Today's poem is by Sandy Brown

[heart in the sky]

heart in the sky, hello. flux in the atmosphere: the mind of the deity
at work. which is to say at rest. there have been people before
you, and people will come after you. pretty river. hawk flexing
its wings in the bare willow tree. thick legs; claws of glycerin.
an eye like a cinder, a fate like a fate. today I started
believing in destiny for both the thousandth and the first
time. this time is actual.                    time is a gondola. it parts
the waters before you. the master of the craft
is behind you always. he might sing.
you might catch his song and sing it too.
you will forget his song, but remember it moons
later, it will come literally out of nowhere, or from the aroma of Renaissance
oils. pretty, pretty river.

Copyright © 2006 Sandy Brown All rights reserved
from Volt
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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