Today's poem is by C. J. Sage

Love Note to Alfred E. Neuman

A slogan’s ideology and so I reject
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
but accept Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Not so, the aim is hedonist;
rather, the monstrously silly
in a build-up. Invest in little

but the affluence of the laugh.
What Ifs: a sack of potatoes air-dropped
to a boulder-pusher; King Edward’s crown

drilled for a bowler’s hand (those pins?—
yours forever). Fold in!
Grants are given to the surest of the sure.

Planets spin and you just keep on grinning.
Divorced from all delusion, you’re devoted to the cult
of Spy v. Spy. EST was a rookie slip;

Maslow keeps on winning.
PS: Fate’s summed up in a ragbag of parody.
There’s a smirking turkey vulture

in every tree. I concur: one’s me.

Copyright © 2007 C. J. Sage All rights reserved
from The American Poetry Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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