Today's poem is by Sarah Busse

Near Christmas Once

Near Christmas once we drove away from lights,
then left the car (its hazards blinking, doors
gaped wide) and tramped into a snowy field

to find the moon as full, as close to earth
and near the solstice, as it would be for years.
Through night's pristine geometries it rose,

remote, supreme. Feathery evergreen
could be seen a mile away in that frosty light.
That's how it seemed.

We spoke in whispers, drank Jack Daniels neat
to toast that visional moon. Each snow crest cast
a knifeblade shadow, sharp as noon, but not

as blue. It was a good moon, a good toast.
But that was some other two, my dear, not us.

Copyright © 2008 Sarah Busse All rights reserved
from Free Verse
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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