Today's poem is by Michelle Boisseau

Potato Speculates on Popularity

I don't want trouble, but the rutabagas
and the turnips—especially the turnips—
are muttering Ingrate, Upstart, and throwing
me looks. Sheez, Louise. I'm hardly escarole.
So I got lots of friends? I'm adaptable,
a hard worker, and I don't ask favors.
Put them in a basket and they're bitter.
Put them in a pan, better be copper.
The butter's too pale, the pepper's too coarse.
On and on. With me if I'm forgotten,
I turn extra-spective and gregarious.
I'm not called the Dirt Apple for nothing.
I stick my necks out at any bright chink
and light out for the garden on leafy legs.

Copyright © 2004 Michelle Boisseau All rights reserved
from Trembling Air
University of Arkansas Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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