Today's poem is by T. R. Hummer

Fallacy of Accident

Phallus, fallacy, and fool sound vaguely alike,
    so all must be related in a deep etymology,
Like the ellipse of shadow on the adobe wall
    is related to the copper birdbath casting it,
And also to the wall, and so to the street beyond,
    and to the market across the street, where bins
Of oranges and lettuces arc related to the herd
    of schoolboys staring at the flipped motorbike
In the gutter, and the helmetless body of the man,
    and the litter of morning papers scattered
From his panniers—news of the world, the actor's wedding,
    restaurant reviews, cartoons with banana peels,
Forgetfulness, slippage, gravity, falling bodies.

Copyright © 2009 T. R. Hummer All rights reserved
from New South
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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