Today's poem is by Sherman Alexie


I saw a crow, with a row of blue feathers
Persisting down its back, perched on the wall
Squaring our front yard. I wanted to call
To my wife, but knew that silence was better

because my voice—any voice—would have scared
The bird into escape. I have seen crows with gray
Or white feathers, but never with feathers jay-
Blue and luminous. "Was this mutation rare?"

I wondered. "Or maybe this is not a crow."
But no, that bird had the head, eyes, and beak
Of a crow. I'm not a birder, but I've seen
Enough crows to identify one. I know

You think I'm telling yet another story—
My friend, the amateur ornithologist
And full-time cynic, thinks I'm full of shit—
But I swear that I witnessed this odd glory

Of a crow that is the only one of its kind—
A bird that is the only member of its tribe.

Copyright © 2009 Sherman Alexie All rights reserved
from Face
Hanging Loose Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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