it was one of a billion flowers..."
June 29, 2003:  "Landscape: In the Forest" by Sandra M. Gilbert   "Midnight. The witch's hut / splits like a pomegranate..."
June 28, 2003:  "Ladders" by Shirley Kaufman   "When the angels were too old..."
June 27, 2003:  "And Because the Leaves Were On Our Side" by Jon Woodward   "It was because all those stale clouds of racehorse..."
June 26, 2003:  "Cause Cèlébre" by Deborah Warren   "Something's afoot among the crows today..."
June 25, 2003:  "Elegiac" by Ryan Murphy   "Sunset, a grainy photograph..."
June 24, 2003:  "The True Story of Snow White" by Bruce Bennett   "Almost before the princess had grown cold..."
June 23, 2003:  "Under Sweet Water Drowned" by Katy Lederer   "Who hath forgotten aught they may be..."
June 22, 2003:  "Recitative on Cape Clear Island" by Theodore Deppe   "Cows in their rectangles of fog, and the repeated notes..."
June 21, 2003:  "End of Days" by Gregory Fraser   "There are those who swear it will start with the sun..."
June 20, 2003:  "Like Trees Planted by Streams of Water" by David Wright   "On this small bluff, lives hang like leaves..."
June 19, 2003:  "The Park Interpreter Speaks" by Leslie Noyes Harrison   "The glaciers carved this valley so long ago..."
June 18, 2003:  "Feeding" by Kristen Tracy   "Eight thirty and the branch..."
June 17, 2003:  "Choir" by Jeff Hardin   "Voices blend and bring us back from other..."
June 16, 2003:  "The Son of a Carpenter" by David Wagoner   "He knew the shapes and the gnarled persuasions..."
June 15, 2003:  "Legacy" by Pamela Harrison   "I lug the trunk with me everywhere..."
June 14, 2003:  "Persephone at the Farmer's Market" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "Even now, I cannot lose the memory of scent...."
June 13, 2003:  "Driving Through the Valley" by Lynne Knight   "Nothing all that strange about the scene..."
June 12, 2003:  "Full Moon, Cirrocumulus, Light Breeze, and Iridescence" and "High Sky" by Wendy Barker   "The sky has slipped its stitches..."
June 11, 2003:  "Journey to the East" by Baron Wormser   "The guru was too fond of antithesis..."
June 10, 2003:  "On the Hill Back of La Ciotat" by Jim Barnes   "Poppies begin to bloom among..."
June 9, 2003:  "In Gwendolyn Brooks' Head" by Yona Harvey   "The heart knows who's in charge..."
June 8, 2003:  "If You Are in Manhattan after the First Snow" by Vivian Shipley   "Wait for the moon to sculpt the fire hydrant into a statue of frost..."
June 7, 2003:  "The Reliquary" by Ann Townsend   "The world with its dangers..."
June 6, 2003:  "Displacement" by D. C. Stone   "The geese depart this month. They elevate..."
June 5, 2003:  "Hieronymus and the Lion" by Maurya Simon   "Legends grow slowly and askant the truth..."
June 4, 2003:  "In the Lee of the Disaster" by Terese Coe   "In the lee of the disaster / We sit and mourn a while..."
June 3, 2003:  "Pink Salmon" by Cecily Parks   "Adult pink humpback salmon lose their sheen..."
June 2, 2003:  "Leave-Taking Above the Missouri" by Eric Pankey   "The way out is up, over, through the thistle gate..."
June 1, 2003:  "First Thing" by Bill Knott   "A dead dog at the bottom of my pram..."
May 31, 2003:  "The Gradual All" by Eliot Khalil Wilson   "The clear-water light of autumn is first..."
May 30, 2003:  "Green Canoe" by Jeffrey Harrison   "I don't often get the chance any longer..."
May 29, 2003:  "Glen West" by Theodore Deppe   "Another day of gales. Ripples in tight fans..."
May 28, 2003:  "The Garden" by David Daniel   "Fall's last light in the last field falls now..."
May 27, 2003:  "Wind and Rain" by Knute Skinner   "We came to the back of the barn..."
May 26, 2003:  "The Flag of My Disposition" by Elaine Sexton   "The free end of the flag snags in a beak..."
May 25, 2003:  "Vanishing Point" by Margot Schilpp   "The way an island holds back..."
May 24, 2003:  "Thief" by Jean Follain   "The cows' hearts beat in the meadow..."
May 23, 2003:  "Aesop Revisited" by John Drury   "We know how the body thrives on jostling..."
May 22, 2003:  "Leonardo Drawings" by K. E. Duffin   "A bony centipede on vellum...."
May 21, 2003:  "Little Red Riding Hood Grows Up" by Kim Bridgford   "Sometimes she feels the wolves behind her eyes..."
May 20, 2003:  "Succession" by Bill Knott   "On the welcome mat the foot announces knee..."
May 19, 2003:  "Angry Music" by John Nixon, Jr.   "Intimidated by his symphony..."
May 18, 2003:  "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by Kim Bridgford   "How can he tell them that he sees wolf-shapes..."
May 17, 2003:  "What You Come To" by Eve Wood   "Question the clouds / and they will whisper..."
