Today's poem is by Dara Wier

spur reverie

(in this phase) (we traveled) (in the dark)
(in silence) (we communicated with our eyes)
(we couldn't see them) (we passed notes) (it
was too dark to read them) (we stayed in touch
with one another's backs) (we could hear trans-
ports flying by) (every five or ten minutes)
(it sounded as though they would turn off their
engines) (and pause) (long enough to deeply
inhale) (then move on) (in daylight they look

like great whales) (that've been kidnapped) (&
had giant wings fastened to them) (after every
thing whale about them) (had been taken away)
(freaks of nature) (that's us) (that's the slow
low flying whale-cum-plane) (despite what it was)
(we felt ambivalent about it) (we grew to depend
on them) (if we noticed their absence) (we'd
grow anxious) (we would start waiting for them)
(we couldn't sleep or rest) (their not being

where we were) (used to them) (their non-insistence)
(their no where) (to be found now) (their dis-
appearance) (we couldn't see) (where they had gone
to) (we couldn't follow them) (we weren't whales)
(we couldn't fly) (the more they were gone) (the
more we had them in our minds) (that's what they
say about) (absence) (proof of something's non-
existence) (it was as if we'd been abandoned) (it
was a new wound) (our nerves) (were raw) (it felt

as if we were grieving) (we weren't acheproof
then) (we were unprotected) (nobody's protégé)
(a solitary) (sorespot) (too very unwoeproofed)
(our woe was very) (underreported) (it was underrated)
(it was on-going undergoing) (it kept changing)
(so say the undersigned) (it was protean) (it was
piscine) (it was fishy) (we were pretty suspicious)
(of ourselves) (we were under selfsuspicion) (we
had no idea) (what our motives were) (up to) (now

we were motive-free) (we needed some spurs) (we
hadn't earned them) (we didn't know where the
proving grounds were) (at that time) (it seemed
as if they were everywhere) (in such great numbers)
(everywhere we looked) (coming at us) (left and
right) (it was raining) (cats and dogs) (we were
like kids) (in a rainstorm) (we didn't know what)
(drops we wanted) (we were outnumbered) (things we
needed) (we were numerously) (challenged) (what

might be) (good for us) (the place was teeming)
(what we might trust in) (the place was crawling)
(it was an out-and-out legions) (rout) (to whom
we should go to) (everyone was being tested) (under
whose protection) (under whose wing) (should we
find ourselves) (it was one thing) (to be tested)
(to see what we were made of) (something else al-
together) (to test us) (to see if we could be
frightened) (sufficiently enough) (so as to not

be able) (to ask our own questions) (about
their suspicious) (behavior) (suspicions of
us) (we were all suspects then) (they would
let us know) (what our motives) (were good for)
(their spurs were righteous) (it was their own
god-given spurs) (had been in their blood) (since
time began) (would be there) (by god) (til time)
(for all time) (til it stood still) (til hell)
(froze) (over and above us) (which wasn't likely)

(as it seems) (the place was getting all the more
warm (& fuzzy & cuddly & frilled & decoupaged &
decalled & denatured) by the minute) (it was enough)
(to turn your stomach) (we were getting a good)
(tongue) (whip) (lashing) (we might have to have)
(that x-rayed) (and wait for the results) (in a
waiting room) (in an unresolved situation) (they
call you back) (with a whistle) (you come when you
are called) (to listen) (to their speeches) (stop

everything) (you were doing) (to give them an
audience) (more than they give you) (so they can
hear themselves talking) (no one dare) (question)
(their motives) (saying they want) (to protect us)
(they want to protect) (the world) (as we know it)
(we will be better) (off) (in their protective) (cus-
tody) (we couldn't be trusted) (to know what was)
(good for us) (they were under (a delusion) a spell
of revenge reverie) (their spurs were silver, gold)

Copyright © 2005 Dara Wier All rights reserved
from Reverse Rapture
Verse Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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