Today's poem is by Sierra Nelson


Well, I am the Captain of Fun
And my wife is a Captain too.
She wears a green onion in her hair;
Her chest is heavy, with medals
Won from the drinking.
Whenever I see a full glass, I say,
"Drink up—this life won't last—"
Making my dutiful rounds.
(Our son is a balding clown.
He hasn't any medals.
And where is his moustache
combed like a seabird in flight?)
I am the King of the Community Center!
I am pink balloons against the low ceiling!
Tip your cups! Cock your hats!
I am last year's picture
Hanging on the wall!
            Though life hasn't always been so grand—
When my wife was just a girl
In a dark house across a dark wall
from mine.
            Come to the window, love.
Let us exchange possessions.
I still have it—that small vessel—
All pure gold and good stones—
The casket's still sealed
And the nightingale inside it.

Copyright © 2007 Sierra Nelson All rights reserved
from Cranky
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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