Today's poem is by Ron Koertge

[Emerson said, "Every word was once an animal." Re: bunny.]

Emerson said, "Every word was once an animal." Re: bunny.
Mr. Fudd (Elmer) knows he'd be nothing without Bugs Bunny.

Escaped cons loll in a copse that smells of sandalwood.
They're chained together. Giotto's the brute. The cute one is Bunny.

The light is very clear, the horizon like a chalk line.
It's just Tubac, AZ, where farmers have a dozen words for bunny.

The Chinese don't see a man in the moon. Even during the Revolution
a teacher could look up from the night soil and see a bunny.

Down comes her photo of that moose. Good-bye ant farm.
Now she's crying over boys. Neglected in its pen—last Easter's bunny.

Copyright © 2009 Ron Koertge All rights reserved
from Indigo
Red Hen Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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