May 16, 2003:  "I Never Promised You a Worm Farm" by Charles Harper Webb   "When her psychology patients start her wishing..."
May 15, 2003:  "The Silence of the Tortoise" by Terese Svoboda   "He has his back to her..."
May 14, 2003:  "Owls in the City Hills" by D. R. Goodman   "how they hunt us..."
May 13, 2003:  "The Sightstop" by Bill Knott   "To spell amid a tree's sundapples..."
May 12, 2003:  "Apogean" by Paul Guest   "All this floating is ridiculous, and the stars..."
May 11, 2003:  "The Descent" by Leonard Kress   "Finding the entrance is easy, any farmboy..."
May 10, 2003:  "For a Woman Who Said She Could Fall In Love With A Boat" by Jeremy Hooker   "What I wish you is not a sieve..."
May 9, 2003:  "The light from childhood" by Ron Houchin   "shows growing up to be a lake..."
May 8, 2003:  "Encryption" by Elaine Sexton   "This is an elegy for the stuffed sea turtle..."
May 7, 2003:  "In Earnest" by Joshua McKinney   "Fall's gold is gone. The American..."
May 6, 2003:  "Promises Are for Liars" by James Galvin   "...Slight as light / Reflected from the stream..."
May 5, 2003:  "Manifesto" by Margot Schilpp   "I know that dying is how we escape..."
May 4, 2003:  "The Reconstruction of the Fictive Space" by Eric Pankey   "I open my eyes and a season passes..."
May 3, 2003:  "Departing Phoenix" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "I swallow bird songs that do not resurface..."
May 2, 2003:  "Rilke's Fear of Dogs" by Jeffrey Harrison   "had less to do / with any harm..."
May 1, 2003:  "Heron" by John Drury   "In Gray Marsh, on my way home, sunset smeared..."
April 30, 2003:  "Threshold" by Philip White   "All morning the empty boats in the cove..."
April 29, 2003:  "For the Fog Horn When There Is No Fog" by Sarah Hannah   "Still sounding in full sun past the jetty..."
April 28, 2003:  "Fire" by Scott Bailey   "Before the grass comes back green, I burn it..."
April 27, 2003:  "Night Piece" by Jeremy Hooker   "Cut of farm roofs, black against sunset..."
April 26, 2003:  "Clouds Whip By in the Valley" by Walt McDonald   "Come feel the sleet in your face, see clouds whip by..."
April 25, 2003:  "Out in It" by Lynne McMahon   "The storm hasn't yet kicked the electrics out..."
April 22-24, 2003:  Feature Price is no longer our web host.   
April 21, 2003:  "The Leaf King" by Shawn Sturgeon   "It begins like this: one hand on the rail..."
April 20, 2003:  "While my bowl is still half full..." by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser   "you can eat out of it too..."
April 19, 2003:  "Pledge to the Freight Canvasser..." by Carol Rumens   "I'll take you with me when I board the ship..."
April 18, 2003:  "When even the butterflies..." by Henrik Nordbrandt   "When even the butterflies misjudge..."
April 17, 2003:  "Here" by Betsy Sholl   "Wharves with their warehouses sagging..."
April 16, 2003:  "Envoy" by Cleopatra Mathis   "The crows came back last night..."
April 15, 2003:  "Puzzled Dust" by Walter Clark   "Proud, angry, puzzled dust..."
April 14, 2003:  "On the Holy Friar Crossing a Suspension Bridge to Paradise" by Joanna Goodman   "The hollower the world..."
April 13, 2003:  "We Lived Together" by David Greenslade   "We moved stones..."
April 12, 2003:  "Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend" by Gerry Murphy   "Too late to know that magnificent head..."
April 11, 2003:  "The Guernica Duck" by W.N. Herbert   "The Guernica duck is shouting on the table..."
April 10, 2003:  "The Flesh" by Paul Guest   "Walking to get medicine / for a pet, I am tempted..."
April 9, 2003:  "Like Crossing a Room in the Dark" by Lawrence Sail   "Something enjoys the thought of a minor challenge..."
April 8, 2003:  "The Totality of Facts" by Allan Peterson   "The laughing gull that flew behind the fencepost..."
April 7, 2003:  "The February of the Bourgeoisie" by Jene Beardsley   "Flash winds, stropped on the arctic, skin the flint..."
April 6, 2003:  "In Ladbroke Square" by Ruth Fainlight   "The oldest trees have..."
April 5, 2003:  "Manifest" by Reginald Shepherd   "Sir star, Herr Lenz, white season body..."
April 4, 2003:  "In The Monastery Garden" by George Keithley   "Love is not longing it is action..."
April 3, 2003:  "Some Part of the Lyric" by Gregory Orr   "Some part of the lyric wants to exclude..."
April 2, 2003:  "At The Pound" by Lawrence Revard   "Take a look at the ugly ones..."
April 1, 2003:  "Horace, I.11" by Len Krisak   "Because we cannot know our days to come..."
March 31, 2003:  "Morning Star" by C.D. Wright   "This isn't the end. It simply..."
March 30, 2003:  "Herons" by George Keithley   "Herons thrive in Ostia where no ship sails..."
March 29, 2003:  "The Horses" by Rick Barot   "The primary red striped onto the black, the dye..."
