Today's poem is by Clay Matthews


Jimmy, I'm lonesome sometimes again. In the mirror
I thought I saw a bicycle rolling down the street
with no one attached. I know we should stop looking
at things through mirrors. I heard this rap song on the radio
the other day, and it was degrading to many things
including me but I loved it for a little while and now
no longer remember why I'm telling you this. I went
from Natchez to Hushpuckena, and there was a man
with a fire on the side of the road. I just signed a contract
for a rental plan on this beautiful old voice they had
hidden in the back closet. Jimmy, I'm lonesome sometimes
again. I've been coughing up the evils of the universe
in the sink and watched once more the other night that movie
about He-Man. Look at that name. What a strange film
there is covering the window. It looks like everything
outside is blanketed with the saddest glass in the world.

Copyright © 2008 Clay Matthews All rights reserved
from Superfecta
Ghost Road Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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