Today's poem is by Louise Mathias

Agapornis Personata (Masked Love Birds)

It's their use of color that gets me: languid
& brazen, when they should be shy.

Why is the tip of green so desperately shocking?
Filament wings, in all their jaunty

dare . . . I asked the man what he wanted for the pair.
I want that they continue, he said. & you name

them yin & yang. & this one here, so sherbet
& tender, as if bleached poppies could up & fly.

In their distinctive chatter, odd endearments:
Petal Wing, let me map your town

of downy kisses. Sugar-beak, pack up your weekend
bag of blue joy.

Copyright © 2004 Louise Mathias All rights reserved
from Lark Apprentice
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Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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