Today's poem is by Carol Frost

Sea Hare

Gelatinous parching creature by the verge of the sea:

thick as a shoe: head dark green: sea a mixture of black

green blue: sky haunted by light rent with cries:

pelicans calling swimming in air folding wings

to dive into the sea: Bosch angels

changing shape as they're pursued from immaculate skies:

those few that accept the hideous and monstrous: fallen

a nightmare fauna :: say the sea's to be questioned:

below the bounds of this estate though rainbowed cold

the rock-headed and cored of bone: chimera

our madness does not cease to reinvent which we dare not

think alive crawl in a thick ooze:: Yet even this one: torn

to the plain insides leaking dyes: exudes a gentle unrest of the soul::

Is it not good:: sea undulates: sharpening and smoothing

all the grooves history's graven in sand:: will you put hands

under the terrible flesh and heave it back to salt waters:

mirror of a lost estate: dawn time of the world's first season.

Copyright © 2006 Carol Frost All rights reserved
from The Queen's Desertion
TriQuarterly Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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