Today's poem is by Danielle Pafunda

Cord of Wood

Livid. Warp-stacked, scenting, known. The law whelps
up around you, chip-shot bandage, Talleyrand in muck boots.
Oh prince pauper land whore. Oh sometimes actual nature.
Tango tangle, a spike in your punch. Colonial handle fancy
pants, or else loose limbed cuddle your militant legacy,
crown your science sow. Operetta! Dank flounce!

Starlet! Starlet fist in your pappy, turning the charm dim
watt meat.. Fain blonde crib, Norwegian shrug song, soft
on crime, on dandlings and sea geese. Throw open your
gates to just anyone, keep those home fires fir and glint.

Here, in the future, your salute's full of moth rot.

Copyright © 2007 Danielle Pafunda All rights reserved
from Black Warrior Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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