Today's poem is by Len Krisak

Two Voices on a Beach

—for R. W.

A Gull

As passive as a dune,
I offer up my breast,
Nestling toward the sun,
Accepting from the west
What I am only owed.
Who cares if you should fade?
Warm me, sinking god:
For me the world was made.

A Sandpiper

As active as the wind,
I print my nervous feet
On dry and slickened sand
In search of life to eat.
Filling such constant need
Is how I'm forced to live.
Running to find and feed,
I ask the world, "forgive."

Copyright © 2004 Len Krisak All rights reserved
from If Anything
WordTech Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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