Today's poem is by Eileen Berry

Landscape With Figures
          The irresponsive silence of the land
          The irresponsive sounding of the sea
          Speak both one message...
                    —Christina Georgina Rossetti

The marsh has moods—it is a large flat canvas
        where there is more sky than land—and
the sea sometimes no more than a ripple of surf
        on the rim of horizon—yet
open to winds and tides, it can suddenly fill
        with drowning depths of cold grey water:
the silence of the land engulfed by soundings
        of the sea.

Cows are details, small irregular brown-white
        lakes of colour, until—
up close, we see those wide slack mouths
        dripping saliva in wet threads,
flesh-pink udders swinging heavy, big brown
        pond-water eyes staring.

Huge englobed eyes, staring without expectation
        of response, but not indifferent;
passible, almost human, holding us, as if being
        individual in this world
were important.

Copyright © 2006 Eileen Berry All rights reserved
from Carquinez Poetry Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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