March 28, 2003:  "An Abbreviated History of Signs" by Reginald Shepherd   "And not to be removed / under penalty of law..."
March 27, 2003:  "Matsukaze" by Larissa Szporluk   "All that is built falls at night..."
March 26, 2003:  "Totaled" by Ronald Wallace   "The day was totaled. Its hood and fenders bent..."
March 25, 2003:  "Awful Sexy Bones" by Ben Doyle   "The human being's body's ability to absorb..."
March 24, 2003:  "Orpheus in Therapy" by Leonard Kress   "All that singing and all that grand passion..."
March 23, 2003:  "Klingon Sestina" by Linda France   "There isn't much I don't know about love..."
March 22, 2003:  "Four Pheasants" by Ruth Fainlight   "Where the road curves sharp left, it dips..."
March 21, 2003:  "Motel Night" by Ron Houchin   "The towel that can be stolen..."
March 20, 2003:  "At Dawn Take Highway One South Out of Town" by Will Toedtman   "On a narrow stretch of beach between outcrops..."
March 19, 2003:  "Blackberrying: A Conversation Piece" by Jeremy Hooker   "Whether birds feel joy in their flight..."
March 18, 2003:  "Academic Affairs" by Sarah Perrier   "Why don't you love me, and we can hit the road together..."
March 17, 2003:  "Adolescence" by Gabriel Gudding   "The duck is attacking Humpty Dumpty..."
March 16, 2003:  "Two in Tropic Twilight" by Stephen Massimilla   "If I once quickened among the whips..."
March 15, 2003:  "Reverberant" by Martha Zweig   "Near bank off to the farthest marsh & back again across..."
March 14, 2003:  "XII" by Matt Mason   "For my heart is enough for you to perch on..."
March 13, 2003:  "The Nighthawks Circle Lila" by Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis   "Like she's something to be memorized..."
March 12, 2003:  "In the Virgin Islands" by Ronald Wallace   "Sunset: a smattering of rain..."
March 11, 2003:  "Restoration, Full Moon Garden" by Andrew McCord   "The plot is nothing but an excuse for being..."
March 10, 2003:  "The Dunes" by William Logan   "That year the sand dunes served our winter camp..."
March 9, 2003:  "Suddenly" by Ron Mohring   "A small domestic cloud, pale gray, drifts..."
March 8, 2003:  "Even Before Your Elbow Knocked Over The Glass" by Emily Rosko   "First, there were the broken pieces..."
March 7, 2003:  "Love, with Trees and Lightning" by Catie Rosemurgy   "I've been thinking about what love is for..."
March 6, 2003:  "A Leopard Hanging in a Tree" by Eric Rawson   "A leopard hanging in a tree..."
March 5, 2003:  "Having Evolved From Trees" by Tina Kelley   "We are hazel-eyed. / Some things we are certain of..."
March 4, 2003:  "Old Friend, New Star" by Ben Gunsberg   "In your first lead role, old friend, new star..."
March 3, 2003:  "Waiting With a Stranger" by David Simpson   "My guide dog circles once..."
March 2, 2003:  "Lapis" by Martha Zweig   "Lapins lazuli; blue bunnies, bluebonnets, lazily..."
March 1, 2003:  "The Missing Wife" by Diane Lockward   "The wife and the dog planned their escape..."
February 28, 2003:  "Immaculate" by Tina Kelley   "He took me to the new world. He wanted privacy..."
February 27, 2003:  "Gavotte" by Susanne Kort   "What he wants, it appears,/ is roughly the same as what she wants..."
February 26, 2003:  "Apology, a Love Poem" by Leah Nielsen   "How the small fire reaches into the fallen branches..."
February 25, 2003:  "Fame and Fortune Cookie" by Richard Cecil   "'You've got talent but you lack ambition'..."
February 24, 2003:  "The Objects in Japanese Novels" by Elaine Equi   "Empty cages outline..."
February 23, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "Between Them" by Ron Mohring   "They sit near the window. Coffee steams..."
February 22, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "The Song of the House" by Philip Gross   "Who'll take these rooms, who'll rake the cinders in my hearth..."
February 21, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "Skeins o Geese" by Kathleen Jamie   "Skeins o geese write a word..."
February 20, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "The Hard Season" by Kathleen Lynch   "Rain-glutted, the stream..."
February 19, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "Eurydice Reveals Her Strength" by A. E. Stallings   "Dying is the easy part..."
February 18, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "Letter After the Diagnosis" by Lynne Knight   "This is the window I love best. It looks down..."
February 17, 2003 (Quarter 2 favorite):  "Spring Storm" by Floyd Skloot   "Scarlet tulip petals strewn by last night's..."
February 16, 2003:  "White Anklets" by Shauna Hannibal   "She walked in on it she could tell..."
February 15, 2003:  "The Last Hill and the Wild Trees" by David Swerdlow   "It is easy to forget..."
February 14, 2003:  "Each Thing Charged" by Ben Doyle   "each thing, charged..."
February 13, 2003:  "The Advent of Zero" by Paul Guest   "I know that someday you will tire of everything..."
February 12, 2003:  "Square du Temple" by Marilyn Hacker   "Moon on late daylight: green fruit plucked from a stalk..."
