Today's poem is by Sally Van Doren


I hit normal, but it turns out
I'm not normal. The tuning fork
doesn't quite match my lowest chord.
When I play pianissimo my oeuvre wavers.
Watch out. I'm forte. I'm adagio. I'm
a mezzosoprano with no tomorrow.

Is it because I'm virtuous that
the audiences keep reappearing?
I practice my subconscious scales
each and every day. I keep time this way.
Tick, tock. I vary my repetitions
to remind myself that I am composed.

There's a recording of my latest
lyric in your CD cabinet.
If you download it onto your laptop,
I will sing while you work and
my voice will follow you
to your audition for morning.

Copyright © 2008 Sally Van Doren All rights reserved
from Southwest Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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