Today's poem is by Paul Lisicky

The Night in Question

The rising seas, the bulldog dean: nothing bothered me tonight. My
motherís mind, shifting like water; my murderous student, Mr. Greasy:
Son of Unibomber. Far away. Yay. I walked toward the beach. I
couldnít see. But I might have been given a fresh brain, inspired and
outwardly turned, and as soon as I spoke those words to the deep, I
swear creatures started coming toward me. Squirrels, raccoons, deer,
footfalls on fallen leaves. I was like someone out of a freaking folktale,
who knew not death, or the churned-up stomach, but who moved
through the night with the lightest tread, changing it with the benevolence
of his passing. Oh, Iím exaggerating for effect now, Iíll admit it. Real
contentment has none of that extremity or loopiness. No sign of endings,
or of the long black coat creeping out from behind a bush. What was I
telling you? It was something like this: The world was made exactly for
us, and weíd never have to leave it.

Copyright © 2007 Paul Lisicky All rights reserved
from The Literary Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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