February 11, 2003:  "Battering Robin Syndrome" by Tina Kelley   "He has split his beak on my view..."
February 10, 2003:  "Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo" by Jason Gray   "It is Adam who stops at the front gate..."
February 9, 2003:  "Life of the Grasshopper" by Jorge Carrera Andrade   "Always an invalid..."
February 8, 2003:  "Remnants" by Rachel Vigier   "It's what I have left to offer you..."
February 7, 2003:  "Miniature" by Lorna Knowles Blake   "The doll house builder loves to be in charge..."
February 6, 2003:  "Late-Talking Children" by Joanna Smith Rakoff   "Explain the dark..."
February 5, 2003:  "The Benjamin Franklin of Monogamy" by Jeffrey McDaniel   "Reminiscing in the drizzle of Portland, I notice..."
February 4, 2003:  "I Used to See Her in the Field Beside My House" by Ashley Capps   "Perhaps it is the way your nipples..."
February 3, 2003:  "Passing Through the Shadows Of Great Buildings" by Nance Van Winckel   "The beggar in plaid blankets wanted to kiss my hand..."
February 2, 2003:  "Now the Starlit Moonless Spring" by Kenneth Rexroth   "Now the starlit moonless Spring..."
February 1, 2003:  "Dove" by Virginia Slachman   "Perhaps I knew she was there..."
January 31, 2003:  "Collect Call" by Michelle Boisseau   "Whatever he means, my brother means no harm..."
January 30, 2003:  "Ode on Satan's Power" by Barbara Hamby   "At a local bistro's Christmas sing-along, the new..."
January 29, 2003:  "Cant" by Meghan Hickey   "Dusk, New Jersey. I mistake a haunt..."
January 28, 2003:  "After Drought, Flood" by Kimberly Meyer   "We'd longed for such release..."
January 27, 2003:  "Disappear" by Rachel Vigier   "To pass out of sight, vanish..."
January 26, 2003:  "To His Mistress Going to Bed" by Nathan Hoks   "O Central Nervous System..."
January 25, 2003:  "The Woman at the Next Table" by Robert Hudson   "He doesn't stare for fear of being rude..."
January 24, 2003:  "The Stars" by Morton Marcus   "The stars are grains of salt..."
January 23, 2003:  "From the Book of Rope" by Robert King   "First, there is love. Secondly,..."
January 22, 2003:  "The More Moon, the Less Strewn Years: I Am Ended by Harsh and Grass" by Juan Carlos Vargas   "Turnstones and plovers..."
January 21, 2003:  "The Teller is the Only Survivor of the Fairy-Tale Ending" by Mark Yakich   "On the eve of never departing at least there are no bags..."
January 20, 2003:  "Cicadas And" by Nathan Hoks   "Cicadas and my love..."
January 19, 2003:  "The Prodigal" by Julianne Buchsbaum   "In the illness of surfeit, I've seen through..."
January 18, 2003:  "Self-Deceit" by Duncan Forbes   "The lion borrows the thunder's roar..."
January 17, 2003:  "The Shelter in Children's Stories" by Stephen Frech   "The lion borrows the thunder's roar..."
January 16, 2003:  "Picking Up The Shards" by Gwen Hart   "The first sign was whining from the hall..."
January 15, 2003:  "Cautionary Tale" by Nance Van Winckel   "The funny bearded goat..."
January 14, 2003:  "More Than Ashes to Ashes, Not Just Dust to Dust" by Rob Carney   " In the Old Songs about Washington, if a fisherman drowned..."
January 13, 2003:  "On Found Objects" by Tony Barnstone   "Do you remember the bull's head I made..."
January 12, 2003:  "The Drowned Immortal" by Timothy Murphy   "When an Immortal misbehaves..."
January 11, 2003:  "You Owe Me" by Ken Smith   "as it happens it happens I forgot myself..."
January 10, 2003:  "Fatherland" by Lauren Bower Smith   "Our father was a house built..."
January 9, 2003:  "The Heart" by Judith Herzberg   "For the heart it was a chance...."
January 8, 2003:  "The Climbers" by Jeffrey Skinner   "Poor men. On either side a green shield..."
January 7, 2003:  "Steadily" by Michelle Boisseau   "In the sun-ladled spot we dug for it..."
January 6, 2003:  "Bid Me Be the Bird" by Nance Van Winckel   "May the lower, liquid half of the world..."
January 5, 2003:  "Poem" by Anna Enquist   "Wooden almost, the way he waits..."
January 4, 2003:  "Inscription for an Asylum" by Bryan D. Dietrich   "The loons who run the halls here—ever ravished..."
January 3, 2003:  "A Crumb" by Philip Gross   "As you paused to flick away..."
January 2, 2003:  "The Hunt" by Molly Peacock   "The stubby black-jowled dog inside me growls..."
January 1, 2003:  "In Praise of Aphrodite" by Kathleen Jamie   "These are wicked days. The very gods..."
December 31, 2002:  "Of What is Past, or Passing, or to Come" by Ray Bradbury   "...Of what is past, or passing, or to come..."
December 30, 2002:  "Brains" by Rodney Jones   "...I won't have to look it up..."
December 29, 2002:  "Quo Journal: Just as They Come" by Michael Morse   "...his plumage is a fire called blue and I am he..."
