Today's poem is by Bryan D. Dietrich

Ars Poetica

Start with the darkest corner of what was
the left ventricle. Twine will work, granted.
But waxed kite string or rusted piano
wire would serve better. You'll need a needle,
strong, curved, barbed and thick as a walrus'
penis bone. Begin by sewing it back
to back with its twin, the right ventricle.
This is where, perhaps, the trouble started,
where all that bad blood built up, returned
from limbs rather shaken now, pale, in need
of a pulse against which they used to rail.

Now you have the beginnings of something
useful. That teak pegboard you made for just
such an occasion— Hang your monstrosity
there while you consult the right auricle
for clues to continued reconstruction.
I suggest Krazy Glue, handy wipes, vast
reservoirs of patience. Soon you will have
to turn all four compartments inside out,
which is to say rightside out, since they've been
wronged like removed rubber gloves already.

Before this, though, before the final suture,
there is much yet to consider. Septum....
Check. Pulmonary artery.... Check. Veins,
innominate and not, rushing semi-
lunar valve, aorta, assorted ducts....
Tape will work as well as roofing nails, and,
frankly, there are enough holes as is. There.
Now that you've spot-welded, warped, torqued your last
bolt, now that all which was venal begins
again to clarify, you need only
put it back. Call your witness. Add the current.

Copyright © 2007 Bryan D. Dietrich All rights reserved
from Universal Monsters
Word Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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