Today's poem is by James Galvin

Winter Solstice Full Moon at Perigee

Being in love isn't about being happy.
Here's a good idea: let's live some more.

After bad things happen we always live
A little more. Good timing, bad timing,

The people against me were probably right:
You can't step in front of the same bus twice.

From here on out, honesty's its own
Intelligence, which may, or may not involve

Philosophy. Try to understand
The world, and leave the mind to darkness where

It thrives. Werner Herzog, for example, says
The mind is a room, better dimly lit

For livable ambiance, some lively music
For habitability — than flood-lit, mute

For self-knowledge — a bogus notion, anyway.
According to the quarterback from Cedar

Rapids, Iowa, Jesus is a
Football fan, without whose intervention

The Rams could not have won the Super Bowl.
Aren't you ashamed at refusing love

Like an hors d'oeuvre (outside the work — which was?).
Love's not love until it's lost, and then

You write a corybantic poem about it.
That's what you think. What I think — what do I think?

I think the house we lived in wept itself
All the way down. I think forgiveness mirrors

Facetious animals at play: horseplay.
Horse-sense, more what we aspire to —

Remains the province of the horses, no?

Copyright © 2002 James Galvin All rights reserved
from Seneca Review, Spring 2002
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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