Today's poem is by Lacy Schutz

Would That We Had

Oh, would that we had walked the sun's beams as
a bridge to fairer kingdoms over. Where
were gates no gates are now and where were towers
no towers are now. My very special friend,
my singular, my most familiar friend,—
I shade my lover's name beneath the wings
of birds. I loved a pretty youth in these
few lines,—these creatures now from me do fly.
We drank red wine all through the winter months,
with oil prices what they were, 'twas cheap,
more so than turning up the thermostat.
Some, flushed and giddy, fell to bed as one.
We took our burning to the lord,—I'd like
to go there, back in time and country, find
the stonemason I turned down—marvelous
and wide his shoulders, cheekbones sharp, as though
he'd carved himself from granite strange. This man,
he would have taken care of me, he would
have tuned my bike, persuaded me to eat
right, exercise. This worldly strife would not
have touched us, living quiet by the sea.

Copyright © 2007 Lacy Schutz All rights reserved
from Colorado Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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