Today's poem is by Damian Fallon

The Future Perfect

will have twisted the tongues
of kiddies by age 10. To see
into the future and declare it done
is beyond little brains' reaches.

"Auxiliary + auxiliary + main verb"
is to talk about the future as the past
in the present. The future reverberates
in the past by re-verbing the first

two verbs: you think possession,
and then completion. The tense
can be borne only by us grown-
ups, whose minds can layer tension

upon tension, can wrap around
what the future brought, or at least,
what will be done, will have been done,
as in, you will leave

on the 9 a.m. train. I will arrive
at the station at 9:15. It is quite
easy to use and understand: when I
arrive, you will have left me behind.

Copyright © 2006 Damian Fallon All rights reserved
from Tar River Poetry
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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