Today's poem is by W. R. Weinstein

The Segregation of the Senses

Like 100 people finding shapes in clouds.
"The brain is a sex organ"
says Sandra Witelson,
and she should know.

Women see colors and textures men cannot see
hear things men cannot hear
smell things men cannot smell.
"That smells fishy," the wife replies
and she should know.

Indeed, men and women seem to handle emotions
quite differently. Our eyes, nose
and ears are portals to the brain.
There is no movie theater.
She informs him he is covered in orange angora.

When they stopped juggling
the new gray matter vanished.
They looked for it everywhere.
The most surprising differences.
She hears him close his mind.

Copyright © 2006 W. R. Weinstein All rights reserved
from Barrow Street
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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