Today's poem is by Jessi Lee


The crazy lady is feeding the fucking birds
again, making kissy-kissy sounds
in the circuitous wind. Of course its raining
Im late for work and the day
is already an abortion.

Crazy lady is getting her shoes muddy
in the grass, making fish-lips at the birds
and the fucking squirrels too
and I hate her. Im the asshole
I guess, resenting her because shes
pretty much the only one around.

Shes trudging through the mud
throwing soggy bread biscuits
through the fattish raindrops
and singing to the trees.

Im all mean-face about the singing,
the rain, the crazy people, everything,
when out of the bushes darts
some sort of wildebeest.
I want to kick it across the park
until I realize its just a bunny.
A bunny. Really?
I had no idea they still exist.

At the bunny, I have to pause
let the fattish raindrops smack my face
wonder how I ended up
in my own sort of wilderness
where Im the one who dream-kicks
a bunny across the sidewalk

instead of the crazy person
who spends the morning singing
with the birds and the squirrels
in the fucking rain.

Copyright © 2007 Jessi Lee All rights reserved
from Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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