December 28, 2002:  "The Afternoon" by Ken Smith   "Gone into white mist, the way it is in the movies..."
December 27, 2002:  "Destiny Manifest" by Terese Svoboda   "Your fence meets your fence..."
December 26, 2002:  "At This Moment" by Ethna McKiernan   "And if I have nothing to say..."
December 25, 2002:  "Christ of the Deep" by Paul Groves   "Grouper nose me. / Striped bass make a pass..."
December 24, 2002:  "By their works" by Bob Hicok   "Who cleaned up the Last Supper?..."
December 23, 2002:  "Skeins o Geese" by Kathleen Jamie   "Skeins o geese write a word..."
December 22, 2002:  "Georgic" by Michael J. Rosen   "Abstractly, the concept of sharing persuades...."
December 21, 2002:  "The Proportion of Broken" by Elena Karina Byrne   "Relentless, I love relentless: relentless..."
December 20, 2002:  "Wisdom Teeth" by Eliza Griswold   "We're too young for this discourse of ex's..."
December 19, 2002:  Equator by D. C. Stone   "The natives of this region built a temple..."
December 18, 2002:  Variations on a Postcard by T. S. Eliot by Karl Kirchwey   "This is a very quiet town..."
December 17, 2002:  The Fourth Man in the Fire by Bryan D. Dietrich   "Home from a hard day's Armageddon..."
December 16, 2002:  Heaven by Natasha Saje   "An ocean liner. The other passengers everyone..."
December 15, 2002:  My People by Dean Young   "Initially, I too appeared between the legs..."
December 14, 2002:  Commom Name: Scilla by Susan Firer   "Under the slingshot birches..."
December 13, 2002:  Incommunicado by Paul Groves   "What sort of marriage is this? She hasn't..."
December 12, 2002:  Why We Drive Highway Five in February by Ruth L. Schwartz   "Just to see that many trees / burst weeping into blossom..."
December 11, 2002:  The Song of the House by Philip Gross   "Who'll take these rooms, who'll rake the cinders in my hearth..."
December 10, 2002:  For a Friend Whose Love Has Left by Lynne Knight   "For a week now, the deer has been roaming...."
December 9, 2002:  Eurydice Reveals Her Strength by A. E. Stallings   "Dying is the easy part...."
December 8, 2002:  Between Them by Ron Mohring   "They sit near the window. Coffee steams..."
December 7, 2002:  A Fan's Proposal by Rob Griffith   "During the seventh inning stretch, he knelt..."
December 6, 2002:  Small Ghost Poem by Lawrence Raab   "Say it's the leaves, the way they rustle..."
December 5, 2002:  Whispers Late at Night by Robert Daseler   "Death is more than parting, but it can't..."
December 4, 2002:  Bride by Jeanne Marie Beaumont   "I was long dead before you singed me..."
December 3, 2002:  Marriage, Memento Mori by Walter McDonald   "I'm always home by four..."
December 2, 2002:  Marriage as Creative Process by Julianna Baggott   "Let's marry again this time as metaphor..."
December 1, 2002:  Squirrel Hunting by Edmund August   "You can sit in fallen leaves and gnawed hulls..."
November 30, 2002:  49 Views of Childhood by Bin Ramke   "But he was a quiet child, I was, he was never..."
November 29, 2002:  Olfactory by Alfred Corn   "A wash and wallop nothing had prepared..."
November 28, 2002:  The Birdhouse by Greg Williamson   "During that cold snap, frost..."
November 27, 2002:  The Wife of the Man of Many Wiles by A. E. Stallings   "Believe what you want to. Believe that I wove..."
November 26, 2002:  A Letter from Mama (1916-1999) by Marilyn Nelson   "Don't worry: Everything..."
November 25, 2002:  Letter After the Diagnosis by Lynne Knight   "This is the window I love the best. It looks down..."
November 24, 2002:  Restlessness by James Grinwis   "My daughter comes to the field..."
November 23, 2002:  [Sometimes I think that millimeter between us] by Robert E. Haynes
November 22, 2002:  [Even my sleep is a desert drawn against black walls] by Robert E. Haynes
November 21, 2002:  [Now everyone is dying in my dreams] by Robert E. Haynes
November 20, 2002:  [Too much of you is exposed] by Robert E. Haynes
November 19, 2002:  [But if I had known what was to come] by Robert E. Haynes
November 18, 2002:  Passages by Michael David Roberts   "Quiet. Everywhere. Like the breaths..."
November 17, 2002:  Improvisation by Jane Satterfield   "Ice on the limbs / of the isolate trees..."
November 16, 2002:  Corinna's Bones by Adrianne Kalfopoulou   "You sleep as you lived, far away..."
November 15, 2002:  Close Up by James Longenbach   "In retrospect I'd been waiting..."
November 14, 2002:  Two poems by Molly Peacock   "You can stop in the spot you're already in..."
November 13, 2002:  "Opening the Rain" by Susan Firer   "We return covered with the carnivalesque..."
November 12, 2002:  "Sunday Afternoon" by B. D. Love   "A strong late August sunlight muscles in..."
