Today's poem is by Katharine Whitcomb

When Traveling in Airplanes I Always Think of God

especially circling a city before landing at night
when the streetlamps spray the invisible avenues with blown golden seeds.

                                  I think of God when the police shoot
King Kong on the tiny screen three rows ahead of me.

                      I think of God in the spring because everything
finally breaks open.

I think of God when I start awake after re-dreaming a crash against the

And who have I become? A captive watching them kill the beast?

            When we were a little higher up illuminated by our wing lights
the clouds looked solid and edible like God's big cake.

Once upon a time I thought I heard words meant for me.

I believed I could teach people just by living my life but then I got so

Copyright © 2008 Katharine Whitcomb All rights reserved
from Floating Bridge Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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