Today's poem is by C.J. Sage


There's beatitude in the barnyard, corrals
of clear-eyed ducklings and contented cows
collide inside the shift of stakes. The food
birds cluck, the clicks of gate locks croon
and brazen bristle open. The milkmaids
and veterinarians: conductors in cahoots
with the chorus. The mule misleads the sheep
toward minstrels; horses hulk together, hallelu.

When the charter turns to coops, the roosters
throw their heads back and grackle, the crows
cohort with laughter. Capture in the pen?

Never once has rapture been contingent
on no cages. Beware the pell-mell pathos,
chimes a chicken, Those seeds are spread
by cheerless bodies, antechamber posed.

When the chainings turn to chiming charms,
the chattel chant, they cohere, they bound their farms.

Copyright © 2005 C.J. Sage All rights reserved
from Saranac Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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