Today's poem is by Sarah Wolfson

We Are Taking the Trees

Grab that large picnic cloth. Gingham unfurled,
moment of person turning bird.

Lay it there. To the right a bit—that's it.
We are taking the ground, its crumb

and piddling creek, its cuddly cave.
Straighten out that corner. Here come the larks

to do as birds in cards and cartoons: alight
in well-trained squadrons

to carry out the calling of their beaks
both funny and hard.

For each lark a corner to be lifted up:
parcel, diaper, kerchief. Not maypole. Not reveler birds

but pretty packing tape. Ballers of root balls,
twitterers from hoe tops and hummocks

soon to hit the fundamental bundle. Large belly
that will doubtless roll away and spill

as soon as we crest the first crab apple hill.
A juncture in good time both funny and hard.

Copyright © 2008 Sarah Wolfson All rights reserved
from Gulf Coast
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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