Today's poem is by Brian Diamond


It takes 4 to make a penny

A man in Calcutta got rich this way, melting down
currency and selling it for scrap

Your share of the national debt is over $77,000, most
of which you owe to yourself

The square root of a large number is also a large number

I don't believe in math, I believe in miracles says
the politician who is mathematically eliminated

To be mathematically eliminated is, in fact,
a kind-of miracle

Cancer kills more people than cars and cars
kill more people than war

So cars are the medium between cancer and war

The president declares war on integers, then chides
a blind man for his sunglasses

If you go blind, you may learn to see with your tongue

Smell precedes sight and dies first

Smell I could do without, says the war-torn village.

A dead ovary is a black raisin to the touch

There are only three bones in the human ear,
the most delicate in all your body

Four out of five doctors makes a B-
99.9% of all species are extinct

Copyright © 2009 Brian Diamond All rights reserved
from Redactions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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