Today's poem is by Robert E. Haynes

From "The Unauthorized Fragments"


          If you have to have these damn quantum jumps, then
            I wish I'd never started working on atomic theory.

                      Erwin Schrodinger

Now everyone is dying in my dreams and I'm afraid
of the pistol in my drawer.

Sometimes the grandfather clock
squawks like a crow, perched on the finial,
its wings are raised like an archangel.

The rest of the furniture watches
the drawer. The chair perpetually
offering comfort: use my legs.

The sink tells of tides: waves reaching
for the dry side of sand
and the farthest foot of scrub.
None of this includes the walls.
there is a part of me mirrored here
opposite and identical.

Copyright © 2002 Robert E. Haynes All rights reserved
from The Grand Unified Theory
Paladin Contemporaries
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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