Today's poem is by Nancy White

Woven and Sewn

You are no virgin, listen. You must stop here.
Sit on the curb and look like a bum.
Hold still until you feel it, too.
There is a no rising in you like green sap like power.
Do not drill into your side. The world is not asking for this.
You are meant to stream upward. No compromise only pause.
Sit in the dirt of the road until you see.
If it takes years it takes years.
This will cost less than the life you would drain from your side.
If you are hungry sleepless cold it is nothing to the other suffering.
There is no such have to that lie.
We once told it too. Don't be ashamed.
You are part of this fabric woven and sewn.
But not this what you contemplate willingly today.
You may hate us for these words. It passes.
Believe you are the one in danger. Sit down.

Copyright © 2008 Nancy White All rights reserved
from New Letters
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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