Today's poem is by Laurie Blauner


I waited to leave the leg,
wandering everywhere, unfastened, drinking in sky,
shattering everything. It was the war season.
Where I aimed for was: there. (I was constantly

making a point). I admired your deter-
tination, torn from an inner syntax,
all your gestures were intimate nonfiction.
I could have opened you up,

made the ordinary organs clear, skin as useless
as a pillowcase, the heart a familiar creaky cavity.
But I'm tired of the cracked & weary,
the faces of those jolted apart,

want to learn about what keeps us together,
tanscendent & on course. I unposition myself.
Scars surface on your face. Don't wait for me.
I think about that place within someone, where I'm going.

Copyright © 2008 Laurie Blauner All rights reserved
from Harvard Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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