Today's poem is by Linda Cooper

Ponderous Borer

Ergates spiculatus.
Also pine sawyer, spiny longhorn beetle.

Did I startle
your sleep,
crashing into camp
last night? I couldn't help

it, the light was
so vivid, its lurid

pull too much for
my weakened will.

When I bored
through your heartwood,
did it hurt much? I tried
to be gentle, but

hunger betrayed. You stood
it well and once I
thought I heard you moan,

After I unfolded my twin
wings and flew away,

after I lay down, patting
my hard full belly, I thought
of what I'd done.

Your scars—ragged holes—
were filled with moonlight,

the damage bathed in a poultice
of westerly wind.

Copyright © 2005 Linda Cooper All rights reserved
from Redactions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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