Today's poem is by Lynn Levin

Homo Erectus Recalls the Better Days of Man

I cast my gaze over the coarse grass.

Now we are weak, but the old kind were strong.
Just one of them could slay
a leopard with a sharp stone.
But, alas, the old days are gone.

Now our heads are big
and filled with worry.
The head of habilis was small.
He did not think much

but was content
with a zebra carcass,
a willing female.
Not so erectus...

Over the tall grass I cast my gaze.

I see the other band
has a better clearing by the river.
If only I could be satisfied
with less, I'd be as happy
as habilis. But the old days
have run away.

On two feet, how can I chase after them?

Copyright © 2009 Lynn Levin All rights reserved
from Fair Creatures of an Hour
Loonfeather Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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