November 11, 2002:  "My Mind's Eye Opens Before The Light Gets Up" by Deborah Cummins   "The math I refigure in the dark still comes up short..."
November 10, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Sonnet for Carryhouse and Keeper" by C. J. Sage   "I met a man who'd kept a snail as pet..."
November 9, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Black-eyed Susans" by Ron Rash   "The hay was belt-buckle high..."
November 8, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Man Raking Leaves" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "....He feels November coming, knows the lyrics..."
November 7, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Letter for a Mentor" by Cate Marvin   "I am driving a screw into the plump of a cork...."
November 6, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Mercy" by Bruce Bond   "Dear happiness, forgive me..."
November 5, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Hardware Sparrows" by R. T. Smith   Out for a deadbolt, light bulbs..."
November 4, 2002 (Quarter One Favorite):  "Laws of My Nature" by Margot Schilpp   Obviously, the roosters are in league / with morning..."
November 3, 2002:  "Angels II" by Jack Marshall   Winter run-off babbling on..."
November 2, 2002:  "Passage" by Deborah Cummins   Once more, in their dumb unknowing..."
November 1, 2002:  "Summons" by Jeff Hardin   Word comes today along the lengths of rain..."
October 31, 2002:  "What I Believe, with Four Final Words from Li-Young Lee" by Mary Jo Firth Gillett   I believe there is no freedom..."
October 30, 2002:  "The Hard Season" by Kathleen Lynch   Rain-glutted, the stream..."
October 29, 2002:  "Pomegranate Girl" by Patricia Hill   My mother calls for me and the corn falls down...."
October 28, 2002:  "Conversation" by Molly Peacock   ...our conversation like a ghost seal..."
October 27, 2002:  "Apple Blossoms" by Susan Kelly-DeWitt   "One evening in winter / when nothing has been enough..."
October 26, 2002:  "The Judgment of Paris (Whereabouts Unknown)" by Jim Barnes   "Remember Paris, who herded Priam's flocks..."
October 25, 2002:  "When I Taught Mary to Eat Avocado" by Alison Stine   "She didn't understand..."
October 24, 2002:  "Heat and Snow" by Raphael Kosek   "After the raised voices, silence..."
October 23, 2002:  "Padua" by Mark Halperin   "Across the bridge, the garbage swollen stream..."
October 22, 2002:  "Angels" by Jack Marshall   "....They see through it: that wary, indignant stare..."
October 21, 2002:  "Late Valentine" by Derick Burleson   "My darling, I have imagined you dead..."
October 20, 2002:  "Farm Sitting" by John Hoppenthaler   "Christy throws a rock— / the barn splinters..."
October 19, 2002:  "If Thou Canst Not Today, Then Tomorrow" by Tracy Philpot   "Give me your hand husband..."
October 18, 2002:  "Epithalamium" by Steve Langan   "We were down to change, walking...."
October 17, 2002:  "A Returning" by John Brehm   "Tonight my father's love for me / is the crowbar he places gently..."
October 16, 2002:  "Lilacs" by Judith Skillman   "Because they signify a life / less sterile, I twist their stems..."
October 15, 2002:  "The Dead" by Ellery J. Akers   "The dead can't hear us when we talk..."
October 14, 2002:  "Bartender Cain at the Alibi Lounge" by Patty Seyburn   "You're right, I tell you, and no, it's not fair...."
October 13, 2002:  "An Old Man Performs Alchemy on His Doorstep at Christmastime" by Anna George Meek   "After they stopped singing for him..."
October 12, 2002:  "The Chimneys" by Bruce Bond   "After the fire the monoliths of brick..."
October 11, 2002:  "Bittersweet" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "My friend — that best of gardeners..."
October 10, 2002:  "The Lonelier Moon" by J. P. Dancing Bear   "Armstrong has seen it / from its sister...."
October 9, 2002:  "Appetite" by Kathleen Lynch   "I came here hungry..."
October 8, 2002:  "Hybrid Song" by Colette Inez   "Child of mother fish, / child of father oak..."
October 7, 2002:  Three poems by Floyd Skloot   "Scarlet tulip petals strewn by last night's / winds litter the gutter...."
October 6, 2002:  "Two Poems for T." by Cesare Pavese   "You also are love..."
October 5, 2002:  "From the Balcony" by Ralph Angel   "Out there, where whales swim upon a building and muffled..."
October 4, 2002:  "Fantasia with Love and Death in the Wings" by Katherine Soniat   "...saying, eat, this will lighten the body..."
October 3, 2002:  "The Veery" by John Poch   "I have predicted the end of spring for the fifth time..."
October 2, 2002:  "The Dead" by Kate Northrop   "Their reward is / they become innocent again..."
October 1, 2002:  "Clouds Swell Out" by Julianne Buchsbaum   "The finale of fall hangs in yellow clusters...."
September 30, 2002:  "Furnace" by James Hoch   "....We did not believe // it could speak..."
September 29, 2002:  "The Widow's Rules" by Adrianne Marcus   "Until my fingers learn..."
September 28, 2002:  "Bed Cairn" by Joddy Murray   "Easy linen parts the bright window. Your hands have stopped..."
September 27, 2002:  "Abundance" by Margaret Ryan   "The paving stones are laid in waves..."
