Today's poem is by Mia Nussbaum


Through pool-light
easing the flanks
through crenellated
pool-light a bead
a bead, kicked
long lit strands
To love my love
in a chair
to love just
walking around
It is a fierce, a fearsome
a stern, it is
like when Anna
took the two-day
bus to come burn
dinner all week long
like when, in an apron
she pumped the jams
Here comes another day
in which people carry bags
& empty trash cans roll
We move
from spot to spot
to get better
electric reception
The bed floats by
through the grove
of come over
to the seaside resort
of let's hope
Is brown sugar
broiling on
winter's roots?
Are roots chopped thin
like some moons?
At the museum
there's a blue
chalk horizon
over which
glass disks
in variance
How the crenellated
& the sent-
light goes out
how the weave
I wear my rot
bones, loose-plaited
seep bones
mineral drip
How the lit gets in
where vertebrae warp
is a stern, a fierce
that out-sprints
death, had my lap
to be in
heard a piston
or a valve

Copyright © 2009 Mia Nussbaum All rights reserved
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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