Today's poem is by Grace Bauer


Each dawn she rises, and each day's a tale
that tells her what it is a life entails.

She questions purpose, chases meaning
round and round, like a dog on its own tail.

The best of times can be the worst. One city like two.
We learned the truth of that from Dickens' tale.

God, if she exists, didn't create us only
for work and worship. She loves our small human details.

Saints from sinners, lovers from lust. Enemies
befriended: How so's the never-ending human tale.

Two red birds in tall brown grass. Grackles in the maple.
One crazed squirrel rants. Sashays his silly tail.

The world is made of stories, not of atoms,
Muriel told us that, and lived to tell more tales.

Some days you set out to conquer the world
but it conquers you. That's why God made cocktails.

I wanted my poem to be graceful. Did I fail?
A reach beyond my grasp. Oh, that old tale.

Copyright © 2002 Grace Bauer All rights reserved
from Natural Bridge
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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