Today's poem is by Timothy Donnelly

His Theogony

In the bathtub I envision
      twin deities suppressing
the same eternal yawn.

Tiny handprints prance
      across their tightened lids.
Trembling beneath this

revelation, dozens more
      wait to hatch, but I lack
the wherewithal to make them.

As I sink back thinking
      they can all just imagine
themselves themselves

tonight, the twins' eyes pop
      open like the massive
tambourines of the future!

In this life I'll almost certainly
      not be acquainted with
much luxury, so if it ever

shakes in front of me again,
      I'll take it in my hands
posthaste: to play with, then destroy.

Copyright © 2010 Timothy Donnelly All rights reserved
from Gulf Coast
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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