Today's poem is by D. A. Powell

confessions of a teenage drama queen

I was a male war bride.   I was a spy
so I married an axe murderer.   I married Joan
I married a monster from outer space

I am guilty, I am the cheese, I am a fugitive from a chain gang
maybe I'll come home in the spring.   I'll cry tomorrow
whose life is it anyway?   it's a wonderful life

I want to live.   I want someone to eat cheese with
who am I this time? I am cuba.   I am a sex addict
why was I born?   why must I die?   I could go on singing

I'll sleep when I'm dead.   I know who killed me
I was nineteen, I was a teenage werewolf, just kill me
kiss me, kill me.   kill me later.   kill me again

give me a sailor, if I had my way, I'd rather be rich
I wouldn't be in your shoes.   I wish I had wings
I wish I were in dixie (I passed for white) I was framed

I was a burlesque queen, I was a teenage zombie
I was an adventurers, I was a convict, I was a criminal
I did it, I killed that man, murder is my beat, I confess

                    —for David Trinidad

Copyright © 2009 D. A. Powell All rights reserved
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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