Today's poem is by Christine DeSimone

The Cave

John 11:35

The trouble with miracles is there's no way to prepare.

It's easy to be someone who converts water into wine,

but other days call out like an unexpected chore—four days of walking,

a cry to God, an unforgiving crowd fed only by promises awaiting

Your mighty shout. So when You finally woke Lazarus with just a lift of the eyes,

well, I'd have cried too—for the gaudy cave, for the elusive mechanics

that pull souls from the dark, for the pity rising in Your friends' faces

like over-leavened bread, for even the will to push at darkness

with only the wind in Your throat.

Copyright © 2007 Christine DeSimone All rights reserved
from Redivider
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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