September 26, 2002:  "The Sacrifice" by Jim Simmerman   "I liked the kid but the voice..."
September 25, 2002:  "Revelation" by John Brehm   "...my memories like bewildered animals..."
September 24, 2002:  "Black-eyed Susans" by Ron Rash   "The hay was belt-buckle high..."
September 23, 2002:  "The Stones in Their Array" by Glyn Maxwell   "Though they've been burned and thundered into place..."
September 22, 2002:  "For Lysa, That She May Rise Early" by Robert McDowell   "...When twenty serious cows file out..."
September 21, 2002:  "Sleep" by Wesley McNair   "The young dog would like to know..."
September 20, 2002:  "Chevron and Swoop" by Cecily Parks   "In the blanks between the blinds, a hand appears...."
September 19, 2002:  "I See" by Natasha Saje   "the cats playing with a rose fallen..."
September 18, 2002:  "Do Not Dive Head-First" by Beth Gylys   "Do not dive head-first in that puddle of mud..."
September 17, 2002:  "Birth Ghazal" and "Bridge Ghazal" by C. J. Sage   "I want to say before I die: my heart is clear; my hands, reborn...."
September 16, 2002:  "Advertisement for the Ford Explorer" by David Roderick   "Both bumper and bison's horns point west..."
September 15, 2002:  "The Gerbils" by Rustin Larson   "Happily busy in the middle of the night..."
September 14, 2002:  "Friesians" by Anthony Howell   "....They twitch their petal-shaped ears..."
September 13, 2002:  "Like Lavrinia" by Kimiko Hahn   "Like Lavrinia Merli, in 1890 in Mojola, Mantua..."
September 12, 2002:  "Time and a Dog" by Sidney Wade   "All right we can't repeat the past..."
September 11, 2002:  "In a Diner on Sunday" by Stuart Bloodworth   "These two old Protestants in blue and beige..."
September 10, 2002:  "The Good Dark" by Jim Barnes   "....The whole sky / boils black / as gunpowder..."
September 9, 2002:  "My Emotions Are Like Fish" by John Brehm   "Mostly they live in the dark..."
September 8, 2002:  "Plato and the Fall" by David Young   "Socrates says that trees have nothing to teach us...."
September 7, 2002:  "If You Ask Me" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "'If you ask me,' said the snake, 'this couple's doomed...."
September 6, 2002:  "When I Was Straight" by Maureen Seaton   "....I read a book that said if you are fickle...."
September 5, 2002:  "Conversation About Life, After Life" by Jessica Greenbaum   "....With each admission, our green canoes went over / another waterfall..."
September 4, 2002:  "Blue Colonial" by David Roderick   "I was bored until I began rigging catastrophes..."
September 3, 2002:  "Echo and Narcissus" by Kim Addonizio   "Poor love-struck Echo, stuck with repeating..."
September 2, 2002:  "Thinking of My Body in Love" by Nikki Moustaki   "It's a kind of beautiful thing, a box..."
September 1, 2002:  "Landscape of Heaven" by Morri Creech   "Like coarse flame consuming the garden..."
August 31, 2002:  "November Valentine" by Michael Theune   "Darkness veins up / Through the fireweed..."
August 30, 2002:  "The Moon through the Trees" by Robert McDowell   "The eyes of animals shine in the grass...."
August 29, 2002:  "Sorting the Entanglements" by Bob Hicok   "In my will the basement goes to the spiders...."
August 28, 2002:  "Justice" by Gerald Stern   "Only, to hear him scream, you had to know..."
August 27, 2002:  "Sonnet For Carryhouse and Keeper" by C. J. Sage   "I met a man who'd kept a snail as pet...."
August 26, 2002:  "Improvident Knowledge" by R. T. Smith   "Because I suffer from the human habit / of taking safety for granted...."
August 25, 2002:  "The Holy Bloom" by Michael Atkinson   "Let us not overestimate man...."
August 24, 2002:  "The New Years" by Sandra Kohler   "Mottled March. The sky patched...."
August 23, 2002:  "XXV" from "Second Home" by Randy Blasing   "...Just as the truth lies somewhere in between..."
August 22, 2002:  "The Exile" by Alice Friman   "A woman takes the same walk / each afternoon...."
August 21, 2002:  "Even Because" by Ralph Angel   "Because it all just breaks apart, and the pieces scatter..."
August 20, 2002:  "Ghazal" by Grace Bauer   "....Some days you set out to conquer the world / but it conquers you. That's why God made cocktails...."
August 19, 2002:  "Letter for a Mentor" by Cate Marvin   "I am driving a screw into the plump of a cork...."
August 18, 2002:  "Table Conversation of Two People I Can't Hear" by Robert King   "'The ocean rolls like this,' he says with his hand...."
August 17, 2002:  "Sustenance" by Joannie Kervran Stangeland   "Three tomatoes perch on the sill..."
August 16, 2002:  "Foundations for Fire" by Sandra Meek   "In this photo, I send you light..."
August 15, 2002:  "The Last Words of Alice the Goon" by Paul Guest   "Understand me now: the light is lace..."
August 14, 2002:  "Last Breath at Dawn" by Katie Ford   "I don't know what has been absolved what not..."
