Today's poem is by Dara Wier

The Terrible Poem

Love lives just sit there on the sidelines.
I've never told a soul what it is I believe.
Things never will never stop getting stop more stop long stop, ago.
Everything material in theory is able to cast a shadow.
Everything's shadow is a different shade of black with violent overtones.
If someone says a sheep is nothing but a big box of mittens
I don't think it will enable me to sleep better tomorrow.
The girl placed a cocoon in a glass jar too small for what emerged.
I placed a hermit crab near by, next to, a fire.
We look for something beautiful and do unmendable damage.
I have a clear memory of something I'm sure hasn't happened.
It'll take a while to drag the freaks away from their cribs.
Hey baby, say a while will you while will you while will you.
That is our lullaby, that is our unnamable anthem, you are catgut.

Copyright © 2009 Dara Wier All rights reserved
from Conduit
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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