Today's poem is by Rachel Zucker

Little Apocalypse

Every day, a little apocalypse          
Lay down, lay down next to this
-David Byrne

The most common cause of death is cars.
The second's falling trees. We've got no idea
which way the trunk is bound to tumble but love
the leaves and bark of upper branches.

                          What insatiable appetites befall us.

Our son's buzzed hair is softer than a kit's
plush hide, a velvety fleece that nearly wiped
the species out when pelts were all the rage.

                                            Want another?

The world doesn't need our hetero-ro-
mance, but I've already dammed the stream
and made a good lodge. Let's cozy up
the yearlings and take our chances.

Copyright © 2009 Rachel Zucker All rights reserved
from Gulf Coast
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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