Today's poem is by Michael Chitwood

Blue Sky

Everyone he knew believed in God.
They believed in cake batter.
They believed in spirit levels.

Even when the Ford Torino
went down the bank to the creek
and three people got where they hadnít intended to go,
one a little girl,
yea, even then.

Because we make mistakes doesnít mean God does.
The tall grass beside the creek was mashed flat.
There was one womanís red shoe for a slender foot.
No one thought to pick it up.

No one said the sky was only blue and empty.
That terrible canopy was thunder full
of the hot hating of sin.

Little horny heads darted in the shallows.
The devilís darning needle flitted to the joe-pye weed.
Jarflies hummed and people loved a good afternoon shower
and the air after, rinsed, the leaves ticking.
What more proof did you need?
Would we have sweet peaches?
Itís a green world weíve been given.
The creek sang because of the rocks, the spill around them.

Copyright © 2007 Michael Chitwood All rights reserved
from Spill
Tupelo Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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