Today's poem is by Rae Gouirand

"Ice Plant"

All the transparence of the old
world: grown green & zeroed by saline

so glowing: for winter we are
common as breath & tough as air lost

in space: felt at edge as edge: so
filled we cannot: but become the frost

become the lines we become: at
the coast succulent: the bluff on an empty

day: a day a day spread: so spread
there is nothing beyond but more line &

the air to feel it: mass the same
as space: the same as freezing as zero as red

tips sparkling: too bright a belief
holds the ground and watches dispassionate

as we show: & take the cold spread
in cold sand: we are neon when we come

Copyright © 2010 Rae Gouirand All rights reserved
from Bateau
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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