Today's poem is by Heidi Lynn Staples

Another Story with a Burning Yarn in It

I was on a fragmented seeming toward
like a little child with no documents inside.
Wed just fallen through place, the far one,

the way, the was. Id never seen it so everything,
so firstling everlasting, so before and after.
They say getting started must be innumerable

or at once also, so I referred to my connection
guide, I waited in acute between the two.
Usually, I. If not, the house from zero.

The zero was where anyone is. None by none,
worlds grew off, and that should have told me
somebody. Letters are mad and broken. I

from what I understand. I guess this is all
I can remember. This is it for the time being.

Copyright © 2005 Heidi Lynn Staples All rights reserved
from Guess Can Gallop
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Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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