August 13, 2002:  "Wile E. Coyote Attains Nirvana" by David Hernandez   "No wonder after each plummet..."
August 12, 2002:  "Interlude: Still Still" by Robin Behn   "....The wooden body is no longer / bigger than his body...."
August 11, 2002:  "Apple" by William Hedrington   "The dead litter so..."
August 10, 2002:  "Scribe" by R. T. Smith   "...a cricket in the sugarbush / is mourning..."
August 9, 2002:  "Droplets" by C. K. Williams   "Even when the rain falls relatively hard..."
August 8, 2002:  "There Is a Man" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "There is a man goes stumbling through this town..."
August 7, 2002:  "On Whether or Not to Prune the Nandina" by Cynthia Wyatt   "Perhaps not. Left alone / the berries will dry up, fall off..."
August 6, 2002:  "Perspective" by Kelly Cherry   "Three does stood at the edge of the road...."
August 5, 2002:  "Ferry to the Island" by Ann Townsend   "Nothing resists the wind / like the one-legged gull balancing..."
August 4, 2002:  "Messages" by Dagmar Nick   "Hazy sun. November. My friends, / the crows, come back..."
August 3, 2002:  "Trying to Get Near One Another" by Jeff Hardin   "While you are sleeping, a family of ducks / courses along the stream..."
August 2, 2002:  "Sonnet Number 13" by Mark Jarman   "Blessèdness—not only in a face / But in the air..."
August 1, 2002:  "Fiddleheads" by Maureen Seaton   "The first time I saw hundreds of fiddlehead ferns boiling in an enormous pot..."
July 31, 2002:  "Pilgrimage" by Margaret Gibson   "Why do I take the back way..."
July 30, 2002:  "Glow" by Ron Padgett   "When I wake up earlier than you..."
July 29, 2002:  "Coyotes" by Ted Kooser   "My pup steps to the edge / of the light..."
July 28, 2002:  "The Heron" by Kathleen Jamie   "We are flying, this summer's night..."
July 27, 2002:  "Heroic Roses" by Elton Glaser   "Heroic they'd have to be, the way / I let them struggle...."
July 26, 2002:  "After You've Saved the Bird" by Maria Terrone   "So here we are, long married, always empty-nested..."
July 25, 2002:  "Keeping My Own Company" by Christopher Buckley   "After all, the afternoons are off gossiping among the pines..."
July 24, 2002:  "Living Here" by Cleopatra Mathis   "In the absence of ocean, I have the field..."
July 23, 2002:  "Mercy" by Bruce Bond   "Dear happiness, forgive me..."
July 22, 2002:  "Compass" by Amy England   "....This is about a bird shaped hole was riven / Through the sky forever..."
July 21, 2002:  "That Cold Summer" by Nin Andrews   "At first the angel was perfectly wingless..."
July 20, 2002:  "Winter Solstice Full Moon at Perigee" by James Galvin   "Being in love isn't about being happy...."
July 19, 2002:  "Late Gallop" by Eugen Jebeleanu   "An opaque brim of shadow..."
July 18, 2002:  "Minotaur" by Carl Phillips   "What stalked the room was never envy...."
July 17, 2002:  "Gray Day with Morning Glories" by Jeanne Emmons   "The rain kept on coming down and down..."
July 16, 2002:  "The Couple" by Rafael Campo   "Releasing his determined grip..."
July 15, 2002:  "Small Sins" by Fernand Roqueplan   "When I fast I shouldn't savor / snowflakes..."
July 14, 2002:  "Whither Thou Goest" by Bob Hicok   "Fish can have mad cow disease and I have a problem / with that...."
July 13, 2002:  "Slowly, Slowly, Horses" by Julianne Buchsbaum   "Night designs a darkness of horseweed...."
July 12, 2002:  "Song: The Kiss" by Steve Orlen   "We were walking through / A department store in Paris..."
July 11, 2002:  "Man Raking Leaves" and "Weighing In" by Rhina P. Espaillat   "What the scale tells you is how much the earth / has missed you..."
July 10, 2002:  "Charles by Accident" by Wesley McNair   "Named Charlie for the relaxed companionship we expected..."
July 9, 2002:  "Bat Boy, Break a Leg" by Julia Kasdorf   "The student with two studs..."
July 8, 2002:  "On the Roof" by C. K. Williams   "The trouble with me is that whether I get love or not / I suffer from it...."
July 7, 2002:  "Small Murders" by Aimee Nezhukumatathil   "When Cleopatra received Antony on her cedarwood ship..."
July 6, 2002:  "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" by Eduardo C. Corral   "I approach a harp / abandoned / in a harvested field...."
July 5, 2002:  "The Dung Pile" by Peter Streckfus   "The varied voices of crows rose and fell...."
July 4, 2002:  "Laws of My Nature" by Margot Schilpp   "Obviously, the roosters are in league / with morning..."
July 3, 2002:  "Not Here" by Richard Jackson   "My days are deer leaping from sight..."
July 2, 2002:  "After Rain" by David Baker   "You have to turn your back to the animals..."
July 1, 2002:  "Hardware Sparrows" by R. T. Smith   "Out for a deadbolt, light bulbs / and two-by-fours..."
June, 2002 Preview:  "The Windhover" by Gerard Manley Hopkins

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