Today's poem is by Alfred Nicol

New Year

Even such a man
      —Henry King, "Sic Vita"

Like an engaging lady's whim,
Or like a tabby's morning swim;
Like an accountant's spending spree,
A starlet's popularity,
A daughter's mood, a boy's regrets,
An open box of chocolates;
Like morning mist; like cradlesong:
My resolution lasts as long.

The cat keeps three paws on the deck;
The clerk, too, keeps himself in check;
The whim passes; the crowd moves on;
The boyfriend calls; the candy's gone;
A boy forgets; the sun breaks through;
The baby sleeps: I stay with you.

Copyright © 2005 Alfred Nicol All rights reserved
from Winter Light
The University of Evansville Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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