Today's poem is by Margaret Szumowski

The Unlikely Landscape of Forgiveness

The way the land itself forgives flood
and grows huge tomatoes the following year,
shoots from black earth, rows of corn shuddering
in the background. Still there is violence in the land,
bolts of lightning that could set the barn on fire,
and terrify the cows. Anger of the farmer
who turns on his wife and daughters.
Thirsty plants, heavy crops.
He studies his little red notebook.
Children and wife too much
for a man under pressure. He could guard them
jealously, as a red-winged blackbird guards his fields,
letting no one near his beauties. He could peck out their eyes.
And the half-blind beauties will forgive him.

Copyright © 2006 Margaret Szumowski All rights reserved
from The Night of the Lunar Eclipse
Tupelo Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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