Today's poem is by Bin Ramke

Treatment Options

Inside, the palm and fingers,
remain young to mock the blotted
asters of the back of the hand

the young are much alike we
separate into selves;
the young know each other.

Reveron, after diagnosis,
made dolls for which he made
birdhouses and birds

the threshold is horizontal
the pillar vertical
and there a world intersects

I know such people, across
their palms lines deepen


you will catch them

staring, horrified, into it,
the cup of self before them
a universe engaged and silent;

or consider a hand
like a mirror is nothing in
itself, neither adds nor subtracts

from the self reflected.
He made dolls for which
he made beds and clothes

and books and groceries
and love of a sort, miniature
love and hats and gloves

with fingers. Breakable but

not divisible. Fingers removable
from the hand, the glove.

A rule of thumb, save
someone daily, self
included. Cheerfully.

Copyright © 2009 Bin Ramke All rights reserved
from Columbia Poetry Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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