Today's poem is by Karen Volkman


Nice knuckle, uncle. Nice hat, hornet.
Nice is nervouser than eye or at,
the gone get going, the icons eat
a lawful loin, an iridescent sweet

glows its grid-iris, the noun forget.
Plier! keep folding, administer the that,
perennials languished in a pliant heat
stay go come stay, white nunca, red meat—

green is the color of time or green is gram
or green as mold is the house of oblivion

and green how I want you green, that house of am

loves its numberables, the Tamping sham—
quick candle, click the trigger in the tun,
red now, green when, that shocks the shaking sun.

Copyright © 2006 Karen Volkman All rights reserved
from jubilat
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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