Today's poem is by Eric Schwerer

The First Chakra

What is this tumbling, tumbling: the first chakra.
    Most anger can be transformed to pity: the
First chakra. It is what is just below the
    Genitalia. It is the ball of light that
Turns above your head. What is this childhood? It
    Is a pit we've dug to get to China with.
To get to modern medicine. Most of us
    Had a little shovel. We dug little pits.
There is a natural posture you spend your
    Adulthood undoing it. There's medicine
For anxiousness but most children don't need it.
    Here is the first chakra's secret: you will be
Distracted meditating forgetfulness.
    The first chakra clicks, clicks, makes a little hiss.
Are you angry here is the hole. Are you with
    It. If you're upside down you'll have to go slow.

Copyright © 2008 Eric Schwerer All rights reserved
from Elixir
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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