Today's poem is by Simone Muench

A Captivating Corset

We look for refuge but drift to damage,

toward asphyxiation & cord slippage.

Propose, then dispose. In a vaporous season,

half-endings visit the backdoor with frisson.

Is desire a viral captivity? Or, a tender pour

of milk into an infinite glass? A rapport

between flutter & verdict. Cedar

sweetness of skin instructs even as we blur

into blushing clouds, atmospheric, dispersed.

Silk scarves fasten wrists to a dark-tailed bird

windfalling through air, spinning regimes

to bondage narratives, programmed to be

belittled. Surge of marrow when the body bends

toward its own dismantling, toward the hands

unscrolling stockings, limbs complicated &

unbiblical. The nerve burden of our molecular outbreak.

Copyright © 2009 Simone Muench All rights reserved
from Orange Crush
Sarabande Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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