Today's poem is by Richard Meier


I acknowledge your status as a stranger of the beautiful.
The sun is at the other end of the couch this evening
and I cannot awaken without skirting much.
He's a cad who wants to love to manage,
Lee of the beautiful, Annabel Lee of the you
thought I was sleeping because I wasn't in the room
Bishop Berkeley thought stopped existing when he left it,
which is love's generosity, like the sentence that made it
seem the milk was from the farmers
who needed cows called L 47.
When you press against their tails they think anything is possible.
So nothing can be done they grant you access.
Spread your legs to the sun is what they told us
if we were women. Otherwise blindness can take you.

Copyright © 2006 Richard Meier All rights reserved
from Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar
Wave Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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